In Search of the Holy Grail

How an Archetype Can Control You

This article is a transcript of a particularly interesting private session with a man with relationship issues whose life was dominated by an archetype sourced in mythology. Elements of this archetype are quite common as many have been hurt in relationships and therefore create defenses to protect them in future relationships. Most people have archetypes influencing them, but this particular person had a uniquely vivid one.

I have done over 50,000 private sessions with people addressing a very wide variety of issues and subjects. What makes my sessions particularly helpful is my ability to see subtle energy patterns and programs that cause a person to react and attract people and circumstances. What is even more important is that I know how to remove the painful and dysfunctional programs. These have proven to be invaluable skills to help accelerate a person’s clearing difficult ego patterns, and thereby accelerate a person’s spiritual evolution.

The client’s name in this session is Jim, and what follows is the transcript of my session with him. I describe how I saw the energy patterns around him and the effects they had. I’m also including some side notes further explaining the process as the session progresses.

During sessions, it is common that much of what I speak out loud is directed at the pattern to be healed and cleared than it is for the person to understand. The reason for this is more than 90% of the programs running a person’s life are in the person’s unconscious. In other words, while a person knows their painful symptoms, they are usually unaware of the causes. The patterns are identities composed of deeply held beliefs that cause them to remain attached to a person’s energy field that in turn creates and attracts realities for the person.

Because of this I will often speak directly to the limiting identity that is part of a person’s personality. Sometimes these identities are called sub-personalities and I can speak directly to them telepathically and reassure them I can help them heal from their pain. I have found that these identities want to be freed from their pain but they do not know how to do this themselves. When the personality is given logical reasons to let go of the causes of suffering they will cooperate by releasing and clearing patterns much more easily than any other technique.

Whenever a person experiences a form of suffering, the ego does what it can to address it; however, in most cases it has limited effect. This results in suffering that either continues or morphs into another form that repeats and creates further suffering. In Jim’s case, a knight archetype was a well-developed identity and had strong investments in what it imagined a good knight must have. In order to persuade it to let go, I pointed out the advantages of letting go and it cooperated with the releasing process.

At the beginning of this session Jim asked me to scan him to help him recognize what might be blocking him in his finances and in relationships. My side comments were not spoken during the session, but I added them in this transcript to further explain and clarify what I was doing and the reasons why.

Jonathan’s Side-Comment: As I scan people for the predominant energy patterns that are causing them difficulties, it is not unusual to find symbolic representations of issues. In some respects, a session can at times have aspects similar to dream interpretation, but some characteristics about the knight archetype in this session was quite different from a dream.

This was a most vivid embodiment of a beautiful archetype, yet it was presenting itself more like a past-life. Jim was also seeing and feeling everything I was describing as if he were reliving it. It was like a full sensory hologram movie that we were both fully involved in.

Jonathan Speaking to Jim: I am perceiving an armor around your heart chakra and your entire chest much like the armor a knight would wear. The quality of this energy pattern is that of a noble knight who does not show any vulnerability. This knight must at all costs be honorable above all, and he must never let his defenses down. To be in his heart would be perceived by the knight as a weakness.

This knight has pride, honor, and dedication to fighting in a very precise and disciplined manner. He also is fastidious in taking care of his horse, armor, and weapons. This noble knight still lives within you and is a significant part of your personality, and is responsible for some of the qualities you exhibit today.

You followed a very disciplined training path to learn how to wield your weapons and defenses and gave little consideration to the heart because, to a knight, that would be perceived as weakness since you could be hurt by allowing someone into your heart. Therefore, you decided you would never allow your heart to be fully open or exposed.

As I am describing this to the knight in you, your energy is shifting around the qualities I am describing. I find the knight is willing to consider letting go of pride, but he is having difficulty accepting the idea of taking the armor off his heart because, to a knight, this would make you too vulnerable. This has made it difficult for you to fully open your heart to people and especially in intimate relationships.

Jonathan Continues Speaking to Jim: The knight has been standing very tall with an almost boastful self-assured posture. Your sword is in its scabbard, and you are holding your helmet under one arm and your lance is in your opposite hand. You look very proud. As we are watching the energies unfold, the knight within you now has some new information about pride. The knight recognizes that this strong self-reliance may be a flaw in his quest for spiritual perfection, and he recognizes that he is more mature now and can embrace an inner strength that does not rely on an outer display of pride or weapons. This is a major realization and transition for the knight. He now realizes that inner strength is true strength and far surpasses any display of force and the use of weapons. His greatest weapon is his inner strength.

Jonathan’s Side-Comment: Often during a session when an issue is discovered and its energy allowed to rise to the surface, it will start to shift or dissolve with little effort; holding an intention is often all that is needed. This occurs because we are both putting our attention on it and the person has a new awareness that this trait no longer serves him or her and a higher awareness will serve better.

Like a knight discovering a new and better sword discards the old and accepts the new, this knight made a quantum leap to the realization that no weapon at all was necessary, and that any battle could be won with humility and inner strength.

The knight archetype was not quite so sure about giving up his defensive armor, however. Once I explain the rationale for releasing something, the new information is usually sufficient to allow the issue to start releasing. I don’t need the person to say much because I am reading and feeling the energy patterns and know what the person is experiencing and where we need to go next.

While I am explaining the energy patterns, I am shifting or removing the energy that is getting in the person’s way and facilitating the soul to merge into the old illusions. I knew the knight would need to be shown advantages in a language he was familiar with—strength and power.

Jonathan to Jim: Right now you are in a transition state not knowing what to do about your armor and the issue in your heart. At this point  this knight is not yet prepared to let go. Releasing offensive weapons is one thing, but giving up defenses is quite another.

Let me explain that removing the defenses and shielding from your heart does not mean you would be more vulnerable in the sense that you can be attacked and wounded there. This is actually putting you more in your power because the way you are opening your heart is through integrating the soul with unconditional love. Only when you love conditionally can you be hurt in the heart.

We have an expression that describes why you think you would be vulnerable by releasing the armor around your heart. We say, “That person pulls at my heart strings.” The strings or cords that one person attaches to another person represent actual subtle energy connections between people, but this attachment through the heart is only possible with conditional love. If you feel betrayal or experience emotional pain through your heart, it is because the love is conditional.

If you have unconditional love, how could you feel hurt? You cannot. This very high form of love is freeing and extremely empowering in a non-controlling and positive way. It is attained by merging the soul throughout your mind, body, and consciousness. This frees you to love more deeply and broadly than ever before without any risk of pain or of being hurt. This is what integrating the soul into your heart and personality offers you.

Jonathan’s Side-Comment: Unconditional love is what the knight had been looking for his entire life and why he was so dedicated. He was just looking in the wrong places for the answer. Once he realized how he could achieve his goal, he was willing to release his hold on his defense and allow a new realization and presence to come in. As I guided him through the process, I supported the energy space around him in opening to more and more love and light.


Jonathan to Jim: Now with this new information and realization, notice how the knight within you realizes that this is a way to be a more powerful knight. Unconditional love is Godly love and it is held in the chalice of the God Presence in your heart. This is loving with Godly love and is what the knight was seeking and didn’t know how to find. Through this process you are embracing the Holy Grail. Notice how this realization is unfolding as you open your awareness to the experience.

Jim: I know. I feel the transformational energy coming in.

Jonathan to Jim: Now you will notice that your heart area is expanding and is very open to the concept of opening the heart more. The heart chakra is opening in a very rich and radiant way. It is unfolding radiant light like the sun, and unconditional love energy is emerging.

This is everything the knight has longed for, lived for, and tried to attain, but could never find because he was searching through pride, intellect, control, and ego.

In some legends, Knights of the Round Table couldn’t find the Holy Grail. To find what they were looking for, they had to go inside themselves and use a completely different approach. Finding the Holy Grail requires surrendering in order to embrace the enlightened soul expressed through the heart. This is a new way that the knight must come to trust—his heart rather than his weapons.

The energy of your heart chakra is spreading and filling all of your body and aura. It is opening with a beautiful, soft healing energy, and much more space is now in your heart because this energy is not fear-based or controlling. Your heart center now has more space to embrace all people with unconditional love, support, and caring.

This energy space transforms you and embraces everyone you come in contact with. You experience great unconditional acceptance of yourself as well as others. Feel it and continue inviting it in more and more. It is a complete replacement of the old paradigm of control and ego defenses with a new way of responding to other people and to life.

As you bring people to mind, this energy engulfs them and supports them in a very different way from before. So call someone to mind now that you would like to bring into this energy. Feel the warm, loving, and caring energy that heals and dissolves whatever fear or pain that person has.

Jim: I can feel it extend out and engulf her.

Jonathan’s Side-Comment: Once we connect with the energy flow of Divine Love and the heart opens, tremendous clearing and healing can take place. The results in a quantum leap in a person’s consciousness level. As I guide Jim to stretch and expand himself to embrace individuals who have given him difficulties, he finds that he accepts all and heals his relationship with them.

Jonathan to Jim: Because this love is unconditional, it is the same for everyone, not just your beloved. Next, bring your mother, father, and grandparents into this space; the ones who told you that you couldn’t succeed, and notice how this same energy engulfs them and heals them. It is a real healing energy to the individuals you bring to mind, healing the part of them that you carry with you.

Embrace each individual you know who needs to have his or her relationship with you healed. Bring them into your heart to be healed. There is no fear or threat that they could hurt you because in this unconditional love, they cannot. In fact, this process intensifies the love field more and more as you bring more people in.

Keep bringing in more people—there is space for everyone. You could bring the whole world into this love field, and it keeps growing and expanding.

Release all judgments about the people you are bringing in. You are bringing them into your heart, into unconditional love, but there is still some judgment in your mental body, so be willing to release all need for all judgments and fixed opinions about them. I’m able to help you remove the parts of you that hold on, but you need to keep surrendering.

The knight can now be safe in abandoning his armor and weapons because the need to fight or control is no longer necessary. Any enemy can be absorbed in this unconditional love, and any apparent obstacle or conflict can be dissolved in this heart-space of unconditional love. It holds a space of healing and acceptance with no judgment. This love energy is so powerful that it has space for anyone, no matter how the person might seem to be.

Jim: I feel very light, clear, and filled with love.

Jonathan to Jim: This love and light dissolves all pain, all effort, all trying, all control, all need, and all attachments. This is the answer to the human condition. This is the Holy Grail.

Now that you are in this state of awareness, you will be much more easily able to access it in the future. Go to this energy state repeatedly and bring people and situations into it to be healed of conflict or pain. This is a powerful place of healing.

This is the level of consciousness associated with the 5th dimension. Many today are looking forward to ascending into that dimension, but to live in 5th dimensional consciousness, you must clear your consciousness of the lower-level attachments and beliefs at not only a conscious level, but also most especially that you hold unconsciously.

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