Summary:  Negative expectancy and fear of the future is built on the observation, fear and belief that our lives go from one struggle to another. We naturally seem to believe that the past is somehow true in the present. We think that our past determines our future. This article gives you some ideas on how to let go of the past, live in the present, and have a positive future.

Are You Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop?

Many people have an anticipation of “what next! What now!” This negative expectancy and fear of the future is built on the observation, fear and belief that our lives go from one struggle to another.

Think about how your day is just one story connected to another story.  The mass consciousness reflects how the majority have bought into a never ending struggle of what they think of when they think of their life and what they call their life.

And what is amazing is that even those who seem to be above and beyond this perception are influenced by it in some areas of their life.  Those who have a lot of money may not have some of the problems others with less have, but the same mass consciousness gets to them in other ways where they feel lack, such as affecting their health, having difficulties with relationships, feeling unfulfilled and not happy and living with stress.

Watch Out for the Past!

Somehow we naturally seem to believe that the past is somehow true in the present. For instance, it seems logical that if money were lost in an investment in the past, or a stupid mistake caused us to loose money in the past, that is evidence that we are stupid and unlucky now.

There is an inner belief that we are vulnerable to doing something in the present or future that will replicate the losses of the past. And yet the past is nothing more than a memory which has no real existence other than what we project on it. So we must find a way to stop living through the past as a determiner of our present or future.

You have probably heard of the book “The Power of Now” which says that living in the present moment is the best way to live. A starting place is to recognize that the past is only a memory, not a reality, so you can be willing to let it go in order to be renewed in the present.

This doesn’t mean you forget your past. Of course, you want the wisdom of your past without the pain and suffering of the past. And this doesn’t just mean your past when you were a child, or in a bad relationship or with a bad investment 10 years ago, but all of the past of what you thought you were even just a few minutes ago, and of course, years ago.

The idea here is to let go of the struggle and painful aspects of the memories of the past. You can start this process by tuning in to the uncomfortable feelings and declaring an affirmation such as “I release and let go of the painful feelings I am feeling about my past.” This sets your inner intention which then needs to be followed with a healing approach.

Connecting with your deepest inner core truth is an enlightened way to live and perhaps the most important aspect in determining your experience of life, but this must be more than an idea or even a belief;  it must become your realization, your consciousness, and the awareness of your deepest inner truth.

There is an aspect within every person that is true goodness. Some call this the higher self, some call it the authentic self, and I call it our soul.  When you are in touch with and remain connected with your inner soul presence of love, light and goodness that lives in your core, you will find that natural laws will bring more goodness, love and peace to your life.  That may seem like a bold statement, but not when you realize that the only reason you wouldn’t have all goodness, love and peace is because you are in resistance to it at some level.

Put one of your hands over the upper center of your chest and rest it there and get in touch with the soothing feelings that naturally emerge.  You can also say to yourself “I feel deep inner love and peace.” If you repeat this to yourself a few times while your hand is at rest on your chest you will begin getting in touch with what I’m talking about. Once you have a good connection ask this soothing, healing presence you are feeling to merge into and wash away any negative feelings. With practice you will be amazed at how well this works. I have written other articles on how to go further with this process, and my book The Soul Solution discusses this in much more depth with many guided meditations to help you.

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