Since the beginning of history, people have wondered about those who have the powers to perform miracles and heal simply with a miraculous healing light that could be transmitted with a thought, a look, or a touch.

The stories persist of individuals who are said to have performed unexplainable healing feats and other miracles. How a miraculous healing light could exist without science knowing about it has been a mystery and therefore were often thought to be myths or special gifts of only a rare few.

In the past, the secrets of how such things could be done were passed on only by word of mouth to devoted disciples and students but never explained to the masses.

In my life-long dedication to seeking spiritual discoveries, I too have heard and read these stories and tried to find answers that would unlock the mysterious, hidden secrets. This is not an easy endeavor, since many of the answers are not found in books or any other written sources, and those purported to have such abilities say little about how they are done.

Over the centuries, the miraculous keys were often purposely masked with stories, parables, or allusions. While there are certainly stories of masters and others who have done miraculous things, the inner secrets of how they were done have not been revealed.


A number of years ago I made a discovery that to me was new but which I believe is ancient. This discovery revealed something that people can use to make amazing changes in their lives.

This is the story of a subtle-energy experience that can be used for great good and even potentially make miracles possible. This energy has now become a routine part of my life, and it is accessible to everyone.

This energy or spiritual presence is not like any other energy I have ever encountered, such as pranic healing, therapeutic touch, kundalini, Reiki, magnetic healing, psychic surgery, or other forms of energy healing. Nor have I experienced anything similar with healers, meditators. or even enlightened teachers.

The range of experiences that people have with this energy is truly amazing. That is why I have called it The Miraculous Healing Light.

Some people have been healed virtually instantaneously of illnesses. Some have had heightened extra-sensory perceptions opened, and others have told me that their creativity and income have dramatically increased within a few days or weeks after being introduced to it. If I told you all that I have seen this miraculous healing light do, you might have trouble believing it is all possible.

The various results reads like fiction, but later I will share a few letters from people who have written to me about it. In short, I can say this energy is one of the secrets behind miracles.

The Miraculous Healing Light Opens Spiritual Experiences

Perhaps the most important aspect of this energy presence is that it can have a significant effect in helping shift consciousness to amazing and beautiful levels. Some people have had enlightened states of awareness open.

Some have had visions and dreams of angelic realms. Some feel a deeper communion with God and their divine nature. Many people, of course, are working toward these goals all over the world by following many different paths, and I have found that this energy presence can be a dramatic help in achieving them.

What is wonderful is that this energy presence complements any other system of healing, clearing, or spiritual practice a person may be following. It can also change a person’s life by opening the way to new opportunities for prosperity, health, and happiness.

One person I worked with described its healing effects:

Some wonderful results are showing themselves. One person is relieved of pretty intense hip and leg pain which had been with her for a couple of years. Her quite noticeable limp is now almost gone. Also, as an anorexic, taking in adequate nutrition had been a problem for her. Not only has she started eating twice a day, but she is also receiving intuitive messages as to what nutrients she needs! She is about the fourth person I know of whose higher communication has been positively impacted.

Another woman writes of an “immense joy” she experienced:

When I was sitting across from you, I was at first “waiting” for it [the energy] to come to me. Once I let go and just “was,” it sort of clicked into place, sort of like when you put a battery into its position. It was like a groove that was waiting for the perfect fit of energy. (There really aren’t words to describe this). Then, instantly, when it clicked into place I remember that tears of IMMENSE joy fell. It was a feeling of connection, like a pipeline to the Divine. As I sit here now, I can feel a STREAM of energy straight through me, almost from below my feet straight through my head and up beyond my head, connecting me to the Source. I feel so truly blessed and am extremely grateful.

These two examples demonstrate that this is not just a healing energy, but a transformational energy which can deeply affect a person’s awareness and consciousness.

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How I Found The Miraculous Healing Light

The story of this amazing energy began with a miraculous discovery on Mt. Shasta in the Fall of 2002. Although I have been on a dedicated spiritual path now for over 40 years and have discovered many profound truths, this experience was unique.

It is well known that Mt. Shasta, located in northern California a little south of the Oregon border, is regarded as one of the sacred mountains of the world. Many books describe the spiritual experiences people have had on this mountain, and thousands have felt its special energy many miles away. Years ago I conducted dozens of retreats, workshops, and classes there myself.

The combination of being in the remarkable energy of this area combined with two weeks of meditating with a group at the base of Mt. Shasta opened me to this remarkable experience because I specifically wanted to find a way to help more people with their physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

I held the intention of wanting to be shown how miracles could be done to help people, and specifically how to be connected with the same miraculous source that the Bible describes as happening 2,000 and more years ago.

On one particular evening I had an incredible vision in which I saw the Universe being opened. I was sitting on a couch with my eyes closed and relaxing. Thinking about the previous day, when I saw a bright light.

I thought someone had come into the room and turned a light on, but when I opened my eyes that was not the case. I could see this light with my eyes open or closed, and I thought that was pretty remarkable in itself, so I opened and closed my eyes several times trying to figure out what was going on. It became obvious to me that this was no ordinary light.

The light grew brighter and brighter and blazed into me and all around me. This light filled me from head to toe, putting me in a remarkably euphoric state. I saw the heavens opened with thousands of angels beside what appeared to be a huge opening much like a rip in the fabric of the universe.

I also saw a beautiful being in a golden robe standing next to the opening in the universe, and he was holding it open allowing the light to shine through. My inner knowing recognized this being as Jesus or Immanuel as he is sometimes known.

In that moment I knew that this was an opening to the divine Source to enable direct access to the light and power of creation and transformation. and I came to understand this is also the light of the soul. Initially, I thought the light was coming from outside of me, but I later realized it was actually the awakening of a light in all of us.

This experience burned a lasting impression into my mind that is so clear and powerful that years later I am still fully aware of it, and I can still see it in my mind’s eye as if it just happened.

I know this sounds remarkable, and perhaps to some it would even seem to be unbelievable or perhaps an hallucination, but I was wide awake and clear-minded. Nor was this a drug-induced experience, as I do not use or recommend any mind-altering drugs.

The word “religion” comes from the Latin root word “religare” which, in fact, means to tie, fasten or bind and refers to reconnecting with divinity, but often religions have lost this direction. However, the power of our divine nature is available to anyone who desires to access it.

I certainly do not consider myself in any way special, nor do I claim to be the only source of this discovery. I am just relating what happened to me while meditating and asking to be shown a better way of helping people, and I can definitely say a way was dramatically shown to me!

The Miraculous Healing Light in Action

The next day after I experienced the vision I was doing a counseling session with a woman who had been attending the retreat I was hosting at Mt. Shasta, and she commented to me that my energy felt in some way stronger to her. She was experiencing emotional turmoil and I was helping her through it when she felt a spontaneous release and lightness.

At that time I didn’t fully understand what happened to me during the vision, but the experience with this woman made me realize that indeed something very significant had taken place. Over the next several weeks I did many counseling sessions, and many people reported similar experiences.

I realized that what had happened to me as a result of the vision on Mt. Shasta was having a significant impact on others. Over the following months I realized that by telling people the story of my vision and asking them to be open to receiving the light of their soul that they were also having profound experiences.

People have called this energy by different names. Some people have called it the “Christ Consciousness energy.” Some have called it the “Holy Spirit,” and some have called it the “light of truth,” while others have referred to it simply as “God energy” or “God force energy.”

While all of these references are true and good, I recognize this light as the light of the soul and the divine presence that lives in all of us.. Because of the results that many have reported to me, I have sometimes referred to it as “The Miraculous Light.”

Using a new name that doesn’t have a history behind it has its benefits. Since it is a new name people can avoid prejudices and thus view it in a new light. Often, this is vital in order to avoid expectations arising from preconceived ideas.

The nature of the energy, however, is more important than the name, especially because it helps attune a person to a deeper inner truth which ignites the spark of God within. What I experienced in the vision that appeared to be a light outside of me has shown itself to be the opening of my awareness to the light within everyone.

The soul and its miraculous light has an intelligence within it that creates spiritual awakenings and growth in every aspect of a person’s life, including how a person works, learns, relates to God, and treats others. Awakening to this light creates an inner transformation that brings a deepening presence of love and light.

What I see actually happening when a person experiences this process is an opening to a deeper connection with the soul. Everyone already contains a divine presence, and all that is happening in what I have just described is that the soul presence is awakening and coming to the surface of awareness. The light that radiates is an inner light which is the light of the soul.

Available to Everyone

Since this light is really the reconnection to one’s soul, anyone can access it and experience it. Once you know about it, you can begin to have your soul reveal itself to you by putting your attention on it, acknowledging it, and inviting it to emerge. It then automatically begins making changes in a person’s life.

As this beautiful inner light emerges more and more, it helps a person to awaken and embrace the deeper spiritual truths within. The process feels wonderful and natural, like a home-coming. This is a light, energy, intelligence, presence, and love essence that I am able to transmit to others by holding my attention on them and requesting and intending that the light presence awakens, emerges, and initiates transformations in them.

This awakening has many names. Some call it an epiphany. Some call it a transcendental experience and some call it enlightenment, but what is remarkable to me is that as astonishing as it is, it does not need to be regarded as something incredible or only for special people. This awakening is the most natural experience anyone could ever have.

I know that many people have had awe-inspiring experiences, but they may not know what to do after the initial awakening. In many cases they may feel as though they lose the experience as time goes on. This does not need to be the case. The practical side of me has always said, “How can I apply this to everyday life?” As you will see, I will show you many practical ways to apply the soul-awakening process to the challenges and concerns of day-to-day living.

Personal Testimonials

One healing practitioner wrote to me the following experience after awakening to the soul light and presence:

I woke up this morning, much earlier than usual, with a real sense of clarity around a few things. Although the words to articulate this are inadequate, I awoke very clear in this process…it was like an amazing energy stream which flowed from God to you and out from you like myriad lightning bolts to many others. As your lightning bolts touched us, an energy sprang up carrying us into God consciousness. Boy, talk about trying to drink from a fire hose! It felt like I was plugging into a pipeline directly into God Consciousness. What you plugged into at Mt. Shasta was like the master switch to turn us on after you’d cleared/shifted us to a point of being able to handle it. And then we “pay it forward.”

Another person who practices energy healing wrote to me the following experiences she is having with clients and herself:

The comment I hear most from the people I introduce [to the miraculous soul light] is that it brings about a feeling of peace and calmness. When I bring this energy presence up within myself, I, too, can get to a peaceful state more quickly than in the past. Sometimes I impart clients with the energy and don’t mention to them I’m doing this. I’ve had two different kinds of reactions. The one I love to hear is when they tell me a week or two later that they don’t know why but they’re feeling more peaceful. The other side of the coin is when their issues really start surfacing and they don’t feel comfortable. I just explain to them how this energy presence really accelerates their healing process.

I had an interesting experience just the other day as I was taking a walk. I was about a mile from my home and suddenly felt dizzy. The feeling put me into a state of panic. I immediately brought up the soul light and kept “surrendering and releasing” all fear, knowing I was safe in the light. It was a cold day and I was feeling the chill in the air. All of a sudden, I felt tremendous heat all through my entire body. The panic attack passed and I was able to easily walk home. The energy is helping me so much in my own life as well as in my energy work. I’m grateful for this energy and grateful to you, Jonathan, for sharing this gift with me so I can share it with others.”

An Experience for Everyone

What’s exciting to me is that this awakening seems to be able to work for just about everyone. Some people will feel it more than others, and each person will have a unique experience with it. Because the soul is composed of a very pure spiritual light, it has all frequencies and qualities within it, and therefore it works to bring about whatever healing and transformation a person needs and desires.

Since I received this gift from a universal spiritual source, I believe that everyone can tap into it as I did and awaken to their soul’s presence.

While everyone may not have as dramatic an experience as mine, they can nonetheless achieve the same results. This experience is certainly one that is ready and waiting for all. I have come to recognize that the white light with a golden tint that I see around people is the light of their soul.

When connecting with the light and presence, people are experiencing an awakening to the awareness of their own miraculous soul. My role has been merely to serve as a catalyst to help them with the experience. I refer to this process of awakening as the “soul solution” and that is why I titled my book that.

A spiritual healer with extensive experience wrote to me:

I’m so grateful to be able to participate with this. I’ve always studied and used varying techniques believing we all resonate to different approaches. I’ve never had so many people in a row—about 30 now—respond so positively to an identical approach.

Most people are very aware of the miraculous energy of the soul filling them. Some see light and others feel vibrations. Some people feel heat. Some feel tingling, and/or waves of energy. Yet others feel deeply relaxed while experiencing blissful peace, euphoria, and bliss.

As I see people filling with this energy, I can watch the pure, divine light radiating from them brighter and brighter. This experience helps me understand even more fully the many biblical accounts that link spiritual people to light, and the “light” in these instances is the light of the soul depicted in many paintings of saints as halos and glowing auras.

Another person wrote describing an experience:

I think it is only fair to let you know what happened after our phone session. Things began to turn around for the better. My son now is working full-time and has stopped drinking. His disposition has changed 100%. He plays with his children, he is less forgetful, and he is more attentive to his wife. It is like a miracle. I attribute all this change to whatever you did that day to dispel the thick cloud surrounding him, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was really desperate when I called that day.

People receive the awakening to their inner soul light and learn ways to work with it very quickly, and they are changing their lives in ways they never imagined possible.

Another letter from a healer attests to the light’s impact on people’s lives:

The two most interesting people this week included one woman who came in with a severe migraine headache. Her experience is that these migraines take about three days to pass. After the soul presence was activated within her, we moved it into the area of pain. Within ten minutes, the intensity dropped way down. She was very grateful for that and was ready to quit, but I suggested we could eliminate it completely. We sat with it for five more minutes…and the headache was completely gone!

Removing Mental Blocks

To give you an idea of how far-reaching the influence of the soul presence is, I’d like to share a remarkable letter from the wife of a man whose learning block was dissolved with this energy presence. His native language is English, but he was trying to learn to speak French in preparation for moving to France, but wasn’t doing very well with it. Here is what she wrote:

You had a session Tuesday night with my husband. On Wednesday at dinner, he chattered a bit in French, and I was amazed because it actually sounded like French! Always before when he tried out some French, it was impossible to determine what he was trying to say, since it sounded like anything but French. It was an amazing difference.

There was nothing I could correct his pronunciation on, whereas in the past, he really got none of it right, even after many attempts at repetition. I had been wondering how his French Berlitz tutors felt trying to teach such a difficult student! And I was beginning to think he would get through our years of living in Paris without ever speaking French.

When I mentioned how incredibly well he was suddenly speaking French, he said that the tutors asked if he had been practicing the night before! I’m sure they also wondered how he improved so much in only one night. Since he couldn’t tell how bad his French was before, I don’t think he can tell how huge the improvement really is, although I think he feels it is now easier.

While this example may not be as dramatic as some of the healing examples and other awakenings mentioned earlier, it does demonstrate a fascinating additional way in which the energy has a practical, positive effect on the mind. I must say I don’t understand how some of these experiences happen, but I am grateful they do.

Remote Healing

This energy and presence of the light of the soul is creating a life-expanding shift for many people in more ways than I can say. One woman was healed without my having direct contact with her. This next example concerns a lady who had been with a sick friend the afternoon I did a session with her. She didn’t tell me about her friend, but after my session, her friend called her and said something unexplained had just happened to her and she had been healed. Her concern for her friend was sufficient for this light-energy presence, which I was using on her, to also work on her friend.

Yet another person reports a similar experience:

In my phone session with you on Monday night, I asked you to work on my friend who got a severe concussion ice skating one week earlier, and was on prescribed four weeks bed rest. All she could do was lay in a darkened room alone. She could not stand up, talk, or even think well. I wasn’t even allowed to talk to her on the phone. I was concerned that she was getting the proper medical attention, so in my session I asked you to check in on her and to see what healing might be possible. You did some clearing work, mentioning that it was fairly easy to remove some of the blockages.

You said she would need much rest, but would be fine. She just called me today, Friday, and before I told her that you worked on her, she told me that Tuesday morning when she woke up, she was noticeably better, able to take a shower and talk and laugh with her husband. Neither she nor her husband knew why she showed such a marked improvement Tuesday morning, but they had noticed it. The doctor then told them that he was about to have her hospitalized again, but wouldn’t need to because of the improvement.

More Healings…

Another person writes of an interesting healing:

I just wanted to thank you for fitting my friend’s emergency session in Friday night. She was in great pain and virtually incapacitated for almost the whole week, getting progressively worse from Monday until she had to go to the medical doctor and get opiates and steroids for the immense pain and inflammation of the spinal nerves on Thursday night.

She has a two week business trip to England in two days, and she had thought that she might need to cancel because she was in such pain and on powerful drugs that cause disorientation. All other practitioners she tried were unable to help…with one body/energy worker telling her that it was an “endless” problem.

Well, in your one hour session Friday night, her “endless” problem was cleared up almost completely and she was able to resume her life. It was like a resurrection of sorts!

When I called Saturday morning to see how she was doing, not knowing if you had fit a session in with her or not, to my surprise she was too busy to talk long because she was up and cleaning and waxing her wood floors! This happened after being virtually bedridden before the session!

She said she was up and bouncing around immediately after the session Friday night. It was almost like she had forgotten that she was ever ill at all that week! From Wednesday on, I was encouraging her to call you. Not until all other avenues failed did she call you. Isn’t it interesting the way things work out?

Pain Relief

Several people have been able to use this soul-light energy to reduce their level of pain. One reports:

My friend had high-level pain which she reported to be at “9 on a scale of 10.” After thirty minutes of sitting with the miraculous light swirling through her, the pain level dropped to 0 and she said if it comes up again, she knows how to use the energy to relieve her pain. Another person with foot pain found that the energy eliminated the pain. Three days later, the pain returned, and she said, “I just told the soul to go fix my foot and it did!”

The next account is of a woman who was physically challenged after being in an accident some 15 years ago. Another healer whom I taught to use this miraculous energy told me this story. She said this woman struggled with her swollen and enlarged legs which made it difficult for her to get around. She wrote telling me:

The woman called me one evening and was in a great deal of pain. I said just sit down and I’ll do some energy work on it. In only a few moments my legs were considerably better. The next afternoon she called and said, ‘Whatever you did to me yesterday, I want some more of it. I have been up since 5:00 a.m. and have been cleaning house non-stop. This doesn’t happen, EVER! My legs are better and in fact I feel better. EVERYTHING IS BETTER. So whatever you did I WANT SOME MORE OF IT!

The next day I received another message from her saying:
I’ve got to tell you this is some kind of energy you are using. I got up this morning and as I looked down at my legs, they looked about a third smaller than they were previously. Did you hear me? I feel great. This is great!’ Blessings to you Jonathan.”

The Energy Works with Children Too

Another energy healer said she utilized the soul-light presence with an 11-year old boy who reported, “It makes me want to laugh!” This is because with some people a wondrous feeling of euphoria accompanies the awakenings. Some adults also have felt exhilaration rushing through them. Everyone experiences it uniquely.

Another person wrote to me about how the light affected her son’s emotional problems?

Recently, we had a session in which you worked on my 12-year-old son. The improvement is so amazing, and the problem that used to cause great difficulty for the whole family every single day, sometimes several times a day, has now become almost non-existent. One way I would describe the problem is that if anything didn’t go the way he wanted, emotionally, he would lose control and bring the intensity of his reactions immediately to “Defcon 1.” Quick, defensive reactions with an intensity way beyond his control made every incident a reason “to defend to the death.”

If his younger sister tapped him with her fingers as she passed, he might instinctively defend [himself] with a punch to her stomach. If his younger 6 year old brother moved in front of the toaster while my 12- year old was using it, he might give the 6-year old a painful shove. And I have referred to his interactions with his sister, who is 19 months older than he as “Clash of the Titans” because she had the size and muscle to fight back and, worse, seemed a bit entertained by quietly pushing his buttons to get him to explode like a volcano with anger and frustration. These words really cannot adequately describe the misery for the whole family that would be triggered by his explosive reactions to non-important everyday-type actions that didn’t go the way he thought they should.

What can I say now, except we haven’t been in that miserable emotional soup for the entire week since that session. And going a single day without multiple incidents was impossible before. I must say, I still am feeling, “Can this really be true? Is the storm really over?” Also, just his presence feels lighter, more clear and free.

He is no longer swept away in an emotional tidal wave. Even he made a comment about how he doesn’t do that anymore. I had begun to worry what he could do when out of control, especially as his strength and size grow through his teen years. How much might the course of his life path have been altered by removing the internal forces that overwhelmed him and caused him to violently defend/attack? Thank you so much for helping set him free from those programmed reactions.

More Than Healing

Needless to say, healing is a very important aspect of the miraculous light, yet the effects of the light extend beyond just healing the body to spiritual transformations. In this connection, one person writes about how she experienced a deeply felt spiritual “love” through the miraculous light of the soul:

I want to thank you very much for all you have done for me. The experience of the energy transfer that you gave me on Saturday was awesome and amazing. It felt to me like love was embracing my whole body. I have felt more awake and alive ever since then. I thank you for this amazing experience!

The effects of this process on spiritual transformation are, perhaps, the most amazing and important.
One man wrote the following:

I stand in awe of your work. It seems so other worldly, yet so simple. I am certainly changed. I feel a calmness never before experienced, a quiet thought that all is well and I need not keep beating my head against the proverbial wall. Your work definitely made a huge difference.

The clearing of negative debris has had a felt effect. I do feel the lightness of being that you predicted, but much more, a deeper sensitivity to nature, as if I look around and all is, as Wordsworth would say, “appareled in a celestial light,” yet a light radiating from within that shines on the world around. The result is a state of being with such feelings of love and unity; words prove inadequate. I’ve experienced a little of this before in moments, but not as intensely or profoundly as today. I look around and see, as it were, through new eyes as if all is somewhat etherealized. I’m deep into a honeymoon of consciousness; the world is a different place. You truly do have a remarkable ability. Your work is indeed miraculous. Just think of the people you have helped along. God bless you for your work and your generosity to share it.

A Few Words in Summary

In conclusion, I would like to share a few words from a practitioner who has used the soul-presence process extensively:

The soul energy has been a gift of profound healing and joy for which I am enormously grateful. In the past two months I have used it with approximately 50 men, women, and children, as well as several animals. Amazingly, to varying degrees, all have been able to accept, experience, and utilize this healing force.

In my healing work, I have always employed several techniques in the belief that we each resonate to different approaches. Everyone I have worked with using this energy, however, has responded, often way beyond my expectations. It seems to resonate at the perfect level each person can accept. Everyone seems attuned to its innate purity.

Everyone has agreed to have this soul energy activated with no qualms.
Even people who have little or no prior experience with healing using energy have been able to guide the energy into a painful physical or emotional pattern and dissolve it within minutes.

In one case, a migraine headache was completely dissolved within minutes. This was early on in my using the light and presence of the soul and I was astounded. Since then, I have come to expect this kind of result on a regular basis. One woman I’ve been working with is dealing with very serious cancer in her bones, breasts, and brain. She received some pretty dire test results one day which prompted her to accept a round of chemotherapy. It’s too soon to predict the long-term effect, but the initial results from the use of the miraculous light are promising. Immediately her color returned to normal and her stamina increased.

She was able (within two days) to cancel a scheduled lung tap because her lungs began to clear spontaneously. A month later, her oncologist said that in all his years of using this form of chemo, he’d never before seen anyone be able to hold a high enough white blood cell count to do the chemo more than two weeks in a row. The typical pattern is two weeks on, one week off. Many have to go every other week. She is on her fourth consecutive week of chemo and going strong.

Personally, I’ve used the energy to dissolve pain in my neck and have saved several trips to the chiropractor. I’ve been able to utilize energy to reposition the vertebrae in my neck and spine. With the soul-presence energy, the pain is not only quickly dissolved, but the vertebrae also moves itself back into position.

Also, after the first infusion of this energy, my hearing improved substantially. The next morning, I turned on the TV which was preset to its usual volume. It sounded so loud, I had to rush over and quickly lower the volume. This hearing improvement has maintained for a couple of months now.

A week or so later, I remembered what Jonathan had said about dissolving emotions. Grief welled up within me while I was driving. I pulled over to the side of the road and directed the energy into the area in which I was feeling the pain. What may have taken days to work through was dissolved in just a few minutes.

Emotionally, I feel calmer and happier than I can ever remember feeling. I feel the presence of God within me at all times. All I need do is stop and pay attention; the loving vibrations are always there, always tangible, always accessible. The possible ramifications of this energy rippling out through our world are wonderful to consider.

I remain enormously grateful for this wonderful gift. It’s evolving me as a healer, growing me as a person, and providing a deep comfort and support. I’m looking forward to continue exploring the myriad ways in which we will experience its love, power, and healing.

My Final Words

These examples all demonstrate that many are learning to tap into this resource for themselves. I am only a catalyst attuning them to the soul and divine presence. Everyone has a soul and therefore anyone can learn to experience its many gifts. While the many stories I have included are certainly miraculous, each in its own way, I do not want to imply that everyone will have similar experiences. I have found that everyone is unique and therefore responds differently. Some do not notice much of anything externally, while others experience dramatic changes.

But even if you don’t have as profound an experience as some have, I do believe making the inner connections with the divine light and soul that radiates within you is important. When I first started working with the soul and other subtle realities, I often didn’t notice or feel anything.

In fact, when I started on my spiritual journey more than 40 years ago I did not see any visual images. I suspect that my four years of undergraduate work studying chemistry and physics conditioned my mind to only acknowledge the most tangible and measurable effects.

Only after years of meditation did I awaken to the subtle influences that normally lie beyond the fives senses and begin to refine them. Today they are my everyday experience and I am here to help you discover your own experiences of healing and awakening, and to enable you to share the gifts with everyone in your life.

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For more of my story read My Personal Journey Through Self Discovery. 

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