There is something very powerful about how your mind works that can make a profound difference between your success and happiness or a life of struggling and being disappointed. This is a really important subject to understand as it affects virtually every experience you have whether you are looking for financial success, relationships, or good health.

When you feel bad do you have a discussion in your mind with negative thoughts such as: “Well, let’s see, since I just received this horrible unexpected news I have to decide how I should feel about this. Since this is not good news that means my reactions need to be angry and depressed. So I will ramp up my emotions to feel really upset.”

No, your feelings don’t seem to stem from a logical, conscious process do they?  Whether you realize it or not, neither are they determined by events or even other people. They come directly and automatically from your subconscious evaluations, attitudes, and beliefs.

In other words, you feel bad if you perceive and evaluate an event as bad or sad on a subconscious level–which explains why many people have a hard time fully understanding how emotions work. It’s because most people are unaware of their own deepest subconscious beliefs, which often were established many years ago. And the often surprising discovery is that your subconscious mind may have beliefs that are completely the opposite of what you believe consciously.

The problem with this is that the subconscious mind tends to fixate on whatever negative thoughts and opinions a person has, and it works to bring about the manifestation of the fixation. There is a commonly recognized reality to how the subconscious mind works and it states that whatever we resist persists.

Your Life Experiences are the Result of Subconscious Programming

Your subconscious mind is very much like a computer program. It directs just about everything in your life including your emotions, your habits, your relationship quality, your financial situation, your self-image, your health, and more. How your life turns out depends on what your subconscious mind’s programming consists of.

How does your subconscious mind get programmed in the first place? It doesn’t happen overnight, but rather over time and with reinforcement. Basically, your innermost beliefs stem from your personal experiences, the repeated statements of other significant people in your life, and your own habitual thinking about yourself and the events in your life, beginning at a very early age and continuing on throughout life.

For example, a young child is told by a parent: “You’ve got to work hard to amount to anything in this world. What makes you think you’re so special that anything good will happen to you?” Let’s say the child hears this message and others like it many times while growing up. As a result, the child becomes self-conscious and self-doubting.

The child may become anxious, nervous, or driven to please everyone by excelling in some areas such as academics or sports. Furthermore, not achieving can mean feeling guilty, “small,” and “bad.” These negative thoughts, ideas and feelings gradually solidify into beliefs in the subconscious mind, and they therefore become one of the driving forces of a person’s life. As an adult a person may not remember where the insecurities came from or why they believe it, and they may not even consciously think about it or know it is inside of them. Yet, like a program operating in the background on a computer it may continue to affect a person’s relationships, career success, and physical and psychological health.

Fortunately, we can reprogram the beliefs running in our subconscious mind by utilizing some of the same techniques that put the programs there in the first place. Repetition is one of the best ways to reach the subconscious mind. It is important to develop a positive relationship with yourself and this includes respecting yourself and being positively oriented toward life. You can utilize affirmations like the ones below to solidify a positive attitude toward yourself.

  • I feel good about myself.
  • I respect and value myself.
  • I appreciate my body.
  • Every day I am becoming more positive and healthy.

Practice repeating statements like these several times every day can erase the negative thoughts and replace them with positive beliefs. You can even record them and listen to them while you exercise or get ready in the morning.

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