The idea of using positive phrases to enhance and empower your life has proven itself in the lives of millions. When you repeat positive statements to yourself enough times, they seep into your unconscious, and become part of who you are. In this article, we’ll go over the top ten positive phrases you can start using today to improve your life. I will also list links to other resources to help you further with each subject.

1 – I Feel and Direct Positive Energy And Use It To Achieve My Goals

We all operate with lifeforce energy and we direct it in either positive or negative ways. We are always in the process of creating something in our lives and it results from the way we direct our energy. We can dis-empower what doesn’t work and energize opportunities to dramatically improve our lives. The one-hour audio program “The Dynamic Flow of Healing Energy” will teach you how to use positive energy and use it to clear obstacles.

2 – I Am Responsible For The Quality Of My Life

The biggest lie we can tell ourselves is that it’s somebody else’s fault. This leaves us completely helpless. Once we put the blame “out there,” we are powerless to do anything to change our lives. The audio program “Mind Power for Self-Empowerment” will give you the tools you need to shape your life successfully.

3 – I Set And Achieve My Goals Easily And Naturally

Most people drift through life without a solid game plan. Only when you choose and go after the goals that are important to you can you live a fully realized life. The program “Reach Your Goals & Dreams” will give you the support and encouragement you need for success.

4 – I Trust Myself To Make The Right Decision

Oftentimes you may have found yourself in a quandary. You might convince yourself you are waiting for more information so you can make a more informed choice. All too often, however, you may find that you are afraid to take action because you are afraid of being wrong. Please see “Intuitive Decision Making“.

5 – I Am a Doer and Get Things Done Quickly

How often have you put off doing something that needed to be done. You can change the persistent self-defeating procrastination habit and become a person who gets things done. You just have to make the decision to stop procrastination and create a new habit of being a doer. Set your mind to do whatever needs to be done with energy and enthusiasm. “Do It Now” is an audio program to turn you into a doer.

6 – I Overcome All Challenges

Most people feel thwarted in some area of their life. They may have a deep seated belief that they can’t do something or have certain things they would like. The limiting beliefs are themselves the obstacles that restrict a person. When you have the belief and conviction that you can rise above any block, you’ll be able to move forward with your life. It is vital to “Let Go of the Past” in order to move into a positive future.

7 – I Forgive Myself

Nearly everyone has made choices and decisions they regret. Our lives are filled with memories of things that we wished would have gone differently. The truth is that when we were in the moment, we did the best we could with the knowledge and skills that we had. Unless we can forgive ourselves for what we’ve done in the past, we can’t move forward. One of the most important programs I’ve ever recorded is titled “Deep Forgiveness” and it can profoundly change your life.

8 – Every Day, In Every Way, I Am Getting Better And Better

This is an all purpose positive phrase or affirmation that has been around for a long time. No matter what goal you’re going after or what obstacle you are facing, repeating this phrase will keep you positive and motivated. Having a positive outlook on life is essential. The audio program “Start & End the Day Great” will help keep you on that track.

9 – I Am Valuable To Myself & Others

One of the deepest feelings in most people is that they aren’t good enough or there is something wrong with them. Some people mask this with arrogance and others are haunted by such thoughts. When you recognize that you are valuable and that you provide benefits for others, you will engage a positive creative force in your life. The audio program “Commanding Self-Image & Self-Confidence” will help you build the positive image and esteem you need to lead to the success you want.

10 – I Appreciate, Love, and Accept Myself

This one is best done in front of a mirror. Most people have feelings of shame, regret, and even hatred for themselves. This comes out in how they interact with and treat others. When you develop a deep respect and love for yourself, anything becomes possible for you. The best selling audio program “Build a Winning Self-Image” will help you strengthen your self-esteem and open the doors to exciting new possibilities.

Because it can be tough to remember and repeat these positive phrases on a daily basis, it can be beneficial to have some help. That is why I listed the audio programs that will give you strength and support. Many people who have achieved astounding success in their lives owe it to listening to these audio programs based on positive affirmations and visualizations. Take a look around this site and find some that will assist you with the goals you are pursuing.

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