I regularly play tennis with a man who won a gold medal in the Olympics several years ago, and then he became a pro.

My gold medal friend, Danny, has a favorite saying when he misses a shot in tennis… He wholeheartedly declares “It never happened!” He then replays the point in his mind again, only this time he makes the intended shot and then makes a fist-pump and says says, “Yes!

I told him a few days ago that I knew another person who used the phrase, “It never happened” in his healing work. His name is Serge King and he’s a modern-day shaman I met in Hawaii 40 years ago.

I’ve seen the effectiveness of this technique more times than I can count, and it works like this:

After something unintended or seemingly negative happens, you then repeat the event again in your mind but only this time with the intended or positive outcome. You can do this either in your mind, or literally go through the motions again just short of the negative consequence saying, “It never happened” while you visualize a positive outcome.

Now, there’s one more thing…

As you visualize the positive result you then say, “yes” three times with some feeling and energy behind it. Get your body involved by nodding your head and making a “fist pump.”

The word “yes” is one of the most powerful positive creative words there is. And that is why you’ll often see athletes use it when they achieve success. It ingrains an ever-lasting impression ensuring it will more-than-likely happen again.

You can send your thoughts in a more positive direction for just about anything you do, and it can help speed healing when you need it.

Start using this technique and watch your positive outlook become your positive outcome.

From the heart,
Jonathan Parker

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