Did you get clear on what you want to experience in life yet?

Even if you can’t see how it’s possible, don’t dismiss your desires.

The capability of your subconscious mind is way beyond what you think is possible….

In 1985 I decided to create a scrapbook of the house I wanted to live in someday. I found pictures of houses, furnishing landscaping and location ideas….

But then, as often happens, I got so busy with work and life that I completely forgot about the book or even where it was…

Over the years I moved twice. One day I was in the attic and saw a box of old books and found the scrapbook.

When I opened it I was floored to find a picture of the house unbelievably nearly identical to the one I was living in…!

This house had an unusual floor plan, so it was more than coincidence…

…right down to the smallest details like the hardware on the kitchen cabinets and type of shower stall.

So getting a picture in mind of what you want is the second important key because it programs your subconscious autopilot to keep a focus on bringing what you want.

The first step is, you may remember, from last weeks email, is determining what you want. 

Have you done that yet?

Because this week I want you to start collecting pictures of what it is that you want…including the sorts of experiences you want to have.

This has never been easier with the advent of Google.
You can do a search under Google Images to find just
about anything.

Put it in some place you’ll see it every day.

Next week, I’ll tell you how and why this works and we’ll
go on to Step 3

Have a great weekend, 

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