There are at least 3 major painless ways to become free from karma. Undoubtedly there are more, but these are 3 main ones, and you may want to apply yourself to whatever feels the most comfortable for you and whatever is compatible with your orientation.  

The first method is a particularly beautiful one of having deep devotion to God or a higher power.  This will create a field that will release and dissolve karmically created patterns.

The second approach is to utilize a methodical recognition, acknowledgement and removal of each karmic pattern through releasing techniques such as forgiveness or energy healing. The methodical approach requires that you specifically identify the karmic pattern and either express deep self-forgiveness, or remove all the underlying beliefs, judgments, and emotions. 

The third, karmic releasing method is perhaps the simplest, quickest and most important of all the ways to transcend karma. It is through the deep surrendering of everything. In a spiritual context, surrender is about releasing all forms of holding or all forms of resistance and all forms of attachment. 

Ultimately, all spiritual paths converge and agree on the surrender approach, although the methods of implementing it vary.  Private phone sessions can accelerate this process for you 100 times faster than trying to do it on your own.

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