A great deal of what determines a person’s level of empowerment has to do with the belief system that has been programmed, so to speak, into the subconscious mind since birth, because the subconscious mind always reacts to events in a manner consistent with its belief system. A woman’s belief system is what forms the image and ideas a woman has about herself. In order to change yourself to become empowered you must change your self-image at a subconscious level. This is most effectively done with positive affirmations. These empowering affirmations specifically for women will become your new self-talk and inner beliefs which in turn will help you create your self-empowered self-image.

Regardless of the level of success and accomplishment many women have achieved in these rapidly changing times, virtually every woman has certain times when she feels anxiety, tension, and somewhat disempowered. Feeling powerless to express her true feelings or opinions, she may believe that by doing so she may hurt someone’s feelings, or others will become angry or disappointed with her, or she will be outright rejected. She is afraid that by expressing herself honestly she might look stupid or feel embarrassed.

Affirmations for Women are The Keys to Her Self Image

A woman can begin to feel good about herself and better be able to get along well with others through the use of affirmations  that are specific to her needs. What do I mean by being a self-empowered woman? Empowerment is a direct, honest, spontaneous, and ongoing expression of who you are at each moment.

This means that you are true to yourself in all situations and have a voice to express your wants and needs fearlessly. Your self-empowerment is reflected in a complex set of behaviors made up of verbal and nonverbal messages including eye contact, facial expression, body posture, tone of voice, and, of course, what words are spoken and what is left unsaid. This is where the affirmations for women directed at specific circumstances comes in because it has the power to set the deep inner convictions and positive outlooks within her subconscious mind where the self-image lives.

For more on beliefs see the article “What Are Your Limits” at this link: http://www.jonathanparker.org/free-articles/what-are-your-limits

Does Empowerment Require Being Aggressive?

It is very important to recognize the difference between being empowered and being aggressive. Self-empowered, you will recall, is the direct, honest, and spontaneous expression of who you are in any situation. Aggressiveness is a hostile expression of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or demands which intrude on, or attack another person in any way. Aggressive attack messages begin with the word you, whereas effective empowered messages commonly start with the word I, followed by a clear statement of the situation and the expected, realistic action to be taken.

The confusion between empowerment and aggressiveness arises because negative feelings, such as annoyance, frustration, hostility, resentment, and anger are normal emotions, which arise and are expressed in whatever style of behavior has been learned. The new empowered expression of the total you will free you to actively realize your potential, to be ambitious as well as supportive of others, to be forceful when necessary, to be adventuresome as well as gentile. In other words, you will be able to express whatever feelings, thoughts, opinions, needs, or ideas are appropriate to any situation, and the voice of those expressions will naturally flow from the use of affirmations for women.

Being a Woman Means You are Unique

Through the use of self-empowering affirmations you will reclaim positive qualities, which have been denied you by gender, while retaining the feminine qualities which are effective and appropriately used to express who you are. It’s important to realize that you will not always get what you want just because you are empowered. An aspect of being true to yourself is having the confidence and freedom to honestly and spontaneously express yourself and then enjoy whatever develops with acceptance. Being an empowered woman means you are always true to yourself.

Without question, the affirmations for women process will help you build your self-confidence and self-respect, as well as increase the effectiveness of your interpersonal skills. Watch what happens over the next few weeks, as you become focused and more aware of exactly how you behave and how others around you behave in non-empowered, aggressive, or empowered ways. Awareness is the key, self empowerment is the process, effective success is the result, and increased self-esteem is the reward.

Every aspect of your life can be helped or hindered depending on what you truly think of yourself and how you value who you are as a person. This means that a positive and realistic self-image is basic to effective self-empowerment. Much of the socialization and educational process a child experiences has the effect of devaluing him or her, and it is important to recognize the make-up of your current self-image.

How to Determine Your Current Self-Image

The following exercises and specific affirmations for women will focus on developing your awareness of exactly what you honestly think of yourself. You will clarify to yourself how you feel, think, and what is important to you. Clearly you must know and respect yourself before you can express yourself honestly and engender the respect of others around you.

Self-Image Exercise

For the first exercise you will need a couple sheets of paper. Take five minutes to quickly, but thoughtfully, jot down every word that describes who you are.

1.  Write down nouns for example your name and roles such as parent, wife, sales person, and so on.

2. Use adjectives which describe you, such as happy, peaceful, tall, healthy, busy, and how worthy and deserving you feel for having good things.

3. Write down any verbs which indicate activities you do, such as, laughing, reading, running, tennis, etc.

4.  Write down every word that describes the various aspects of who you are whether you consider it good or bad. This is not to judge yourself, but rather to describe yourself.

  • Once you have your list of descriptive words,
  • On a blank sheet of paper print your name at the top.
  • Select the five words which reveal your best qualities.
  • List them under your name.
  • Take a deep breath and forcefully read your list out loud.
  • Precede each of the words with the words, “I am.”

These steps are all very important. By writing and speaking these words, you powerfully strengthen your self-image. Notice how you feel as you say each phrase. Take this piece of paper and tuck it in your purse or pocket.

Empowering Affirmations for Women

Have you ever considered your personal rights? You may have been taught to be other oriented and perhaps have not been aware that you have legitimate rights. Think of the list of rights listed below as your personal Bill of Rights. They will form the foundation for your new self-image, self-esteem, and personal empowerment. Feel free to use any additional rights that occur to you as you read the ones I have listed below.

Your Personal Bill of Rights

In addition to the words in your list of your best qualities add the following:

  • I have the right to express my feelings opinions and ideas.
  • I have the right to be heard and taken seriously.
  • I have the right to determine my own lifestyle.
  • I have the right to handle my own finances.
  • I have the right to take risks and accept challenges.
  • I have the right to set my own priorities and say yes or no accordingly.
  • I have the right to be successful and achieve recognition in my field.
  • I have the right to privacy and time for myself.
  • I have the right to change.
  • I have the right to respect myself.

Let this list become a firm foundation for your personal mission and actions. By repeating those rights and affirmations you will form the foundation of your new self-image and empowerment.

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