Your time has arrived to empower yourself with an anxiety treatment that is easy and natural. Like you I know there’s plenty in the news these days to generate anxiety on top of what there normally is.

If you spend much time watching and listening to mainstream news you know what I’m talking about. It can seem overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to know an anxiety treatment to finally feel grounded, calm, and peaceful?

Besides the onslaught of daily news you may also be dealing with a shattered heart, an emptiness inside, betrayal, loss, abandonment, frustration, or anger.

No matter what the pain, there are ways to let it all go and relax with a natural anxiety treatment for yourself.

A Successful Anxiety Treatment
Includes Letting Go

One of the very first audio programs I created is called Let Go of the Past because I realized conventional methods of talk therapy that I had learned in my psychology graduate program didn’t seem to completely and permanently resolve most issues for people.

Since that first program I’ve created quite a number of programs designed to target and eliminate specific issues people struggle with. I have several of them on my Release Your Past page of my website.

The anxiety treatment I have formulated revolves around the all-important process of letting go at a very deep level.

What is Letting Go?

Letting go means to eliminate the causes of a condition. Underneath every emotional reaction there are subconscious beliefs getting triggered.

What many people fail to realize is that the causes can be dissolved and eliminated. Once you do that you are calm, centered, and open to new opportunities. Many people don’t believe it is possible, but I assure you it is.

Because every issue that causes a reaction formed many years ago and has been reinforced over the years, it does take some time to discover the components and then apply an anxiety treatment to release and dissolve it.

That can take a while during which time you will gradually feel more and more empowered. Your stress levels will go down and you’ll feel lighter and freer.

Not Letting Go Means You Are Holding On

In fact, the nature of the mind is that it wants to hold on…sometimes even hold to things that cause suffering. I know, that doesn’t make rational sense does it? Do you want to know why it does that? It’s really quite simple.

The mind has created a lot of defense mechanisms and shielding programs to feel more safe and secure. This includes such things as denial, fear, anger, tension, and anxiety. The mind believes that if it lets go of any of its safety mechanisms, you will be more vulnerable and in more danger. For that reason it digs in to keep its defenses even though they may be painful.

There are all sorts of judgments and beliefs that create getting triggered with emotions. Here are just a few…

• No one appreciates me
• My boss hates me
• I worry too much
• If I had a different relationship I’d be happy
• Life is unfair
• My parents were horrible
• Why did she/he have to leave me
• He/she will treat me better in time
• I seem to attract bad luck
• I have been so unfairly treated
• If I get it I’ll lose it
• I’m afraid I’ll get the next disease to come along
• If something can go wrong it will
• I seem to be waiting for “the other shoe to drop”

Of course, most people would like to be healthy, wealthy, wise, and loved. The problem is most also are lacking in one or more of those areas, and have regrets about the choices they’ve made.

When you arrive at acceptance, without necessarily agreeing with an outcome, you are set up for your positive growth and evolution.

If you think about it, most of the time things have a way of working themselves out over time. Often even the events that are painful in the moment are regarded as much better in the long run. However, when you are going through suffering it’s not easy to see that or even believe that.

Let’s say you are in a relationship that is not supporting you or providing the love you want. This can cause you considerable frustration and pain and you think, “If only I could get out of this and find someone better, then I’d be happy.”

One way to deal with that could be to break up or get divorced; however, in most cases that can be a traumatic choice. You may feel like a failure in the relationship that isn’t working well, or you may project a lot of blame on the other person. Either way there is a lot of anxiety and emotional pain.

In the short term, the divorce may seem like a horrible thing, but over time it may prove to be a growth experience that leads you to a better situation.

The point being, in the moment you are not able to clearly see the positive potential and you get caught in the emotional stress and turmoil. Your emotions cloud your thinking and you suffer.

Let’s Now Go to an Anxiety Treatment

To heal and clear anxiety you’ll need to pay attention to the causes in your life. What you may not realize is that the causes have unconscious beliefs. In fact, every emotion stems from a belief, but most of them are held at unconscious levels. That means any anxiety treatment must include addressing the causes at subconscious and unconscious levels.

1. One effective place to start is by asking yourself some simple questions about your anxiety such as, “What do I believe that is making me anxious?”

Sit with that for a minute before continuing, but when you are ready ask yourself this follow up question: “What else would a person believe that would cause anxiety?”

Sit with that for a minute and then ask: “What do I say to myself about my anxiety?”

The more information you can discover about your anxiety the more thoroughly you’ll be able to clear it.

2. Once you have a few reasons or beliefs that underlie your anxiety, then you challenge those beliefs. Ask such questions as:

 What is the absolute proof that belief is true?
 Does everyone on Earth who has anxiety believe the same thing?
 Do some people who have been through what I have not have anxiety?
 If so, what might they believe that is different from what I believe?
 What if the opposite of my belief were actually true?”

3. Your answers to this type of inquiry can begin to poke holes in the validity of your beliefs and that’s a good thing. The last question I posed sets the stage for step 3: creating opposite affirmations to replace your painful ones.

Think of it this Way…

1. Your Experiences create your Conclusions
2. Your Conclusions create your Beliefs
3. Your Beliefs create your Feelings
4. Your Feelings create your Behaviors
5. Your Behaviors create your Results That’s how it works, so if you want better results you have to go to your experiences and change your conclusions and beliefs about yourself.

An affirmation is a simple, present tense positive statement such as “Everyday and in every way I am more and more happy and successful.” Positive affirmations can be about your health, success, or relationship goals or anything else.

It is just as easy to make positive self-statements as it is to hold negative thoughts. However, when you first start repeating positive affirmations your mind may fight you. The mind initially wants to hold on to what is familiar even if it causes some pain. Over time it will come to accept the new belief.

The affirmation process forms the basis for new beliefs, qualities, behaviors, or experiences you want to manifest in your life.

A Big Secret to Anxiety Treatment Success is Repetition

It’s important to remember that a single affirmation, said or written once or twice is not going to immediately manifest in your life. Repetition is the key. Through repetition the ideal image of yourself gets embedded deeper and deeper, throughout all levels of your consciousness. In this way you can be your own success coach.

Below is my 5 step system for boosting the effectiveness of your affirmations through the roof!

Anxiety Treatment STEP 1: Eliminate all negative words from your affirmations. The mind cannot hold two opposing beliefs at the same time. For instance, you would not want to say, “I am not anxious and I don’t worry.” You don’t want to create a negative word picture for the subconscious mind to fixate on, so you would say, “I am calm, relaxed, and confident.”

Be sure to word your desired outcome in the present tense. You want your affirmations to be presented as if they are already accomplished facts.

Affirmations like these solidify a positive attitude toward yourself:

I believe I have the right to be calm, safe and secure • I dissolve all limitations placed on me by others, heredity, education or environment • I feel positive about life • I see the good in me • I see the good in life • I am so confident • I focus on the good in life • I feel settled and peaceful now • Each day I am positive, now, always and forever more • I love life • I can handle any situation. Yes I can • I am a strong person • Everything is OK • I feel wonderful. Yes I do • I am peaceful and serene

Anxiety Treatment STEP 2: Empower & energize your affirmations by repeating them with positive feelings. Repetition with feeling is what embeds the positive directives into the deep mind which in turn works like an autopilot to align your life with your beliefs.

A way to put positive feelings into your affirmations is to center yourself in your heart as you repeat them. To help you with this rest the palm of one of your hands on the center of your chest. Leave it there as you repeat your affirmations. As you do this you will notice it is easier to sense joyfulness, beauty, peacefulness, happiness, and positive expectancy.

Here’s Another Big Secret

By repeating your intentions in the form of positive affirmations slowly, softly, and silently you connect with and become one with what the words and phrases represent. This deep connection with the words multiplies the effectiveness of the affirmations.

Anxiety Treatment STEP 3: Spend at least 10 uninterrupted minutes at a time repeating your affirmations. If you only repeat your affirmations a few times a day, you are not likely to achieve the results you want. Of course, it is helpful to repeat your affirmations at odd moments throughout the day, but to maximize the effectiveness of your program you need to be focused on your affirmations for an uninterrupted minimum of ten minutes each day. If you can do it for ten minutes more than once a day so much the better.

Anxiety Treatment STEP 4: Repeat the affirmations slowly with your eyes closed while you are in a relaxed state, at least some of the time. When you are deeply relaxed, the deep mind is most receptive and the door is open for you to remove old negative mental patterns and replace them with new positive beliefs that can permanently change any area of your life affected by your beliefs.

There are two times of the day that this occurs naturally and automatically–when you are going to sleep and when you are waking up. For instance, you have probably noticed that when you awaken from a deep, restful sleep and are lying in bed with your eyes closed; your mind is quiet. You are there in bed, fully aware and awake, but your conscious brain activity hasn’t gotten into full swing yet. It is during the times that you can most easily access your deep mind.

To help you get the most out of your positive affirmations repeat them out loud or sub-vocally. That means to form the words with your lips and tongue even if no one hears what you are saying. It is similar to a whisper. Formulating your intentions and desires into specific word phrases increases the level of focus to most effectively reach the deep mind. Then when you repeat the statements over and over the deep mind will eventually accept the new programming.

Anxiety Treatment Step 5: Breathing deeply helps to set the positive affirmations deeply in your subconscious. You can do this simply by taking full and deep breaths between your affirmations. Do it like this: Take a deep breath. Hold it for 3 seconds then repeat one or two affirmations as you exhale. Repeat.

In Conclusion…

Remember, the patterns and beliefs in your deep mind have been there for years, so it is likely to take weeks or months to re-pattern your deep seated belief system. Be assured, however, if you persist you will succeed.

I have 16 programs to take you further in releasing the past and dissolving causes of anxiety. They are all on this page: Release Your Past

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