If you have noticed that similar situations keep happening in your life, you are experiencing the forces of karma in operation. We are powerful creators and when you react and live with self-defeating beliefs you are energizing the karmic forces of creation in your life and so the same type of situations keep coming up. Undoing what we have created takes an investment of some time and energy but it is essential to break the wheel of repeating patterns.

There is one natural healing and karmic releasing method that is common to all religions and is also perhaps the simplest of all methods for spiritual development and to reach states of spiritual enlightenment including transcending the negative effects of karma. It is through the process of surrender which just means letting go of whatever you are holding onto including all forms of resistance to letting go.

If you practice this self-healing process of letting go through surrendering you will reach a state of not judging, reacting, or resisting, and therefore you are no longer creating negative karma (consequences), but you are now putting your creative energies into creating positive experiences. This makes you the conscious creator of positive causes to yield positive effects in your life. Make a practice of saying to yourself that you surrender and release all holding on to anything negative or painful. It is important to always verbalize your surrendering to yourself.

In the early stages of this practice you may not notice much happening, but over time you will find freedom emerging more and more. The effectiveness of doing this is proportional to the consistency with which you practice it. The more you do it the better and faster the results.

What I like about this technique is that it does not require time out of your day. You can pause briefly numerous times during the day for just a minute or so and affirm that you are surrendering all thoughts, beliefs, and feelings around whatever uncomfortable situation you are experiencing. Over time this engages the law of attraction to create the wonderful experiences in your life that you want because you will no longer be energizing anything negative.

In the case of clearing negative karmic influences, such as through the use of energy healing or healing meditation, even though you may release the energies associated with a negative past you may find that some of the scars remain. You will, however, stop the energy from going any further so it doesn’t carry over into your future.

Even if people don’t believe in karma they are still affected by it, because it simply refers to forces they have set in motion in the past continuing until something happens to stop it or change it, and everyone has set forces in motion in the past. The lesson to learn from this is to wake up and acknowledge what those forces are and make the appropriate course corrections by clearing the past and energizing a positive future. Relaxation techniques, guided meditations, and positive affirmations are ways to change your inner orientation which will lead toward positive outcomes, and your life will become all you would like it to be.

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