How Long Will It Take To Get Results?

Getting Results From the Programs

Be assured that if you use the programs as intended, not neglecting the relaxation and visualization sessions, it is impossible for you not to see positive changes in your life. However, self-transformation, by its very nature, takes time.

Because it took you 20, 30 or more years to create your current life situation, you should not expect to change overnight. Although our programs are the fastest way to see improvement, still it will take some time to replace deeply embedded, lifelong beliefs and habits with new thought patterns that will change your life. Use your programs regularly and relax. You will begin seeing the improvements you desire.

You should do at least one guided visualization/meditation each day, and, if possible, do two. It is best to do them in the morning and evening when your subconscious mind is most easily accessed.

In addition, it is also recommended that you listen to the affirmation programs throughout the day for additional reinforcement.

What to Expect

For most people changes are subtle in the beginning. When you start using the relaxation/visualization sessions regularly, the types of changes you usually experience initially include feeling more positive, more relaxed, less stressed, and more in control of your life. Many report a sense of peace and well-being in spite of whatever problems they may currently be experiencing in their external lives.

Others discover that they automatically start thinking more positively without trying to do so,  and even find some of the positive affirmations in the relaxation sessions or audible and subliminal programs just suddenly pop into their minds when they’re not expecting it.

These thoughts and feelings show that the programs are working for you. Change begins in the mind, and as changes start in your thinking process, both at subconscious and conscious levels, changes follow in your life. Remember, all lasting improvements begin on the inside first and then are manifested on the outside.

You might ask, “But when can I expect to see some solid, tangible changes in my life?”

The answer to this question is a completely individual matter. Some have reported wonderful results within the first 30 days, and for others it has taken 60 to 90 days or longer. For many there is a gradual improvement over a period of many months. The experiences are as individual as those who have them, because each of our belief systems as well as life circumstances are different.

To some degree, your results depend on what goals you are wanting to achieve. Larger goals and greater levels of mastery generally take longer than short range goals.

“Your sales program has helped me immensely in my sales and attitude. I’ve noticed the impact it’s had on me.  I’ve even noticed that some of my thoughts are the same as in the program.”  –W.F.,  Missouri

The Snowball Effect

Most people experience what you might call the “snowball effect.” In the beginning progress appears to be slow, but a momentum is actually building. It is like a snowball rolling down a hill; at first you hardly notice any change in its size, but as it rolls it picks up more and more momentum until it begins expanding very rapidly. This is the way change usually occurs with most people. It starts gradually, and may even be imperceptible at first. Then it begins accelerating. Often it seems like a sudden breakthrough is made, but in reality, changes had been occurring all along at a subconscious level.

“I am in the insurance business and I have had more unsolicited leads in the 10 months that I have been listening to your prosperity program then in all the past 12 years combined. It  doesn’t seem like I’m doing business any differently than in the past, but something has definitely happened causing my income to go up dramatically.”  –R.T., Virginia

”Wanting to increase my financial status, I purchased your prosperity program. My income within three months doubled, then tripled within five months, and for the past several months, my income has averaged over $12,000 per month. This is just the beginning.”  –J.G., California

Recognizing Changes and Seeing Progress

Sometimes people think that results aren’t happening fast enough. In reality it is not a matter of lack of results, but rather a lack of recognizing changes as they are in process.  Remember changes can be very subtle in the beginning. If you just feel better, you are experiencing a change and you ARE progressing. It is best to look for improvements every 60 to 90 days rather than on a daily or weekly basis.

Here are some suggestions if you don’t think you are making satisfactory progress:

1.  Review your goals. Are you being realistic? Have you been expecting too much too soon?

2.  Keep track of how often you listen to the program. Do you listen regularly and often?   Are you using the relaxation and visualization or meditation sessions on a regularly (daily, if possible) basis?

3.  Are you following the suggestions in the discussion portions of the programs?

4.  Are you relaxing and enjoying creating your new life? If you are over-anxious and trying too hard or pressuring yourself, this becomes counter-productive. It’s like trying to force yourself to fall asleep when you are having a sleepless night. The harder you try, the more awake you become. Learn to relax with the program, let go, and you will see results.

“Let me thank you for these remarkable lessons. They are transforming my life. I’m still astonished at finding something that really works.”  –M.C., Washington


Plateaus are a normal part of growth. After some progress is made, you may experience a plateau as your inner self prepares for the next level of growth. Just as during the winter when a tree appears start and lifeless, we think there is much activity.  With the earliest hints of sprig, subtle changes begin to appear and when all the necessary internal changes have taken place and the time is right, the tree blossoms. In a similar way, after using your program to clear your subconscious mind of negativity and then reprogramming it with positive beliefs, there is often a time lapse before your results blossom. Be assured that internal changes are taking place during this period although they may not be apparent.

Just continue to listen to the program if you find yourself on a plateau or feeling “stuck” in making progress. This will pass and often brings the deepest changes when it does. Eventually, your progress will take off.

“I had been seeing a therapist and was getting nowhere. The combination of programs from you has caused my friends to comment on my positive new personality. I feel great.” –C. T., California

“I just do not have the vocabulary to express to you how much your programs have helped me and changed my life.”  –A.M., Missouri

The More You Play Them, The Better Our Programs Work!

The self-improvement techniques used in our programs will equip you with tools to recreate your life the way you want it to be. But you’ve got to use them!

Most people would agree that personal experience is the best teacher. The audio programs are intended to be used many, many times, not listened to once or twice and put on a shelf. Simply by relaxing and listening to the guided sessions in the programs, you actually experience them at a very deep level.

Participation is the Key

What you don’t use, you lose. You are in control of your life unless you relinquish it. You can develop full mind power, derive higher levels of self-understanding, discover new insights, and gradually bring about the kind of life you desire.

It is exciting to discover that you are your own best resource! You can create the wonderful, abundant life you desire! We wish you a rewarding and fulfilling journey on the most remarkable journey of all—the quest to discover the great treasures within you!

“Your programs are the most wonderful thing that has happened in my life.” –E.O., New York

* All comments are actual unsolicited testimonials from listeners who have used our audio programs.

Our Audio Programs Are Your Doorways to Success and Miracles

Whether you know it or not, your mind is the most powerful tool on earth, yet it can only create for you according to your inner beliefs, feelings, and attitudes. To create and attract what you want, your mind must be convinced through all levels of your awareness including your subconscious mind.

In fact, your life is determined far more by what is in your subconscious mind, than your conscious mind. Once you understand and harness this concept, you can not only control your destiny, but you can also rise to a much higher quality of life. To ignore it, is to deny yourself a resource so powerful it borders on the magical.

Because most people are completely unaware of this vital key to life, you’ve probably noticed that while they seem to be following all the rules, and working as hard as imaginable, they still keep hitting their head against an immovable wall. But, what if you could align your conscious and subconscious with the powers of the universe? Wouldn’t that be the most valuable possession you could ever own?

Well, our exclusive mind-power audio programs are designed specifically to do this. You will be taken to the deepest recesses of your soul, opening doorways to profound levels of transformation and unlimited discovery as only meditation can do. The guided sessions masterfully lead you into the complex layers of your mental worlds probing the vaults of your subconscious and superconscious.

Then you are assisted in removing obstacles to your growth while awakening your Spiritual Self and Higher Mind Powers. Just wait until you experience these unique mind-development technologies yourself. Each program is designed to penetrate your mind deeply and imprint the patterns that attract and create your greatest hopes and highest dreams. Each time you listen to these programs your mind-body subtle-energy matrix reorganizes itself in a new and better way. What you don’t want in your life begins to melt away, and what you want is attracted and created.

With more than 40 years experience designing and refining audio programs, we have created the most effective programs you will find anywhere! They produce substantial and tangible results, as thousands from around the world have proven. Discover these programs yourself and begin releasing the power of real magic and miracles in your life.

All the programs on this website contain one or more of the tools listed below.

(1) INFORMATION & TECHNIQUES. Like having your own private teacher 24 hours a day. Your life will take on new meaning and new purpose as you simply listen to these presentations. Distilling the essence of the best techniques and information for you, these topics are presented with clear, practical “how to” language, and you can begin using the information immediately. All of our audio programs are complimented with transformative guided visualizations, meditations, mind talk, and/or subliminal programs.

(2) GUIDED VISUALIZATIONS & MEDITATIONS. Mind science now knows you will become what you visualize and imagine yourself becoming. We offer hundreds of life-rescripting guided imagery and guided meditation sessions that will transport you to transformational dimensions. Imagine settling naturally into an ultimate state of peaceful serenity that increases clarity of thought, creative abilities, heightened perceptiveness, quicker problem resolution, more peace of mind, and a remarkable ability to tap into higher dimensions.

Incredible interactive soundscapes are created using multiple audio layering techniques, music and special sound effects. The visualization programs bring an added dimension to the already scientifically established benefits of relaxation and positive programming. You will be automatically escorted to such a comfortable deeply relaxed state that most people say they never felt so peaceful. This would be reason enough to use these programs, but while you are in this beautiful state, Dr. Parker guides you with specific, high-response imagery techniques and language-sequence patterns that access whole-brain learning at profoundly deep levels.

You should do at least one guided visualization or meditation each day, and then play the audible and/or subliminal affirmation programs throughout the day as time permits. They can often be played in the background while you are doing other things. Some people also play them softly at night while they sleep for sleep learning when your subconscious mind is receptive.

(3) AUDIBLE AFFIRMATION PROGRAMS. Within minutes of listening, you feel inexplicable internal shifts with our Audible Affirmation programs. Hundreds of titles give you a penetrating combination of both audible and subliminal affirmations that take advantage of one of the major keys to the mind: its responsiveness to repetition–that’s usually how the negative, self-defeating messages got in there in the first place!

Now, with these programs you can counteract the negative effects of your past. A varied selection of beautiful music accompanies the affirmations on the programs.

The Mind Talk Audible Affirmation programs contain the reassuring voice of Dr. Parker’s positive, always loving, confidence-activating affirmations giving you the edge for happiness and success. Imagine being soothed to sleep for a nap or all night, while the positive messages deeply penetrate your subconscious to change your life forever.

Many of the Mind-Talk Audible Affirmation programs contain both male and female voices. Use these programs in the morning as you get ready, in the car, or while you go about your work during the day. You may also play these tapes at night as sleep learning programs and wake up a renewed person. Sleep learning is powerful life-changing subconscious programming” just listen as you go to sleep.

(4) SUBLIMINALS. Discover how to release real magic in your life with our computer enhanced subliminals. Hundreds of subliminal subjects will give your life new meaning and new purpose. While your conscious mind hears only a soothing mountain stream, ocean or other environmental sound, or musical format, your subconscious mind is transported into a new world as it absorbs the ultra-positive subliminal messages recorded just slightly below the sounds you are consciously hearing.

All subliminals are produced using our custom-made computer processor that guarantees strong subliminal messages, just slightly below your conscious awareness threshold.

The male and female voiced messages on our subliminal programs have been specially processed to deliver a high saturation of up to 5,000 clear messages per hour. The strong, clear messages were recorded just slightly below the music using our custom-designed computer processor, insuring the strongest saturation of subliminal messages. Each message is embedded in the music or environmental sounds so precisely that you don’t consciously hear it, yet it is well within the range of normal hearing to strongly register on the brain.

Because of our high saturation of subliminal messages you may occasionally hear some of the affirmations slightly bleeding through the musical formats. This is your assurance that you are getting strong subliminal messages in this recording. This subliminal program also takes advantage of the brain’s receptivity to both emotional and logical messages to activate both brain hemispheres—this assures complete absorption for the changes and improvement you want. Play these programs softly in the background any time day or night, because the more you listen the greater the effect.


Whether it is a habit you want to overcome, a skill you want to attain, or a goal you want to achieve. Whether it is more love and peace, prosperity and abundance, health and happiness, or spiritual exploration and growth. Whatever it is for you, you truly can become the designer of your life.

No matter where you are today, you can release greater levels of awareness and empowerment into your life. You can surpass anything you have ever dreamed possible. Almost miraculously, your mind will bring you your hearts desires.

Subliminal Perception and How Our Subliminal Programs Work

What You Should Know About Subliminal Perception

What is subliminal perception? Does it really affect your mind and behavior? Subliminal audio programs are one of the most recent tools in the self-development field that offers the promise of helping people make dramatic life changes conveniently, inexpensively and with little effort. But, to what degree does subliminal programming work?

Subliminal Perception, A Natural Process

Perception is the natural, normal way you receive impressions from your environment. Subliminal refers to information that is perceived below the level of conscious awareness. Normally, you pay conscious attention to a very small percentage of information that you experience through our sense and your mind.

Try this test: take a moment to focus your attention on the sounds around you and you will discover there are many background noises you normally completely ignore…consciously that is. These sounds probably include traffic noise, machinery, conversations, birds, insects, etc. Nevertheless you are aware of this constant bombardment of stimuli, even though it is perceived below your conscious awareness by your extremely receptive and sensitive subconscious mind.

Effects of Subliminal Messages Known for 100 Years

Interest in subliminal communication first developed shortly after Freud presented his revolutionary idea that we all have a hidden, unconscious mind. One of Freud’s contemporaries, Dr. O. Poetzle, developed and tested theories related to the effect of subliminal stimulation on dream content. In 1917, Poetzle was the first scientist to demonstrate the close relationship between subliminal stimuli and posthypnotic suggestion. His discovery, called the Poetzle Effect, indicates that subliminal perceptions evoke dreams and actions days or weeks after the original perception.

In the last 80 years, many hundreds of carefully controlled scientific studies have been conducted on subliminal perception. An abundance of scientific data resulting from decades of research indicates that subliminal perception does occur and information perceived subliminally does affect the unconscious or subconscious mind. And most importantly, subliminal programming has been shown to be an effective tool for influencing and changing behavior. Controversy over subliminal stimuli arises precisely because it does influence people’s behavior without their conscious awareness.

Subliminal Communication and Public Awareness

As the story goes, subliminal stimulation of the subconscious mind first came to the attention of the general public in 1957 when market researcher James Vicary conducted a controversial research experiment in a Fort Lee, New Jersey, movie theater. In this well-publicized experiment, the subliminal messages, “Hungry? Eat popcorn. Thirsty? Drink Coca-Cola,” were flashed on a movie screen every five seconds, for a duration of only a fraction of a second between frames of the Kim Novak movie, Picnic. The results that were reported were that there was a dramatic increase in the sales of popcorn and cola.

Subliminal Messages Used in Stores to Reduce Shoplifting

in subsequent years, it was discovered that subliminal messages could be masked in music or other audio programs. An article in TIME magazine in 1979, titled, “Secret Voices,” reported that nearly 50 department stores in the U.S. and Canada were using subliminal messages in the music systems to reduce shoplifting and employee theft. One East Coast chain was reported to have reduced theft by 37%, amounting to the phenomenal savings of $600,000 over a nine-month period.

A similar story in the WALL STREET JOURNAL in 1980 stated the installation of a subliminal message system in a New Orleans supermarket accounted for a drop in pilferage loss from almost $50,000 per six months to “the astounding figure of less than $13,000” – an all-time low! Cashier shortages dropped from $125 per week to less than $10 per week. Subliminal messages found to be effective were statements like, “I take a great deal of pride in being honest. I will not steal. I am honest.”

Scientific Evidence: Subliminal Messages Influence Behavior
Extensive Documentation of Subliminal Perception

In his scholarly work titled “Preconscious Processing,” Dr. Norman Dixon, a psychologist at University College in London, England, summarizes 748 scholarly research studies on subliminal perception.

Included in Dixon’s authoritative work is a research study by Zuckerman (1960), that revealed a subliminal stimulus can by-pass conscious intent, and that it makes it unlikely a person would resist instructions which are not consciously experienced. Zuckerman required his subjects to write stories around Thematic Apperception Test cards. Superimposed on the ambiguous pictures on the cards were either the subliminal message, “Write More” or “Don’t Write.” As long as the instructions were subliminal, these messages had the desired effect. However, as soon as they were able to be perceived consciously, the messages had no consistent effect.

Behavioral Improvements Result from Subliminal Messages

Dr. Lloyd H. Silverman, a psychologist at New York University, has been at the forefront of subliminal testing for 20 years. His work, with over 40 groups of subjects, has shown significant improvements in behavior after exposure to selected subliminal messages. IN a 1980 study, Silverman incorporated a subliminal message into a treatment of half of a group of smokers trying to quit smoking using behavior modification therapy. One month after treatment ended, 66% of the group exposed to the activating subliminal stimulus were still non-smokers, compared with 13% of the control group. Silverman says the positive effect of subliminal messages has been observed in assertiveness training classes, adolescents receiving psychotherapy, college students in group therapy, alcoholics in Alcoholics Anonymous counseling, and in people undergoing behavior modification for insect phobias and overeating.

Subliminal Messages Improve Academic Performance

An article in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, Volume 29, 1982, reports on a study by Dr. Kenneth Parker, a psychologist at Queens College in New York. Dr. Parker’s research project was designed to see if subliminal messages can improve academic performance. Sixty students received visual subliminal messages using a light-flashing device called a tachistoscope. Three times a week, before class, the students looked through the eyepiece of the tachistoscope and saw a fast flash of bright light, nothing more. In the four millisecond flash was embedded a single sentence. The class was divided into three groups, each receiving a different message. Two messages were designed to enhance academic performance; the third was a control.

Careful statistical analysis of the results of the subliminal stimulation revealed significant improvement in academic performance. Groups one and two, receiving activating subliminal messages achieved average grades in the range of a high B to low A. Group three, the control, received an average grade in the low B range. In addition, those who received subliminal messaged had higher retention of the learned material after one month than the control group had.

Medical Clinic Uses Subliminal Tapes to Reduce Fainting, 
Smoking, and Temper Flare Ups

In 1951, Dr. Hal Becker, a behavioral scientist and former member of the Tulane University Medical Staff, began investigating subliminal processes. Dr. Becker has published dozens of research articles which support the effectiveness of subliminal stimulation. One of Dr. Becker’s investigations, presented in a scientific paper to the Ninth Annual Conference of Computer Medicine in Atlanta in 1979, involved the use of subliminal stress reduction messages incorporated into the sound system at the McDonagh Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. A seven-month trial produced dramatic results. Fainting caused by needle pain dropped to nearly zero, smoking in the staff lounge was cut as much as 79%, and the temper flare-ups in the crowded patient waiting room were reduced by nearly 60%. When the subliminal messages were stopped, these problems returned to former levels.

Subliminal Tapes Influence Dramatic Weight Loss

Becker’s research has shown that the use of subliminal messages can influence weight-loss with astounding results. In Metairie, Louisiana, at Dr. Becker’s weight loss clinic, patients were exposed to videotape and audio cassette subliminal messages as part of a behavior-modification diet plan. One woman lost 100 pounds in one year’s time. In a follow-up study, Becker found that 50% of the patients maintained at lease half their weight loss for up to two years after leaving the subliminal program, while 23% maintained 75% to 100% of their loss. This is a significantly better record than that of diet programs not accompanied by subliminal messages.

Another subliminal stimulation weight-loss study involved two experiments conducted by Silverman, Martin, Ungaro and Mendelsohn (1978) with two groups of overweight women. In addition to traditional diet therapy, half of the subjects received subliminal affirmations and half received neutral subliminal message stimulation. In both experiments, the groups receiving the positive subliminal messages lost more weight than the control groups. The group receiving subliminal affirmations continued to lose weight even after the experiment concluded.

Positive Proof Mind Absorbs Subliminal Information

In another of Dr. Becker’s controlled tests of subliminal perception, experimental and control groups were asked to guess a three-digit number. The experimental group was exposed to the number subliminally embedded in a hissing sound known as ‘pink noise.’ In three separate experiments, an average of 77% of those exposed to the subliminal numbers guessed correctly, compared to only 10% of those in the control group (who weren’t exposed to the numbers). This confirms that subliminal messages are perceived at a non-conscious level.

Part II


Research indicates that subliminal perception takes place when the subconscious portion of the mind is exposed to messages below the level of conscious awareness. Subliminal audio and video recordings are proving to be a safe and effective, easy and convenient, inexpensive and enjoyable way people can bring about profound personal change in their lives.

Programming the Subconscious Mind to Create Your Reality

Did you know that your mind creates your reality? It’s true. The functioning of the mind can be readily understood when considered in terms of the widely accepted view that the mind has both conscious and subconscious portions. The conscious portion of your mind is rational, logical and analytical. It questions and modifies incoming information from your sense before the information is stored in your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is non-analytical and houses the motivating forces that direct your conscious actions, thoughts, and habits. It affects your attitudes, how you feel, and what you do. The beliefs and thoughts you hold in your subconscious mind build and shape every aspect of your life.

In other words, your subconscious is what actually creates your life. This is why it is important to discover how to access the subconscious to remove negative, self-limiting beliefs and replace them with positive, life-enhancing beliefs.

The Secret of Subliminal Recordings

The secret of why subliminal recordings are so effective is simple: the positive messages on the tape directly access the subconscious mind. Other widely used self-improvement techniques work only on a conscious level. Unlike those methods, subliminal recordings permit you to work directly with that portion of your mind which actually maintains ongoing control of your life. You must effect change at a subconscious level if you want to make lasting improvements in your life.

Another reason subliminal programs are so effective is that they permit positive messages to reach the subconscious without interference or modification from the conscious mind. This is important because often your conscious mind will question or reject certain statements that it knows are not presently true. For example, if you are using positive affirmations such as, “I am successful,” yet you know that success is not presently a part of your life, your conscious mind can negate the positive effect of the statement by rejecting it. Because subliminal messages bypass the conscious mind, the conscious mind cannot question or reject them.

Within your subconscious mind is the raw material that will automatically from your life tomorrow. Subliminal programs provide you with a powerful tool to imprint on your subconscious the positive images that you select as the basis for creating the kind of life you want. The information your subconscious mind accepts through subliminal perception becomes the new mental programming that changes your life and propels you toward your goals.

A Word of Caution: Not all Subliminal Programs are Equal

Subliminal stimulation has been scientifically validated as a means to bring about desired behavioral change. However, not all subliminal programs are equal; their effectiveness depends on tow key factors: the content of the subliminal messages and the quality of production-including the engineering and electronic mixing of the sound recordings.

Certain production methods used by some companies claiming to contain 100,000 or more subliminal affirmations are of very questionable at best. In order to produce recordings with this number of affirmations per hour, the voice track must be speeded up until it becomes an unintelligible high-pitched squeal and or/ multi-layered many, many times until there is only a garbled confusion of sounds.

While 100,000 affirmations per hour may make attractive advertising copy, there is no documented evidence that the squeal of a high–speed sound track or the garbled confusion of many multi-layered tracks can be understood by the subconscious mind. In fact, the vast majority of scientific experiments that have been done on subliminal programs were done with surprisingly few affirmative statements. In fact, in the study referenced earlier by Dr. Parker, the students were only exposed to a very few subliminal statements at each session, and yet because the statements were carefully constructed, the results were dramatically positive.

There exists NO scientific proof that the subconscious makes meaningful responses to any input that is unintelligible. In fact, the overwhelming consensus from both professionals and the literature suggests that a subliminal verbal communication should be delivered slowly and methodically.

The importance of the content of the messages used on subliminal programs can’t be overemphasized. It is critical that the affirmations be positive since certain negative or aversive subliminal statements may not only decrease the effectiveness of the program, they may even be counterproductive. It is wise for anyone using subliminal programs to be aware of not only how the programs are made, but what messages are on them. Having a script of the exact statements on a subliminal program is invaluable. It will serve not only to inform you of the nature and content of the subliminal messages that will be programming your subconscious mind, but it can also serve as resource for conscious reinforcement.

How Jonathan Parker Makes Subliminal Recordings 

1. Precision technology and combined expertise produce superior subliminals. To achieve the most powerful effects and overall benefits, it is essential that subliminal programs be produced using sophisticated and proven technology. We use subliminal scripts based on refined technology, brain and mind research, and research on preconscious (subliminal) processing.

Jonathan Parker’s subliminal programs are developed to create powerfully impacting positive affirmations, expertly blended through our special computer processor with beautiful music or soothing and peaceful environmental sounds.

2. Special Signal-Processor Insures a Strong Subliminal Message

A proprietary computerized stereo signal-processor which was custom-designed exclusively for us keeps the subliminal voice-track message integrated in the masking sounds. This causes the subliminal message to precisely parallel the movement of the music or environmental sounds just a few decibels under it. Using this process insures a strong, constant subliminal message through the recording which reaches the subconscious mind without distortion or drop outs. Recordings make by some individuals and companies without such a processor run the risk of losing or distorting all or part of the subliminal message during volume fluctuations in the music or masking sounds.

3. Synchronized Music Enhances Receptivity to Subliminal Messages

Different musical formats have been created specifically to increase your receptivity to the message on each particular recording, as well as to provide an enjoyable sound experience. This results in a subliminal recording that is the perfect synthesis of conscious stimulation using music or environmental sounds, and subconscious subliminal stimulation using life-enhancing, positive statements. We offer an outstanding choice of beautiful, digitally-mastered musical formats and soothing environmental sounds.

4. Positive and Carefully-Worded Subliminal Messages

The content of the subliminal messages determines the outcome. Our programs contain positive affirmations that have been carefully constructed and researched. Negative or aversive statements that could be detrimental to the subconscious programming are not included. So you know exactly what subliminal messages your inner mind is receiving, each recording comes with a script of the positive affirmations included on that recording.

5. Thousands of Repetitions for Increased Effectiveness

We use a special computerized processor that allows thousands of positive statements per hour to be strongly embedded under the music or environmental sounds. Yet the clarity, complete intelligibility and emotional impact of each subliminal message is maintained. If you heard the voice tracks without the covering sounds you would be able to understand every word clearly. 

6. Subliminal Technology Based on Brain Research Findings

Recent brain research indicates the right side of your brain is more receptive to emotional messages and the left side is more receptive to logical messages. Our subliminals are recorded in a way that takes advantage of the receptivity of each side of your brain. This sophisticated process presents concise, present-tense subliminal statements having emotional intonation for the right side of the brain, and subliminal statements having analytical, logical content to the left side of the brain. This technique serves to maximize the impact of the subliminal messages.


Clinics, Hospitals, & Medical Professionals…

There is a rapidly increasing professional awareness of the effectiveness of subliminal programming in the fields of medicine and behavioral therapy. An increasing number of medical professionals and clinics are using our subliminals as a powerful supplement to conventional treatment programs. Subliminals are effectively used to create a relaxed, harmonious atmosphere, to promote healing and more rapid recovery. Although subliminals are not intended to replace or substitute for expert medical advice or treatments, they are being used in addition to other therapies to help facilitate improvement.

”I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks for the fine subliminal programs I recently purchased. The results on selected patients and family members have been exciting.” –Dr. W.S., California

”The programs have been of great help to our clients. Your programs have made our staff counseling programs much more effective.” –Dr. F.S., Ohio

Schools & Universities…

Educators are recognizing the value of subliminals to help students build positive self-esteem, increase concentration, improve memory, and achieve higher test scores. A number of schools and universities are using subliminals in classrooms to promote peak learning and accelerate student performance. This is a typical comment voiced by teachers:

”Thank you once again. I use the (subliminal) programs the entire day in my classes and the kids love them. They say that it helps them concentrate.” –G.L., Maine

U.S. Government Agencies & Corporations…

Business executives, companies, governmental agencies and professional organizations are using subliminals to become more organized, increase productivity, efficiency. Creativity, and reduce stress. The manager of a customer service department wrote to us with the following comment:

”We purchased a number of your subliminal programs to play in our customer service department which can be a stressful environment at times. We used the programs on Stress Reduction, Charisma, and Harmony and Happiness, and began to see results almost immediately. The employees reported that not only did they feel less stress and pressure, but they were able to deal more effectively with customers and were having less trouble with upset customers than ever before.” –P.H., California

Sales Organizations…

Sales organizations and sales people are using our subliminal programs to develop self-confidence, enthusiasm and motivation, to overcome procrastination and promote increased sales volume and income. A salesperson recently wrote:

”I have been using your subliminal programs on attracting prosperity and successful sales with very positive results. Suddenly it seems that good things are just happening to me. Customers have been calling me for a change, my sales volume has increased dramatically and I’m making more money than I ever have before.” –A.P., Ohio

Athletes & Students Involved in Sports…

Athletes, from professionals to elementary schools students, are using subliminal programs to increase motivation, will power, speed, coordination, strength, endurance and overall performance. A parent recently wrote:

”I gave my son your subliminal tape on improved Athletic Performance…He gained great confidence in his ability to play football and he made the starting varsity team at offensive tight end. Feeling so good about what was happening he began to share the tapes with his friends who were also playing ball. More than half the team was listening to the athletic performance tape. The team was winning and kept on winning, finishing the season with 12 wins and 0 losses…and winning the Utah state championship. It was unbelievable the way these young men played, conducted themselves and the way they believe in themselves.” –W.G., Utah

Individuals for Self Improvements…

Our subliminal programs enable you to directly access your subconscious mind to create a positive self-image, increase self confidence and eliminate negative emotions. A grateful listener wrote:

”I have been listening to your Confidence & Self Image programs on and off for a year and the change in me is fantastic…I know the program has turned my life around. I couldn’t be happier and no one believes I used to be shy and reclusive. Thank you for your help.” –J.M., Washington

Subliminal programs are helpful in promoting good health and fitness. Another unsolicited comment reads:

”I want to tell you how much your subliminal stress reduction program has helped me. I put the tape on every night as I go to sleep and fall asleep quickly, waking the next morning feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated than I have in years. The tape really does make a difference.” –C.A., Kansas

”After 30 years of smoking, I quit smoking in two weeks with the Stop Smoking subliminal. I cut back in three days.” –M.B., Virginia

Relationships Benefit…

Interpersonal relationships can be significantly improved using the subliminal programs specifically designed to promote a loving, friendly, affectionate attitude that radiates to everyone around you. One satisfied listener wrote:

”The best program I have is your subliminal on enriching relationships in easy listening music. I’ve been playing it two or three times per week, for about a month at bedtime for myself and my husband, and I have seen great improvements in our relationship already.” –C.D., New Jersey


Students Use The Programs…

A large selection of our subliminal programs are created specifically to help you gain mental control and achieve maximum mind power by improving memory, accelerating learning ability, deepening concentration, and increasing will power and organization abilities. One grateful parent wrote:

”I purchased the subliminal programs on increased learning and memory improvement for my 13-year old son, who has been having trouble in school. He has been listening to them faithfully while studying and not only have his grades improved, but also his desire to do better. I couldn’t be more pleased.” –G.R., Utah

For Prosperity Consciousness…

Many people use our subliminal programs to develop an enthusiastic, positive outlook on a prosperity consciousness to attract success and abundance. One exciting letter we received read:

”Wanting to increase my financial status in October and at the suggestion of my wife, I decided to open myself to the forces within, and purchased your subliminal prosperity programs. I play them at least five days a week, all night. My income within three months doubled, then tripled within five months, and for the past several months, my income has averaged over $12,000 per month. This is just the beginning. God bless and thank you!” –J.G., California

You can design your own personal self-improvement program by choosing titles from the expanding selection of subliminal programs we produce. You can improved any area of your life you decide to work on. By stimulating your subconscious mind with the positive messages on the programs you select, you will be able to rid yourself of negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are inhibiting your enjoyment and success in life. You can discover hidden abilities, inner strengths, and a prosperous, fulfilling life you may have never dreamed possible.


Question: How do you use subliminal programs?

Answer: Subliminal mental programming is a passive process, relying on the natural ability of the subconscious mind to absorb information below the normal range of your conscious awareness. No active involvement, concentration, or relaxation is necessary for subliminal programs to work successfully.

Subliminal programs can be used anytime your like, day or night. Simply play the program in the background as you go about your daily activities. The programs do not have to be played at high volume. As long as you can hear the music or environmental sounds, your subconscious mind will pick up the subliminal suggestions in the program. Our environmental formats of Tropical Ocean, Gentle Thunderstorm, Night Sounds, and Mountain Stream are so peaceful. They can be played as a soft, soothing background all day or night, even while listening to other music or TV. You can also soften the effect even further by adjusting the tone controls on your player.

Subliminal programs can be listened to anytime day or night while you are doing virtually any activity—relaxing, reading, studying, eating, talking on the phone, at the office, while you are exercising.


ANSWER: The effectiveness of our subliminal programs can be compounded by using a compatible assortment of titles. However, in order to avoid overloading yourself, we recommend not working on more than 2 or 3 behavioral changes at a time. Programs not having to do with addictions or major life changes can be used together very effectively and will often work together to positively reinforce one another.


ANSWER: You can’t really overdo listening to positive programs. The more often you listen, the faster you will begin to see results. It is recommended that you play your subliminal programs at least once a day and more often if possible. If you want to strengthen the effect of the programs and get results more quickly, listen to them several times each day and night.


ANSWER: For many people there are immediate, observable, and in some cases, dramatic results after listening to our subliminal programs only a few times. However, because each person is unique, results will vary from person to person. Remember, it has taken years to create the life you have today. The results of listening to subliminal messages are cumulative, so the desired changes will occur provided sufficient repetitions and time are allowed for all levels of your consciousness to absorb the new positive programming. Almost everybody will be able to see positive improvement in 90 days or less.


ANSWER: If you are using a subliminal program to help you reach a specific goal, such as losing twenty pounds or quitting smoking, once you have achieved the goal, you may have no need to continue using the program. However, many people find it helpful to continue playing the subliminal programs from time to time for positive reinforcement. If you feel a desire to return to an old habit such as smoking or eating foods that cause you to gain weight, we suggest you use the subliminal programs again regularly until the desire passes. You may wish to use some of our subliminal programs on an ongoing basis whenever you feel the need. This applies particularly to such titles as Stress Reduction, Start the Day Great, Stop Procrastination, and our many spiritual titles. The main principle is to use the programs as long as or as often as you feel you want or need their benefits.


ANSWER: Many people have found it very effective to use an an auto-repeat feature to play the programs all day and even all night while they sleep.  Repeated playing in this manner can speed up results for you.

Subliminal programs provide you with an effective and pleasant way to bring about lasting personal change. We combine the most advanced electronic technology with the latest scientific knowledge of how the mind works and how behaviors are determined to provide you with state-of-the-art subliminal programming. Many thousands have found that using our subliminal programs helped them improve their lives and achieve positive results that seem almost miraculous!


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There is also an article summarizing some subliminal research studies in our article section of our website. Many subliminal programs are listed on this website.