5 Benefits of Spiritual Awakening is wonderful but first you are likely to experience some turmoil.

Here’s why…

The challenge with spiritual awakening is it automatically causes you to release and replace your many beliefs of what is true. This is no small thing.

Whatever you believe right now you are invested in. Your beliefs form your foundation upon which you base your life and decisions.

Now, imagine realizing finding out that your beliefs are not true and you have to reorient your life around new beliefs…

Your new beliefs may be very different or even the opposite of what you accepted as true previously.

That can turn your world upside down, force you to make hard decisions, and cause you to question everything.

Have you ever been disillusioned by something you believed?

For instance, if you’ve had a relationship crumble before your eyes, you may have questioned what is wrong with you that you can’t make a relationship work, or that you were so dumb that you made a bad choice.

In either case, what you thought of yourself, other people, and perhaps even life itself were shaken.

Here’s another example…

What if you discovered something about your religion that seems to prove the opposite of what you held near and dear? Once again, your whole view of your life and the afterlife may have been turned upside down.

You see, your mind runs on beliefs.

Beliefs that were formulated by what you were told, what you observed, and the conclusions you came to.

No matter how logical and rational you came to accept your beliefs that is not a guarantee they are correct.

In fact, everything is based on your perceptions; how you think things work, how the universe is designed, and what cherished beliefs you have about God and the spiritual realms.

In most cases you are strongly grounded and invested in your beliefs…

Then along comes some epiphanies or spiritual awakening which shatter all of what you thought and believed, and that can be very disorienting and even painful in the short term.

You might be wondering what is really true. How much else that I’ve believed is false?

Higher truths invariably rise to the surface as the years pass. Your definitions and convictions are undermined as new realizations emerge. Often this happens unexpectedly.

Waking up to higher spiritual truths can certainly change your life in unexpected ways.

This is usually regarded as raising your frequency and vibration to higher states where you experience life quite differently from those around you.

Here are 5 benefits you will notice as your frequency rises…

1. A New Perspective on What is Happening in the World.

Spiritual awakening re-contextualizes everything you perceive. You’ll find you are less reactive, less judgmental, and more content regardless of what you see and hear. You understand there is a broad plan unfolding and everyone is evolving at their own pace and in their own way.

You’ll find you don’t worry as much as you used to and you have more caring and compassion for everyone. You don’t criticize or blame yourself or others like you probably have in the past, and you don’t feel plagued by your past.

You are able to “size people up” more accurately and more quickly, and feel empowered to move those out of your life who do not vibrate at your frequency or support your values.

2. Automatic Synchronicity & Present Moment Awareness.

Much of what you struggled to attain previously now happens more spontaneously and automatically. As struggling melts away your life begins to flow more harmoniously.

A deepening trust in life emerges which enables you to live in the present moment without even trying to live in the present moment.

Your innate intuition leads you to be at the right place at the right time with the right people, and you find yourself interacting with more people who are also awakening.

I know this all sounds great but it can also challenge you as it can cause people to move out of your life, and even motivate you to move to a new area and change what you do socially.

In some cases you may feel the need to make difficult decisions such as leaving a partner, changing your career, or no longer participating in spiritual identifications you may have been part of for many years.

All of this can be deeply emotional or impact your life financially, but the changes invariably lead to knowing the choices that were made were for the best for all.

3. Deep Inner Peace

Part of awakening spiritually is shifting into a finer frequency where there is more tranquility. Many also notice their inner voices become fewer and quieter. Self-doubt, questioning, and blame seem to disappear.

Part of the reason this happens is you let go of judging yourself or others, and you release and clear the patterns that have been running the way you think and feel.

So you become far less critical of your self and others, and you become more stable and grounded even if there is turmoil around you.

4. An Awareness of a Deep Connection

Part of spiritual awakening is realizing that beneath the surface we are all interconnected. In fact, you eventually realize we are all made out of the same energies and are only experiencing an individualized expression in a unique way. This goes beyond intellectually accepting this, but is a deep awareness, realization, and knowing of it.

Part of this realization is recognizing how your deepest unconscious thoughts fabricate the reality you live in. This includes the people you attract, the way you think, the conditions you live in, and the happiness you radiate.

5. Safe, Secure and Empowered

Those who have undergone a spiritual awakening universally report a higher degree of confidence in their beliefs and decisions. There is an inner knowing of truths that were only speculated about previously.

Spiritual awakening can be accelerated so you can move through the rough patches more quickly by identifying what has been challenging or triggering you and systematically clearing and releasing the beliefs and patterns that previously locked you into the limiting experiences.

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