Coaching has become one of the fastest growing fields of the century. This doesn’t refer to coaching a sports team, but rather to fields such as life and spiritual coaching. These types of coaches work to make a person’s life better through a partnership between the client and the coach. The overall goal is to help a person improve anything from their personal, relationships, spiritual, or professional life. Many people have heard of life coaches, who try to help people reach personal and professional goals by focusing on success. Spiritual coaches are less well known, but they are becoming more common in day to day life. Spiritual coaches, rather than focusing on the external factors in a person’s life, focus on the internal forces operating within a person.

When looking at the big picture, spiritual coaching basically focuses on a person’s consciousness. They help a person clear blocks, fixations, self-defeating patterns, sources of lack, and expand their consciousness. This will allow people to lead a much more fulfilling and aware life. Spiritual coaches do this by focusing on a person’s body, mind, emotions, subtle energy, and soul. In other words, a spiritual coach addresses all of the inner workings of a person. In doing this, the client learns how their own spirituality can guide them away from life’s troubles and help them lead a more aware and happy life. Once a person is able to clear the causes of suffering and struggle, they will naturally be happier. 

Spiritual Coaching from the Inside Out

Spiritual coaching actually takes spiritual ideas, beliefs, and principles and teaches a person to apply them to the real world. Without a strong connection to a person’s spiritual nature there can be a sense that something missing from a person’s life. Such a person usually attempts to fill that void with external pursuits and accomplishments that can sometimes be very successful in achieving physical goals, financial rewards, career success, and illustrious fame.

There are millions of people in the world who have more money than they know what to do with, who have achieved success in their field and can have almost anything they want, yet they are still unhappy, unfulfilled, and are driven for more. The phenomenon known as the “curse of the lottery” is a great example. Normal everyday people who win the lottery are suddenly given the means to have whatever they want, yet many say their lives got worse after winning the lottery. This is because money can only do so much, and usually only effects a person’s external self. Having everything in the world means nothing if a person isn’t truly happy spiritually and emotionally. A spiritual coach can guide a person how to make that happiness a deep reality by helping that person form deeper connections with the spirit that lives in us. 

How to Find Happiness & Fulfillment

A spiritual coach understands that a person cannot be fully happy by focusing on singular needs. Physical happiness is not emotional happiness. Emotional happiness is not spiritual happiness. Because of this unrelenting truth, the coach strives to lead a person into a state of wholeness. The body and mind are not the only parts of a person that are important. A good spiritual coach also focuses on the heart and soul of a person and helps the person to deepen their understanding and integration of their spiritual nature. Only through focusing on all of these parts of a person, is a spiritual coach able to lead that person on the path of complete happiness in life through full awareness. 

The Process Spiritual Coaches Use

Spiritual coaches have specific methods of tending to a person’s spiritual needs and leading them on the path of self-awareness and fulfillment. A good spiritual coach will often start out by asking the person what it is in their lives that they believe they need to explore further, what problems they may have, and what questions are burdening them. The coach will use this information to determine what problems and issues in the life of the client are interconnected, and what may be causing them. The spiritually aware coach is able to discover exactly what in a person’s life needs changing in order to achieve a spiritual awakening for the client.

Some spiritual coaches are able to bring deep insights through intuition and their ability to access the inner realms of a person’s consciousness that are driving the events of their life. For instance, beside having an understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of issues, an intuitive spiritual coach is able to tap into the underlying forces in a person’s subconscious and unconscious patterns. These patterns are often outside of a person’s normal everyday thinking and therefore not recognized as causative factors in creating the dramas of lack and being blocked from what they want. Read more on my intuitive counselor program.

In addition, there are spiritual coaches who are able to use techniques to clear the subtle causes of many of the most challenging health, relationship, and financial issues. For more on this see the full description of this process at this link:

After a session of spiritual coaching, a person can expect some results immediately. Many people describe it as having the weight of the world lifted from their shoulders. It is common for people to feel lighter and clearer and have a sense of well-being. The session will show a person exactly what it is in their life that is affecting them negatively, even if it’s something from the past that continues to effect the process of becoming whole. Through these insights and shifts in consciousness, a person is able to leave the session with mental clarity and a plan to make their own life better. With continuing sessions, virtually any goal in a person’s life that is achievable. 

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