Help for Your Spiritual Questions

Have you noticed how you keep trying all kinds of things to answer your spiritual questions and solve your suffering? Then why is it that you don’t seem to find all the answers or get lasting solutions? Very few have found methods to permanently end the cycle of endless spiritual questions and repeating problems.

Over the centuries people have tried all sorts of nutty ideas to solve their physical and emotional problems. Just one of the more crazy ideas is depicted in the picture at the top of this article. It show you how desperate people were and still are.

Doesn’t it seem like some of the answers and solutions have been purposely concealed? Historically, that actually has often been the case either intentionally or because those doing the teaching were themselves deceived and brainwashed. Michael Cremo addresses just some of the concealing of our true history in his book Forbidden Archaelogy if you are interested in researching this.

In this world there are two basic forces at work. Some call it the war between good and evil, others say it is just human nature. What is actually affecting everyone is the overlay of ego identities on your higher self. Your higher self is your soul and is the truth of who you are. The ego, on the other hand, is a self-created fear-driven control mechanism that responds to its interpretations of all it observes and concludes from what is gathered through the five major senses. The ego does not know what the soul is and has no way of understanding it or connecting with it, yet it overtakes your identification with your personality and tricks you into believing it is who you are.

The ego is like a robotic program designed to keep you safe and secure, and it does that with fear to keep you from threatening situations. One of the problems with this is that it reacts with fear to conditions that are not imminently threatening, but which it thinks might be. This is the root of anxiety, jealousy, anger, guilt, envy, futility, hate, resentment, self-doubt, and a plethora of additional defense mechanisms. Besides the negative emotions another of the underlying main tools the ego uses to protect itself is control. I refer to these as your core issues. This can be disastrous to relationships and in broader contexts businesses, religions, and politics.

This explains a lot about what creates challenges to discovering truths and breaking free from an ego-dominated world. As you search around for answers to your spiritual questions you’ll be confronted by ego-created solutions, which will only take you in circles, and here is the reason why:

The Ego is Incapable of Healing Itself from Itself

The ego operating system affecting you is a collection of a vast number of subtle-energy thoughtforms that are composed of conclusions from your experiences and the emotions you attached to those conclusions. You have many thousands of these thoughtforms and each one is like a little computer that causes you to believe what you do and react the way you do. That is why you sometimes over-react and wonder why you reacted the way you did.

On the other hand, your higher self (soul) is a love-based intelligence waiting for you to discover it and integrate it into your everyday life. Therein are the answers to your spiritual questions and the solutions to your problems and struggles. As you merge more completely with the soul, the ego is replaced with a peaceful, loving, stable, trusting, and empowering presence. This is the Soul Solution.

People often find themselves repeating the same problems over-and-over again. When you first start to see a pattern of repeating problems or bad situations, it can be really frustrating, because you don’t know why it is happening. You beat yourself up trying to figure out what you are doing wrong, and when you don’t find satisfactory answers you have more spiritual questions that need answering such as how to stop this from happening!

We’re All in the Same Boat

If you are seeking answers to your spiritual questions then please know that you are not alone. Just about everyone has moments of feeling stuck or frustrated because little seems to work out how they want it to. But don’t worry, there is good news! There ARE answers to your spiritual questions, ways to solve your issues, clear your ego programs and identities, and move on with your life toward something far better than you have imagined. Enlightened consciousness is not the impossible dream!

It took me a long time to find answers to the hardest spiritual questions we all face. I remember making long lists of questions and seeking out people who purported to have the answers, but I ended up having to figure most of them out myself. You see, in this world there are a lot of cases of the blind leading the blind. I found that there are many people who say they have answers and solutions, but they have distortions or only a few pieces of the puzzle.

What Are Some Spiritual Questions People Ask?

  • I seem to have hit a spiritual block and I’m stuck.
  • I feel like I’m at a dead end.
  • Why does my life go from one struggle to another?
  • My meditations don’t seem to be getting me anywhere. What do I do?
  • How do I identify what’s blocking me?
  • Which of my chakras are stuck and what can I do?
  • How can I attain enlightenment and ascension?
  • How can I open my 3rd eye?
  • Why do I keep attracting irresponsible partners?
  • I have emotional distress that keeps playing like a broken record!
  • I know I need more self-love but I can’t because of my childhood.
  • How can I see an angel or ascended master?

Well, I have answers for you to all of those questions, and a lot more, but the answers to spiritual questions require that you be dedicated with a relentless spirit to break through your barriers.

Why is the Spiritual Path a Long and Winding Road?

I haven’t forgotten all the years of searching and trial and error to discard so much misinformation that’s out there. Today, a big part of the challenge is the vast amount of disinformation and partial truths that seem everywhere. Much of what you run into clouds the solutions that explain why the spiritual path can so often lead you off track or to dead ends.

I know, it’s hard to weed through all the myths and half-truths that seem to be everywhere, from those wanting to be teachers to those who think they have the answers.

One person said to me recently that it’s getting harder and harder to filter out the static of confusing information that is flooding the internet and find clear truths and techniques that work to evolve you.

A Resource for Your Spiritual Questions

It has taken me decades and thousands of hours experimenting with a lot of techniques to find what works the fastest. I threw most techniques away people told me about because they either didn’t work, or didn’t go far enough. In this discovery process, I created some gems that are more highly effective than anything I found anyone else doing or teaching.

Yes, it took me the better part of a lifetime to develop skills and refine the methods to accelerate you so you can attain high levels of consciousness and realization. I’ve figured out how to become accurately clairvoyant, which means I can see the subtle-energies around you affecting your quality of life, and I can do this over the phone. I also developed the ability to feel how your consciousness and lifeforce creates your obstacles and frustrations. In addition, I often employ other intuitive skills like telepathy, channeling, and remote viewing to pinpoint and heal the subtle causes of what is controlling your life. Even though I have been helping people using these gifts in more than 50,000 private sessions over decades, I am still amazed that it can be done while on a phone call.

How Can I Increase Spiritual Knowledge?

Let me be blunt! I can tell you this from my years of extensive experience that finding satisfactory answers to your spiritual questions can be extremely difficult, and reaching high levels of consciousness is even more challenging to discover and master by trying to do it all alone. However, you can greatly accelerate yourself on your path with very specific mentoring and guidance.

My audio programs contain a gold mine of guidance, instructions, and resources, but I also have something special to offer you that goes well beyond anything I have ever recorded…

I Have a Practical & Effective System for You

I can teach you to cut through and clear the confusion created by modern religions, spiritual systems, and even your own subconscious programs to enable you to awaken to your soul truths and gifts. It is not complicated or difficult, and it is certainly not just for a few lucky ones, although it often seems that way.

Through my live classes, retreats, and private phone sessions I’ve helped many thousands of people already to make the breakthroughs they longed for.

As much as I wish there were a way to make all of what I know available through audio programs, but there are some things that just cannot be conveyed through recordings because it is not about putting a funnel in your head and pouring in more information. Your evolutionary process requires transformations in your consciousness with personal help and guidance that can best be conveyed through my private sessions.

I’m sure you’ve heard the joke of the young man asking how to get to Carnegie Hall. The answer is, practice! As much as I would like to see everything resolve quickly, mastery is a process, although by having me guide you I can assure you it is a much quicker process than if you were on your own.

I recommend you read the more extensive information about the sessions on my new session website at this link: JonathanParkerSolutions 

You will find many of your spiritual questions answered there. I invite you to give yourself one of the greatest gifts you can by scheduling phone-sessions with me. I’d love to work with you and help you accelerate your progress and reach the spiritual heights I know you can. The transformations of your consciousness are yours forever, and help guarantee you a higher level incarnation in your next life. I don’t know how you can put a value on that, but this lifetime is unique in all of your history because of so much help that is available like never before.

From the Heart,

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