Struggles? Why Does Your Life Have Struggles? Everyone has had to struggle with something. Struggles come from striving to overcome obstacles or attempts to fix a condition. The question is why does your life have struggles? Is there some cosmic force making it happen? And, most importantly how can you clear the struggles away?

You might say, “I only want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise, so why is that so difficult, and why do I struggle with them?”

One thing for sure, however, is that life is full of struggles and you don’t know why.

The problem lies with the causes being unconscious. They developed when you concluded such things as:

• My life is difficult
• There is something wrong with me
• I’m not able to succeed
• I’m just not good at relationships
• I feel unworthy of life being easy
• People are dangerous
• I have the “family curse”
• I must not be a very good person
• I feel like I have a scar for life
• I keep running into a “brick wall”
• If I get it I’ll just lose it

Those kinds of deep unconscious beliefs not only repel happiness, fulfillment, love, and a blessed life, but they keep doing that without you being aware of why it keeps happening. That is short answer to why your life has struggles.

Why Does Your Life Have Struggles?

What I refer to as a “core issue” is the pattern that is the cause of all the struggle you experience. They have been with you so long you’ve come to accept them as just part of who you are…like an unrequested destiny forcing struggles on you.

In some cases, a person’s nationality or family has certain characteristics that underlie approaches to life and behaviors. There are entire cultures that have strong guilt woven into the fabric of their citizens. In some cases, the basic beliefs about how to behave, treat others, raise children, who to be afraid of or hate and other protocols are part of the cultural inheritance. Some cultures impose heavy burdens of responsibility. These pattern can be deeply ingrained in you and they become like the wallpaper…you barely notice.

Your deepest seated beliefs resulted from conclusions you came to in your past when you were hurt or wounded or witnessed others being hurt. So a lot of your inner beliefs were formed out of pain from your childhood and adolescence.

Also, many of your unconscious conclusions were formed in past lives for which you have absolutely no clue what they are or where they came from, yet they affect you every day.

Since you were a child you’ve been forming conclusions about yourself and the world around you. Your parents no doubt disapproved of some of the things you did, perhaps they punished you, and in some cases did so severely.

You may have had other harsh experiences that shaped the image you formed about yourself. Anything that happened to you that ignited your emotions made the deepest impressions on your subconscious mind which then became a blueprint for your life.

That blueprint is called your self-image. It is composed of all the beliefs you have about yourself, other people, and the world. This happened to everyone.

To cope with life you adopted certain defense mechanisms as part of your self-image such as anger, withdrawal, shyness, depression, anxiety, etc.

Those things sometimes seemed to protect you but they also trapped you. The walls you erect to protect you also keep out much of what you want. For instance:

Everyone has experienced struggles, disappointment, and pain from relationships. To protect themselves people put up defensive barriers and, in some cases, don’t (or can’t) let anyone get close to them again. Yet, they want intimacy and to be loved. This creates frustration, struggles, disappointments, and relationship difficulties.

That’s just one example almost everyone is familiar with.

Here are some common symptoms of core programming causing struggles

• You want a relationship to make you feel worthy of love and to complete you. This is a reflection you feel something is lacking in you.

• You have thoughts like “I’m not enough,” “I am unlovable,” “I’m a mistake,” “I’m powerless,” and “I’m a bad boy or girl.”

• You feel loneliness and abandoned. It might feel like no one really understands you or supports you.

• You have a need to excel and accomplish and perform extremely well. This makes you feel valued and worthy and you can therefore feel pretty good about yourself much of the time.

• You suffer from not feeling very good about yourself. You see yourself as often failing at your goals. This leads to low self-esteem.

• You feel like you don’t know who you really are, where you belong, why you are here, and what you are supposed to be doing in life.

• You are your own worst critic. You judge yourself for so many things.

Healing Your Core of Struggles

Most of your struggles come from deep subconscious programming of being a limited being. Life then has struggles to climb out of those limitations.

Most people are trapped by these imposed forces and struggle with them their entire life. There is a way out, however.

The amazing truth about them is they are all made up by your mind or imposed on you by others.

If you think of them like programs on a computer it will help you to disown them. They are not intrinsic universal truths. They certainly are not part of your soul or true self. They were made-up thought constructs, and therefore are able to be dismantled and released.

I’m not talking about learning to compensate for your shortcomings and limitations. I’m talking about eliminating those beliefs entirely!

Whether you made them up or someone in your ancestry made them up or some group you belonged to made them up they are all fabrications. Of course, people and groups can be very convincing that the core beliefs are absolute truth, yet they are really just perceptions, conclusions, and programs someone created. They became convinced they were true, based their life on them, and, in some cases, took them to the grave. Think of people who have been martyred for their beliefs…maybe some of them were true, but maybe some of them were just ideas.

Here Are the 3 Steps to Clearing Away Struggles

First, you identify the struggles. Define each in one or two sentences. This is actually the most important and time consuming part of the process. You must be brutally honest with yourself and list all the ways you have struggles, and the ways you undermine yourself (Self-Sabotage).

Secondly, acknowledge that conclusions and beliefs are nothing more than self-judgments and concepts you formed yourself, inherited, or were the beliefs of someone else who convinced you to also believe them. The only reality they have is your acceptance of them and your believing them. They are not who you really are. This part of the process is called “disidentification.” You no longer identify yourself with the false beliefs.

I like to think of them like recordings in your mind including your subconscious mind. They get programmed and play over and over until they are accepted as factual, yet they are just recordings. Recording that can be deleted.

Thirdly, forgive yourself for accepting the limiting beliefs and affirm and declare yourself released. Then affirm the positive opposite. You can use Hooponopono to help you with the forgiveness part. (Here’s my free video on that: Hooponopono 

What is your core pain program? What limitations has it created in your life?

I have a lot more details on this including the use of affirmations in my free e-book: How to Tap the Power of Your Mind

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