Getting Results From the Programs

Be assured that if you use the programs as intended, not neglecting the relaxation and visualization sessions, it is impossible for you not to see positive changes in your life. However, self-transformation, by its very nature, takes time.

Because it took you 20, 30 or more years to create your current life situation, you should not expect to change overnight. Although our programs are the fastest way to see improvement, still it will take some time to replace deeply embedded, lifelong beliefs and habits with new thought patterns that will change your life. Use your programs regularly and relax. You will begin seeing the improvements you desire.

You should do at least one guided visualization/meditation each day, and, if possible, do two. It is best to do them in the morning and evening when your subconscious mind is most easily accessed.

In addition, it is also recommended that you listen to the affirmation programs throughout the day for additional reinforcement.

What to Expect

For most people changes are subtle in the beginning. When you start using the relaxation/visualization sessions regularly, the types of changes you usually experience initially include feeling more positive, more relaxed, less stressed, and more in control of your life. Many report a sense of peace and well-being in spite of whatever problems they may currently be experiencing in their external lives.

Others discover that they automatically start thinking more positively without trying to do so,  and even find some of the positive affirmations in the relaxation sessions or audible and subliminal programs just suddenly pop into their minds when they’re not expecting it.

These thoughts and feelings show that the programs are working for you. Change begins in the mind, and as changes start in your thinking process, both at subconscious and conscious levels, changes follow in your life. Remember, all lasting improvements begin on the inside first and then are manifested on the outside.

You might ask, “But when can I expect to see some solid, tangible changes in my life?”

The answer to this question is a completely individual matter. Some have reported wonderful results within the first 30 days, and for others it has taken 60 to 90 days or longer. For many there is a gradual improvement over a period of many months. The experiences are as individual as those who have them, because each of our belief systems as well as life circumstances are different.

To some degree, your results depend on what goals you are wanting to achieve. Larger goals and greater levels of mastery generally take longer than short range goals.

“Your sales program has helped me immensely in my sales and attitude. I’ve noticed the impact it’s had on me.  I’ve even noticed that some of my thoughts are the same as in the program.”  –W.F.,  Missouri

The Snowball Effect

Most people experience what you might call the “snowball effect.” In the beginning progress appears to be slow, but a momentum is actually building. It is like a snowball rolling down a hill; at first you hardly notice any change in its size, but as it rolls it picks up more and more momentum until it begins expanding very rapidly. This is the way change usually occurs with most people. It starts gradually, and may even be imperceptible at first. Then it begins accelerating. Often it seems like a sudden breakthrough is made, but in reality, changes had been occurring all along at a subconscious level.

“I am in the insurance business and I have had more unsolicited leads in the 10 months that I have been listening to your prosperity program then in all the past 12 years combined. It  doesn’t seem like I’m doing business any differently than in the past, but something has definitely happened causing my income to go up dramatically.”  –R.T., Virginia

”Wanting to increase my financial status, I purchased your prosperity program. My income within three months doubled, then tripled within five months, and for the past several months, my income has averaged over $12,000 per month. This is just the beginning.”  –J.G., California

Recognizing Changes and Seeing Progress

Sometimes people think that results aren’t happening fast enough. In reality it is not a matter of lack of results, but rather a lack of recognizing changes as they are in process.  Remember changes can be very subtle in the beginning. If you just feel better, you are experiencing a change and you ARE progressing. It is best to look for improvements every 60 to 90 days rather than on a daily or weekly basis.

Here are some suggestions if you don’t think you are making satisfactory progress:

1.  Review your goals. Are you being realistic? Have you been expecting too much too soon?

2.  Keep track of how often you listen to the program. Do you listen regularly and often?   Are you using the relaxation and visualization or meditation sessions on a regularly (daily, if possible) basis?

3.  Are you following the suggestions in the discussion portions of the programs?

4.  Are you relaxing and enjoying creating your new life? If you are over-anxious and trying too hard or pressuring yourself, this becomes counter-productive. It’s like trying to force yourself to fall asleep when you are having a sleepless night. The harder you try, the more awake you become. Learn to relax with the program, let go, and you will see results.

“Let me thank you for these remarkable lessons. They are transforming my life. I’m still astonished at finding something that really works.”  –M.C., Washington


Plateaus are a normal part of growth. After some progress is made, you may experience a plateau as your inner self prepares for the next level of growth. Just as during the winter when a tree appears start and lifeless, we think there is much activity.  With the earliest hints of sprig, subtle changes begin to appear and when all the necessary internal changes have taken place and the time is right, the tree blossoms. In a similar way, after using your program to clear your subconscious mind of negativity and then reprogramming it with positive beliefs, there is often a time lapse before your results blossom. Be assured that internal changes are taking place during this period although they may not be apparent.

Just continue to listen to the program if you find yourself on a plateau or feeling “stuck” in making progress. This will pass and often brings the deepest changes when it does. Eventually, your progress will take off.

“I had been seeing a therapist and was getting nowhere. The combination of programs from you has caused my friends to comment on my positive new personality. I feel great.” –C. T., California

“I just do not have the vocabulary to express to you how much your programs have helped me and changed my life.”  –A.M., Missouri

The More You Play Them, The Better Our Programs Work!

The self-improvement techniques used in our programs will equip you with tools to recreate your life the way you want it to be. But you’ve got to use them!

Most people would agree that personal experience is the best teacher. The audio programs are intended to be used many, many times, not listened to once or twice and put on a shelf. Simply by relaxing and listening to the guided sessions in the programs, you actually experience them at a very deep level.

Participation is the Key

What you don’t use, you lose. You are in control of your life unless you relinquish it. You can develop full mind power, derive higher levels of self-understanding, discover new insights, and gradually bring about the kind of life you desire.

It is exciting to discover that you are your own best resource! You can create the wonderful, abundant life you desire! We wish you a rewarding and fulfilling journey on the most remarkable journey of all—the quest to discover the great treasures within you!

“Your programs are the most wonderful thing that has happened in my life.” –E.O., New York

* All comments are actual unsolicited testimonials from listeners who have used our audio programs.

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