Energy Vampire Attacks Are Very Common…

Learn the symptoms and How to Defeat Energy Vampire Attacks

If after you’ve been with someone you feel:

• Overwhelmed
• Stressed
• Physically ill (e.g., headaches, body aches, etc.)
• Mentally or physically exhausted
• Irritable and/or anxious

Those are some of the main symptoms of having been exposed to an energy vampire.
In my other blog article Are Energy Vampires Draining You? I told you about 5 main types of energy vampires:


Most  Psychic Energy Vampires have more than one of the following characteristics:

• They often have an inflated ego and are opinionated
• They like to debate and argue
• They can be aggressive or domineering
• They carry resentment and project anger
• Their lives are wrapped up in dramas
• They project blame and often complain
• They often need others to agree with them
• They are master manipulators utilizing guilt

An energy vampire is any person or thing that captures your attention and energy.

Now How Do You Deal With Energy Vampire Attacks?

1. Set Your Boundaries
It is not your responsibility to sit around these people and have your energy drained. So set a limit on the amount of your time and attention you will allow yourself to be around these people no more. I’d recommend no more than a half-an-hour unless there are extenuating circumstances.

2. Don’t Let them Trigger You
Energy Vampires will say and do things to get you to react emotionaly, and then they feed off your emotions. They are skilled at finding your “emotional buttons” and triggering you.
There are also many psychic self-defense methods that will help a great deal. Some of the best methods are in my Subtle-Energy Neutralizer program.  There are a lot more techniques in my Advanced Intuition Training Course 

3. Be a Neutral Listener
If the Energy Vampire can get you challenged or defensive they then feed off your reactive energy. Encourage the energy vampire to do most of the talking by asking open-ended questions such as why and how. Try to get them talking on more positive topics if you can. While they are talking you can contain your own energy by pulling your aura in to 18″ and by strongly grounding yourself.

What if YOU are an Energy Vampire yourself and don’t know it?

Energy Vampires are often driven by core wounds and emotional pain. Pay attention to feedback you get from people you are around. If people say that you are intense or demanding there are some things you can do to address these tendencies. Don’t descend into self-judgments. Negative experiences from your past can cause you to project on others or cling to them for support.

If You Think You Are or Have Been an Energy Vampire…

1. Do you dominate conversations or allow others to talk about their interests? If not, practice expressing interest in others by asking them more questions. People will find you more interesting and want to be around you when you express interest in them.

2. Practice having compassion on yourself for all you’ve been through. The more love and acceptance you feel for yourself, the less you’ll need to try to extract it from others. In fact, the more fulfillment and healthy self-acceptance you have, the more others will want to be around you.

3. Energy Vampires often need self-understanding and guidance through the rough times they’ve experienced. This is where finding a supportive counselor/healer can be essential. It is very difficult to work through deep patterns on your own, so take the step of working with someone who is qualified to help you
Without help it can take much longer than working on your own. Your evolution is a journey that can take years, but with guidance you can make steady progress and everything can improve month by month.

I have three programs to help you clear negative energy you might pick up from others. The Subtle-Energy Neutralizer System, and my short Psychic Self Defense program which has visualizations and audible and subliminal programs to help clear negative energy. The Advanced Intuition Training Course has a lot more information and guidance.

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