As you may know I spend much of my weekdays doing meditation & healing phone consultations with people from all over the world, and at this point I’ve done more than 50,000 sessions with people. A few days ago near the end of a session, in which a woman was feeling greatly relieved, she asked me why I do the sessions. I said, “That’s an easy question, because I remember very well what it was like for me nearly 40 years ago when I was seeking answers and help, and there was little to be found of the kind I was looking for. So my life mission since has been to help others on their path.”

You can think of me as your meditation partner who has traveled the realms of consciousness and who has discovered numerous ways to accelerate your journey home to a place of freedom, abundance, peace, health, and happiness, What took me decades to discover and accomplish can be shared with you in a personal way through my phone sessions not only with words but through direct quantum shifts in your consciousness. What do I mean by quantum shifts? They are changes that jump you to new levels that by-pass intervening stages.

If you’ve read my books, The Soul Solution or Handbook for Enlightenment & Ascension (on Amazon), you know much about my work already. I have discovered ways to help eliminate the many traps that everyone gets caught with; things like lack, frustration, being stuck, feeling unworthy, confusion, health issues, depression, aloneness, and so many other difficulties that challenge virtually everyone. But there is much more.

Whether a person is consciously aware of it or not, each is on a life journey that is evolving one’s consciousness and revealing one’s deepest spiritual essence. Some are actively searching and trying a wide variety of practices to aid them in the search, while others are following more conventional methods. What I do in my sessions can be amazingly helpful  to you no matter what your path may be. You could even say it lies in the realm of the miraculous. In fact, I recorded some meditations which I titled “The Miraculous Light” because of the profound changes this discovery has helped to bring to so many.

What I do in my phone sessions (or in-person if you are in town) is quite unique, and goes considerably beyond the usual approach of spiritual teachers and energy healers because I am able to help facilitate you not only clearing the causes of issues, but also helping you to lift your consciousness to more enlightened states that you may have only read about. Here is a list of some of the topics I’ve helped people with:

1. Release blocks and restrictive patterns

2. Address childhood & adult traumas

3. Explore spiritual development, awakening & enlightenment

4. Address health, healing & wellness

5. Clear unexplained symptoms or conditions

6. Repattern the cellular, genetic, and DNA memories

7. Clear confusion and eliminate fear and worry

8. Activate the laws of attraction

9. Resolve relationship conflicts, questions, & attract love

10. Remedy paranormal phenomena

11. Enlighten the mind

12. Remove whatever is causing you to be stuck

13. Clear lifetimes of karma

14. Surrender all resistance to allow all goodness

15. Learn to live in the Infinite Awareness of Now

16. Allow your Soul to participate and integrate into your daily life

17. Clear deep issues such as anger, abandonment, fear, futility, discouragement, etc.

18. Engage the Ascension process

19. Have Peace! Live awake! Live Abundantly!

20. Discuss and explore higher realities, and have fun in the process!”

Most of the people I work with call me for regularly scheduled sessions because most goals require extensive work. At the end of the year I pre-schedule many people for the entire year to insure people can have the days and times that are convenient for them.

I’m sure you’ve heard the joke of the young man asking how to get to Carnegie Hall. The answer is, practice! As much as I would like to see everything resolve quickly, mastery is a process, although by having me guide you I can assure you it is a much quicker process than if you were on your own. So we can schedule sessions as often as is convenient and comfortable for you.

I recommend you read the more extensive information about the phone sessions on my website. You will find many of your questions answered there. Since I’m in the process of making out my schedule for the year now, I invite you to give yourself one of the greatest gifts you can for the new year by scheduling phone-session appointments with me. I’d love to work with you and help you accelerate your progress and reach the spiritual heights I know you can.


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