When you first hear the term “inner child” you may think it is a weird idea. After all, you are now an adult and your childhood is far behind you.

The idea that there is still some sort of child trapped inside of you may not make logical sense to you; however, as you reflect on it you will realize that who you are today is heavily influenced by the problems, strengths, habits, perceptions, and whatever level of self-esteem you attained when you were young.

In every age, from birth to infant and child to adolescent, you have met distinct challenges. If the people around you raised you in a  mostly rational and healthy way, you will turn out as a reasonably well-balanced and strong individual.

However, if your youthful experiences included traumas, lack, problems, and disappointments those past incidents will affect the way you think of yourself, and your experiences with people and opportunities today. To understand this how this works, you have to understand the nature of your inner child.

Did You Know…

Your inner child  has two components.

1. It is your friendly, joyful, emotional, feeling, playful, excitable, and happy side.

2. It is also the part of you that responds to life based on the negative ways you were treated and the conclusions you came to about people and the world.

You have probably noticed that sometimes you will feel content, happy, or satisfied, and at other times, you feel down, frustrated, and disappointed.

inner child hurts

But your inner child has the potential to make your life happy, peaceful, and adventurous. 

Since no one has experienced unconditional love 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everyone comes through childhood with certain disappointments.

In your heart, you’d like to be totally loved and accepted at all times, but that is essentially an impossibility. Other people in your life have their own needs to attend to as well as yours, so they can’t always be there the way you’d like.

Yet, because as a child you experienced being told you were wrong, you made mistakes, sometimes you were rejected, maybe you failed at something, or perhaps you were even punished, to heal from that now requires that you address the way you were treated.

You, of course, know that the past won’t be changed, but that doesn’t mean you have to hold on to the pain and wounds attached to those memories.

If the memories of pain, struggle, and lack are not addressed they will play in the background of your mind like a song that repeats over and over. They won’t go away by themselves or automatically. 

Memories and the emotional pain attached to them are housed in your subconscious mind, and therefore need to be addressed at that level for complete healing to take place.

Because it is difficult if not impossible to give others what you, yourself, have not received, this helps you understand the same is true of those who raised you.

Your parents and others around you while growing up had limited tools handed to them from what they experienced. They made mistakes. They had shortcomings.

Knowing this provides a good starting place to heal from the ways you were treated.

The good news about all of this is that your parents do not need to be involved in the healing process. You can “re-parent” yourself with all the care, acceptance, and qualities you could ever want.

You can most effectively do this while in a meditative state, and by doing so you will find your relationships with your parents and others will improve. Even if your parents are no longer in your life, this process will clear the hurt from the memories.

Problems and struggles with people in your life will start to automatically begin healing themselves because your energy and mindset about life will become positive and happy.

The cycles of tears and pain will end, and your heart will open to give and accept love to all who are in your life.

Because the childhood patterns have deeply impacted your subconscious mind, it is most important you address them there.

The most effective way I have found to do that is with my program, Heal Your Childhood Wounds to safely guide you through your memories and vulnerabilities.

You will emerge healed, supported, and confident as you set free the fun-loving, playful, and liberated true self that has always been part of your inner child. This is where your empowerment lies, waiting to be called upon.

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