By Lenore Wescott –

Regardless of faith, denomination or sect, many spiritual people seek to transform and deepen their spiritual life. A spiritual transformation may be desired in situations where a person is seeking to move beyond a certain point in their spiritual path, or in times of strife or unhappiness. While there are many ways to undertake and complete a spiritual transformation, almost all of them provide huge benefits. Those who undertake a spiritual transformation often find that they feel closer to their spiritual source which is described in their sacred texts. In some cases this includes divine beings and in other cases they may also feel a closer bond between their physical and spiritual selves.

Transformation Through Altruism

One of the key tenants of most faiths, and one of the ways to grow spiritually, is through altruistic action. Altruistic action may include things such as volunteering one’s time to help others, donating to a charity or worthy cause or simply helping those around them through everyday giving, including spiritual and emotional giving. Once again, regardless of faith, denomination or sect, the principle behind spiritual growth and transformation through these actions is universal. Essentially, altruistic giving allows the giver to grow closer to humanity and see deeper within themselves, as it offers the giver a deeper understanding of the human condition within the spiritual self. Giving is also a way to step outside of one’s own viewpoint to experience a sense of selflessness and a sense of purpose and value.

Giving may also be looked upon as a way to cleanse the soul, thereby allowing it to grow. Throughout each day, everyone runs into situations in which they say or do things which they later regret. Giving back to others is sometimes thought of as a penance, or a way to make up for the negative actions. Altruistic actions also assist in bringing about a sense of accomplishment and pride, thereby boosting self esteem. This boost, coupled with the positive feelings, can often enhance the soul and enhance its transformation.

Transformation Through Meditation

Another way in which many people undertake a spiritual transformation is through meditation. Meditation, when practiced correctly, has been shown to relieve many spiritual ills, including being overtaken by negative energy. Just like altruistic giving, meditation is a fantastic way to step outside of your own myopic view of life. Additionally, just like with giving, meditation allows the bond between the spiritual and the physical to grow stronger. This occurs as a result of centering oneself, eliminating negative energy and developing a spiritual focus.

Most meditation involves concentrating on either positive aspects of one’s life and then enhancing them, or it may involve focusing on a negative aspect of one’s life and then diminishing it. Either way, the negative is pushed aside while the positive is brought into view. When seeking to undergo a spiritual transformation, expressing the positive and defeating the negative are both incredibly important. Negative energies, thoughts and emotions often drag the spirit down. They have a way of hooking onto to the mind and heart, and once they take hold, a person must work diligently to detach them. Essentially, negatives stand in the way of growth and enlightenment. By using meditation to wash away these negatives, you stand a better chance of seeing and experiencing spiritual growth and transformation.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, whether you are just getting started or whether you have undergone a series of transformations, you can benefit most by never giving up. It’s important to remember that transforming the spirit can be a slow process, and you may experience setbacks; however, the key is to never quit, even upon hitting a stumbling block. The spirit is a truly wonderful gift, and making the decision to grow your spirit is one which must be made with care and guidance. If you’re feeling stuck on your journey, you may want to reach out to others around you for assistance. There are many experienced spiritual leaders in most communities who will be more than happy to give you advice on how to make the most of your experience. Remember, handle your transformation with care; sometimes the journey and the experience become the goal.

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