The Subconscious Mind is a Force Controlling You!

I was trying to explain to a man that the subconscious mind is a force controlling him. He was upset with his life and much of what was causing him problems was clearly due to his unconscious programming blocking him.

I said, “In some ways the subconscious mind has been programmed like a computer that is programmed to perform certain functions.”

That’s when he got mad at me for comparing him to a computer.

I know that’s a tough one for many to accept, but that doesn’t make it less true…and it’s true of everyone.

What You Don’t Know is Running Your Life

Of course, no one wants to think that their thoughts and feelings are due to the subconscious mind and forces they are not even aware of or under their control.

You feel like you have free will and can believe and chose whatever you want.

However, the fact is that most of what you think, believe, and feel has been implanted with programming you’ve been accumulating since childhood…and it has all been stored in the subconscious mind.

Do You Deny Denial?
Do You Deny What is in the Subconscious Mind?

Have you noticed how easy it is to overlook or just not pay attention to what causes you to suffer? Oh, you undoubtedly want something to stop the pain, but most people either blame someone or resign themselves.

I’ve even had many people tell me they’ve tried everything and nothing works.

I have found that issues and problems are only cleared when they are clearly identified. If you ignore or suppress the causes of your pain and struggle, especially those in the subconscious mind, they recycle endlessly.

So denial is the way many people make their life more difficult, and they settle for the pain without exploring the subconscious mind for the causes or solutions.

Why People Love to Belong to Groups

It’s natural to want others to agree with you. Why? Because the more you get people to agree with you, the more you think that what you believe is correct and true.

That’s one reason people join groups. There is the illusion of safety and security when there are others who believe what you do.

The problem, of course, is that you do not have a truth meter that is infallible. What rings true to you is what you already believe especially in the subconscious mind. Yet, you are often changing your beliefs as the years roll by. Many of your beliefs are not absolute truths.

“The good thing about science is it’s true whether
or not you believe in it.” –Neil de Grasse Tyson

Where Did the Subconscious Mind Get Its Programming?

Everything you believe is rooted in conclusions you’ve come to in your past. It is well known that your beliefs are what shape your life by creating and attracting whatever you believe.

What is often difficult to believe about that is that the beliefs you hold in the subconscious mind may be the opposite of what you want and believe consciously. No doubt you want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.

However, you most likely have a lot of subconscious beliefs that don’t even make sense that undermine your best efforts to attain those three desires; they are called “Irrational Beliefs.”

For instance the subconscious mind might believe…

• Life is not fair
• People should always be nice to me
• I must be loved
• There’s something wrong with me
• Life is too hard
• I should not have to suffer
• If I get it I’ll just lose it
• I’m not enough
• I must be a bad person
• My partner makes me unhappy
• I have bad luck

There are a lot more, and you’ll need to give some thought to what you really believe to be true about your life circumstances before your life will change.

Where Did Your Conclusions Come From
That Are In the Subconscious Mind?

The way you think, feel, and react is a result of accumulating information from others. You’ve been accumulating information and forming conclusions since you were born. Much of that submerges from your daily thoughts, but they live and are active in the subconscious mind.

The information then is either accepted or rejected. If you accept it then it reinforces your beliefs. If you reject it, it either strengthens what you believe or it confuses you.

There is a strange phenomena about this because it means that others can actually transfer their personality traits, beliefs, likes and dislikes, fears, cravings, needs and wants to you.

The whole process is somewhat like downloading a program into a computer.

You don’t even need to be physically with the person. For instance, there is a psychological manipulation that happens with political speeches that are designed to get you to react emotionally and accept their point of view.

You Believe Your Stories

You take in information and then your mind is constantly forming conclusions and spinning out stories to explain your world and what you experience. Much of the stories contain faulty logic or even complete fabrications.

In this way, over time you have brain washed yourself into accepting perspectives that are not only faulty, but which lead you to conditions you don’t want.

Your challenge is to figure out your conclusions and stories about the world, people in your life, how life treats you, and why you have lack, and what your spiritual aspirations are. Once you are clear on those, you can better address your beliefs and then eliminate the distortions.

Here’s the Source of Beliefs in The Subconscious Mind

One advertising executive I talked to recently said, “If I can get you emotional about something I have a hook in you and can program you to do what I want you to do.”

This phenomena can have an even more powerful effect on you when you are in the same room with a person. This is because there is also a subtle energy transference that happens when you have direct contact with a person. This is particularly powerful when you attend meetings or rallies in which the audience is whipped up emotionally.

Most people think of this only as a mental dialog, but what is not seen with physical eyes is the transference that takes place in the energy fields of people who are interacting. The group effect with a collective consciousness is very powerful. Think of church services, workshops, and political rallies and how strongly they affect those attending.

Much of what you think of as your personality is strongly colored by, and sometimes totally determined by, the energies you have acquired from your family and ancestors and other relationships which have influenced you.

These programs operate in the subconscious mind and can be reinforced from groups you have been associated with that hold similar beliefs.

People Project Their Beliefs At You

Have you ever noticed that if you are around people who are depressed, you start feeling a bit down yourself, and the opposite is also true, when you are around people who are positive and upbeat you naturally start feeling that way.

Well, the process is far from being all psychological. Some of the effect comes from the energy exchange that takes place between people.

If you were able to visually see the subtle energies you’d notice clusters of colored energies accumulating around you. These energy clusters have emotional qualities in them as well as beliefs and intentions and they begin affecting you on deep levels as well.

What people typically do is only look on the surface…

If you only shine a flashlight in one corner of the room and leave the rest in the dark, you end up missing some very important causes of creation in your life.

You Only Clear What You Identify

Your journey of awakening to a higher life is an inbound journey, not an outward one. Your life experiences are attracted by what you’ve set in motion in the past and what you still hold on to especially in the subconscious mind and your subtle-energy field.

Here’s the tricky part…

It isn’t what you consciously know that determines what your experiences are.

Your life is being directed by the subconscious mind and subtle-energy thoughtforms driven by beliefs and emotions that create forces that relentlessly attract and create every experience you have.

I know, that can be a hard pill to swallow….

How is that possible?

Your beliefs are more than just mental programs, they are also composed of subtle-energy patterns that run in your subconscious mind, your aura, your chakras, your cellular memories, as well as your conscious mind.

These energies are like transmitters putting out the energy driven by the beliefs into the creative universal field which then activates the laws of attraction.

In fact, the subconscious mind can hold beliefs that
may be the opposite of what you believe consciously.

You won’t discover them by simply asking yourself a few questions. They need to be addressed with specific methods of identifying them and releasing them.

You really can’t effectively let go of anything you haven’t identified.

That is where people get tripped up. There is an art and science to finding the underlying causes of everything that happens to you…and 90% of the causes are in the subconscious mind and subtle realms.

The science lies in discovering the methods and means of identifying and dissolving what you don’t want, and affirming and energizing what you do want.

The art lies in the subtle skillfulness of addressing the many facets of your patterns with effective releasing techniques.

For instance, even though you want to eliminate everything that causes you pain and struggle or to be stuck there is almost always an initial resistance to letting it go. This is because the mind believes what it is holding onto has value now or will have value in the future to keep you safe and secure.

The main drive of the mind is for safety and security and fear is the underlying motivating force.

if you attempt to release something but have a fear you will be more vulnerable without it, or you fear it will come back, you could end up unwittingly strengthening your bond to the negative belief program.

This can be quite strong when it comes to relationships or money issues. If you have had bad experiences in either of those areas fear of releasing your protective skepticism and caution can make you very tentative about future decisions and choices. That is fear in action. It can cause you to have your guard up and shield yourself from a relationship or choice that could be wonderful for you.

As you continually release negative programs in the subconscious mind and get clearer, your consciousness vibrates at a higher and more refined frequency which begins to attract opportunities and like-minded individuals from unexpected places and seemingly out of nowhere.

You are also likely to notice a harmony and synchronicity as perfectly timed events, resources, and people just pop up when you need them!

Once you begin clearing the pain from old hurts that surface to be healed you will find moments of joy and peace that last longer the clearer you become.

As you clear the subconscious mind and your field you’ll find your perceptions become much clearer. As the process progresses you’ll be guided through the rough patches to a future that is bright and happy.

My 14-Day Quick Self-Clearing System will help you navigate the rough waters from old wounds while you deepen your connections with your soul and spirit.

The 14-Day Quick Self-Clearing System is a very inexpensive program that will be your catalyst for awakening to the highest, most noble part of your self, your soul. Your soul is your internal reference point with which is your most reliable guide.

When you awaken to your soul you will discover new abilities developing within you. You’ll sense a deeper awareness, and situations and people won’t upset you so much and you’ll automatically become more open to peace, love, patience, kindness, generosity, and other virtues.

You’ll find this easy program for busy people here: 14-Day Quick Self-Clearing System 

Another inexpensive and simple to use program to get you started is called, “Discover Your Core Issues.” This is a short program to help you identify dozens of issues driving your life, and then guide you in releasing them. Your core issues are the ones that cause you the greatest challenge. They are what lie beneath the symptoms of struggling and suffering.

The results of these processes lead you to places of peacefulness where the negative effects of your past can no longer hurt you. The charge on your past becomes neutralized in the subconscious mind and in your subtle-energy field.

Taking no action causes these patterns to stay submerged and they continue affecting you in ways that make you question why negative circumstances keep happening to you.

When you discover the subconscious patterns and know you have the power to release them, you are set free…

And that is what I want for you so much…

From the Heart,

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