During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, prominent theosophist Alice Bailey joined forces with Tibetan monk Djwahl Kul to devise a healing system based on ancient Eastern metaphysical principles. Their collaborative effort eventually became termed as Esoteric Healing. This innovative system is a form of energy therapy for the body, mind, and spirit. The foundation for this method of healing involves the control and manipulation of the body’s energy centers. These energy centers, or chakras, are located at certain points on the body and correspond to various emotional and mental states of being. It is believed that by working with these centers, practitioners can heal themselves and others of various ailments, relieve stress and improve their general quality of life.

At the core of Esoteric Healing is the knowledge that the body emanates an energy field, which correlates with the condition of the chakras. This energy field can be sensed and manipulated by the practitioner through various techniques to provide balance to the chakras and provide a sense of well-being. Esoteric Healing varies from other kinds of healing techniques in that it usually involves a lack of direct physical contact between the healer and the patient, though this is not always so.

Esoteric healers strive to effectively scan a patient’s aura and detect whether there is a disturbance or blockage within their energy field. Blockages can impede the flow of energy throughout the body and may be the source of illnesses or emotional imbalance. When irregularities are detected, a practitioner can use certain healing methods to target the problem and eliminate it from the bodily system. This means that the blockage is destroyed and energy is able to move through the body freely once again. With blockages removed or at least treated effectively, patients can begin to heal from physical or emotional maladies that might be affecting them in their daily lives.

Energy Healing is considered one of the most effective ways to heal, without the need for conventional medicines and surgeries. It is entirely noninvasive and helps people to get better naturally. Sometimes a healer may suggest a course of herbal remedies, counseling or dietary guidelines that will assist with healing and prevent future energy imbalances. This method of treatment allows people to approach problems that would be otherwise out of reach for conventional medicine. By addressing the subtle energies, mental, emotional and physical problems can be removed and the body restored to its natural balance.

Since its introduction as a healing method, many energy practitioners endeavor to improve techniques and make advances in this exciting field. The latest advances seek to incorporate other healing methods and alterative practices such as yoga, tai chi and massage. Though many of these approaches were available in the East for many years, their introduction to the west and incorporation into energy healing has proved beneficial. By complementing energy therapy with other practices, patients get a more holistic treatment and more positive results. Many practitioners of other techniques such as Reiki, acupuncture and qigong have also recently added this amazing healing method to their repertoire. In addition to sensing bodily energies, energy healers can act as a conduit for the transfer of these powerful, life enhancing energies from either themselves or another source.

This form of energy healing is considered by many within the esoteric and alternative health community to be an effective way to heal people suffering from wide range of problems. Unlike conventional medicine, it seeks to heal the whole person, rather than addressing just singular issues, using questionable pharmaceuticals or using invasive techniques such as surgery. Alternative practitioners, from licensed massage therapists to acupuncture doctors are quickly seeing the benefits of adding this kind of treatment to their therapy regimens. By doing so, patients respond better to treatment and heal faster. Many patients also appreciate this more natural approach, with enjoyable healing sessions that often leave them feeling relaxed and refreshed for the day ahead.

If suffering from some kind of physical or emotional malady, it is important to seek the best kind of help available. Conventional western medicine often falls short when it comes to reaching the true source of illness. Esoteric Healing is a proven method that has been used in various forms for centuries and continually improved to provide great and long lasting results. Energy healing is a great way to balance out the body and mind. It is a practice that takes advantage of years of ancient Eastern wisdom and practical techniques that help people to feel better about themselves and improve their quality of life. When needing to restore balance to mind, body and spirit, do not hesitate to give energetic healing a chance to make a positive difference.

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