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Especially for Children – 24 Visualizations / Meditations

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This program was developed to give children the opportunity to share the fun and immense benefits of creative visualization, relaxation, and meditation. Recommended for ages 3 to 10, the series contains 24 safely guided meditation experiences for young children.

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Especially for Children is an entertaining and educational series, containing 24 safely guided visualization/meditation experiences for young children 3-10 years.

The meditations are designed so that they can begin learning about both the world within and the world without.  The sessions teach a child how to use simple breathing and relaxation skills to reduce and eliminate feelings of fear, insecurity, anger, hurt, and frustration, and to feel increasingly happy, loved, energetic, safe, and self-assured.

In addition, continued use of these sessions will help a child build concentration, attention span, and develop self-esteem.

This program was developed to give children the opportunity to share the fun and immense benefits of relaxation, creative visualization, and meditation.


Track 1: Getting to know yourself, and learning about relaxation. [18:30 Minutes]
Track 2: A trip to a park where all the animals are friends. [20:57 Minutes]
Track 3: How sounds make you feel. [15:54 Minutes]
Track 4: Dissolve bad dreams and nightmares. [15:06 Minutes]

Track 5: Filling your mind with happy and loving thoughts. [15:14 Minutes]
Track 6: Taking care of the animals in the park. [12:41 Minutes]
Track 7: Becoming a rainbow and spreading your beauty to all the world. [10:15 Minutes]
Track 8: Feeling a positive energy. Exploring the universe. [10:22 Minutes]

Track 9: Meditation on oneness and love. [11:40 Minutes]
Track 10: A meditation in which you become the rain, a lake, and a cloud. [10:32 Minutes]
Track 11: Experience becoming a butterfly, and deciding to feel happy. [15:22 Minutes]
Track 12: Energize with love energy. [15:05 Minutes]

Track 13: Observe bees and Learn cooperation. [14:27 Minutes]
Track 14: Meet a being of light who is your friend and receive help when needed. [14:38]
Track 15: Meet a beaver and learn to feel confident. [14:20 Minutes]
Track 16: Learn to relax, visualize, and do well in sports. [14:21 Minutes]

Track 17: Meet a seagull. Self-confidence and control emotions. [16:12 Minutes]
Track 18: Visit a tropical island. Become a giant who is strong, brave & healthy. [18:12]
Track 19: Being relaxed & calm to remember well and do well. [16:11 Minutes]
Track 20: Become invisible. Visit friends and hear how you are loved. [13:55 Minutes]

Track 21: Positive Affirmations to Dissolve Negative Thoughts [13:19 Minutes]
Track 22: Feel love with all the friends you have met in your meditations. [13:42 Minutes]
Track 23: Visit a land of love and dissolve fears & bad thoughts. [17:27 Minutes]
Track 24: Meet a mermaid and King Neptune. Learn to compromise & cooperate. [15:27]

This exciting and innovative program for the young will never grow old! Both adults and the children dear to them will appreciate and profit from this enchanting series!

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