If you want to attract positive things in life, there are several important points that must be adhered to. The principle the law of attraction is based on is rooted in the arcane power of the subconscious mind which, in turn, must be positively aligned with the underlying energy nature of the universe. By tapping into this rich source of abundance and all good things, you can unlock your latent desires and manifest them in your life.

Contrary to false belief, the law of attraction is not a new concept. The wisdom set forth by engaging the law of attraction isn’t governed by man made laws. It draws from a secret and ancient source of knowledge. This knowledge has long been hidden from most people and is only available for those who actively seek it. For anyone who wants to tap into it, this universal energy can be used to create positive and lasting life changes.

To successfully use the law of attraction follow the 4 tips below:

Law of Attraction Tip #1. Make a commitment!

The law of attraction controls the way in which we consciously live and experience our lives. We must be willing to make a new commitment to ourselves in order to manifest our desires and intentions. The commitment requires mental focus reinforced with creative visualization. During the visualization process you must clearly imagine your desires as already accomplished before they can be manifested into physical reality. Then you’ll be intuitively drawn to the people, resources, and circumstances for the fulfillment of your desires.

The law of attraction is best energized through the use of visualization and meditation. You need to visualize exactly what you want the universe to give to you. And then meditate on it, so that you can be clear in your resolve to receive the wisdom and knowledge to bring to fruition whatever you desire. For more on how this amazing process works see my article “How to Do a Creative Visualization“.

Law of Attraction Tip #2. Confirm harmonious alignment with your beliefs.

There’s really no secret on this point, but it is very important. The only way to produce positive results is through the harmonious alignment of both your conscious and subconscious mind. In other words, you must operate in integrity. Simply put, there cannot be conflicting beliefs or programs running between your conscious and subconscious mind and here’s why. The law of attraction empowers the deep beliefs you have established. If your subconscious mind holds beliefs that are in conflict with or contradict what you consciously want, you’ll end up sabotaging yourself.

Once you are clear in your intentions and have eliminated fear, doubts, and undermining questions you will have a clear focus on your positive beliefs and empowered the creative and attractive forces of the universe in your favor. This process doesn’t always produce instant results, however, but what it does is to allow you to align the energy of the universe in order to turn your desires into practical reality. There are many more insights to support you with prosperity and success here.

Law of Attraction Tip #3. Take action!

The law of attraction is an action-oriented process; it doesn’t involve daydreams or fantasies. You must actively create the life that you want. You can have your life the way that you want, but it’s about following through and being willing to take whatever action that’s necessary for furtherance of your desires. In other words, just thinking positive thoughts without the steps and actions to bring about your desire will be like running on a treadmill–you won’t get very far.

Law of Attraction Tip #4. Let go of anything that is not working.

This includes negative and false beliefs, bad environmental influences, low self-esteem, unhappiness and the feeling that nothing good could ever happen to you. For more on this subject see my free article on stopping negative thoughts.

Follow the Beat of Your Own Drum

The term, “popular methodology” is used to define the concept of doing whatever is popular and is apparently working for everyone else. The law of attraction isn’t about achieving desired results based on what everyone else is doing. Or even following someone else’s narrow vision of what your life should be.

You can’t approach the law of attraction based on a group mentality viewpoint; you must abandon the thought of doing something because everybody else is doing it. The law works to attract what you desire after you have clarified your own issues and established you own individual agenda.

Successfully realizing the law of attraction means that you need to:

  • Develop daily positive habits, such as visualizations & affirmations
  • Let go of fixed expectations while maintaining positive expectancy.
  • Don’t focus or worry about when you “expect” things to happen.
  • Allow things to develop in their own time.
  • Express gratitude for the things that you already have.

Harnessing the powers behind the law of attraction requires openness to the things unseen. Because the law of attraction isn’t about things that can be observed by the human eye, but instead it carries with it a reliance on things that can only be realized through alignment with the power of the subconscious mind. Simply put the law of attraction is about becoming in harmony with the infinite and unlimited source of abundance.

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