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Mind Talk Programs

Mind Talk Programs are one hour in length offering double the impact with both audible AND subliminal affirmations with music. This combination activates your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. Play these programs in the background anytime throughout the day or use them while relaxing, meditating, or even while falling asleep.

Mind Power Programs

Mind Power Programs contain two 23-minute guided sessions that gently relax you into a brain-wave state that provides unique access to your subconscious mind. The first session is a guided visualization with positive affirmations. The second session utilizes a unique transformational combination of sound effects, competing metaphors and positive affirmations. In addition, there is a 30-minute program that motivates you to success with audible plus subliminal affirmations embedded in soothing background sounds and music.

Subliminal Series

The Subliminal Series utilizes a selection of environmental sounds and music selections an hour in length with up to 5,000 positive messages recorded at a subliminal level. These messages bypass mental resistance and directly reprogram your mind with the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes you want. This subliminal program also takes advantage of the brain's receptivity to both emotional and logical messages to activate both brain hemispheres-this assures complete absorption for the changes and improvement you want. Play this program softly in the background any time day or night, because the more you listen the greater the effect.

Double Program Sets

Double Program Sets contain more than two hours of programming with 3 or more guided visualizations to help you succeed to the heights of your visions. The second part of these programs contains an hour of positive affirmations with both male and female voices, beautiful music and thousands of subliminal messages. This extraordinary combination activates your subconscious to automatically start creating your outward reality to match your inner success patterns.

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Stress Free is tranquil relief through relaxing techniques to dissolve stress and anxiety

The Most Advanced Audio Techniques
for Personal Achievement

Stress may be part of our everyday lives, but now you can unlock the subconscious secrets to new levels of calmness and peace.  This Stress Free program can bring you tanquil relief through techniques that reach deeply into your inner mind and disolve stress, tension and anxiety at thier source.  Enjoy these subconscious techniques that transport you into a new world of calmness.


Whether you know it or not, your mind is the most powerful tool on earth, yet it can only create for you according to your inner beliefs, feelings, and attitudes. To create and attract what you want, you must shift all levels of your consciousness, especially including your subconscious mind, to a positive mindset.

It is a fact, that your life is determined far more
by what is in
your subconscious mind
than your conscious mind.

Once you understand and harness this concept, you not only can control your destiny and rise to a much higher quality of life. To ignore it is to remain stuck with the way things are. This mind-power audio program is designed to masterfully lead you through the complex mental and emotional layers to remove the obstacles to your growth while awakening your higher mind powers.

Visualization is a form of mental training that is being used extensively by Olympic athletes, medical researchers, business leaders, educators, and others to improve life. Visualization can be used to positively affect virtually every area of your life, because you can only become what you visualize and imagine yourself to be. This program contains 3 visualizations that gently relax you and take you step-by-step through life-changing imagery.

This Program Contains
6 Guided Visualization-Meditations

Visualization-Meditation – Progressive Relaxation. This 19-minute program guides you to relax each part of your body thereby releasing the stress that is stored there.  

Visualization-Meditation –  Remove Stressful Reactions (24 minutes). This session is designed to help you dissolve negative and stressful reactions to situations. If you find that certain people or situations trigger a stress reaction, then this session will help dissolve those reactions.

Visualization-Meditation – Relaxing Visualization Journey. (18 Minutes). In this deeply relaxing session you will visualize beautiful, relaxing and peaceful scenes while you automatically feel stress and tension melt away.  

Visualization-Meditation  –  QuickBreak Mini-Vacation. In just 9 minutes you will be able to leave stress behind and enter the peaceful worlds of relaxation as you are gently guided to distress.  

Visualization-Meditation  –  Guided Process to Remove Stress (22 Minutes). Just relax and listen while you are guided step-by-step through life-changing imagery that impacts your subconscious mind with new peaceful thoughts and feelings.

Visualization-Meditation  –  Guided Relaxation with Metaphors (22 Minutes). This guided session is best listened to with headphones because it contains an extraordinary process of mental reprogramming. In one ear you will hear a simple story woven with rich symbolic images that makes your subconscious mind receptive to the affirming peaceful outcomes you are hearing in your other ear. You do NOT need to follow the stories—just let your mind relax and absorb the program at a subconscious level. One track is purposely recorded at a lower volume than the other.  

Mind Talk® is what you say to yourself in your own mind. This inner self talk impacts your subconscious mind which, in turn, determines just about everything in your life.

There are two 1-hour Mind Talk programs. One is Stress Free – Be Calm & Peaceful, and the second one is Peace of Mind. Each title has two 30-minute tracks with the same affirmations but different music for your listening pleasure.

In the Mind Talk program, while you are consciously being guided to de-stress and relax with audible affirmations, your subconscious mind will be storing the same extraordinary subliminal affirmations embedded in the soothing background sounds and beautiful music

There's more....

You'll also receive a 1-hour Subliminal Program with gentle woodwind instruments, plus 30-minutes with Mountain Stream. This program is excellent reinforcement to listen to throughout the day. This program brings you over 5,000 subliminal messages each hour you listen, but they are embedded so precisely that you don't consciously hear them, yet they are well within the range of normal hearing to strongly register in your subconscious.These messages bypass mental resistance and work directly to reprogram your mind with the beliefs and attitudes you want...automatically. 

Sample Affirmations: I love life • I am ready to be calm and relaxed • I am able to remain calm and relaxed • I am in control of my life • I am calm and relaxed • I have peace of mind • I am mellow and calm • I deserve relaxation • I feel calm • I have the power to relax • I can feel calm • I can feel good • I am peaceful • I forgive others  •  I forgive myself • I am forgiven • I am grateful • I release all blocks to relaxation • I am safe and secure • I have inner peace • I am absolutely content • I am able to feel good • Its natural to feel peaceful • I accept calmness and relaxation • Everything is OK • I am absolutely safe and loved • I can be in control • I have the power to let go • I can let go • Peace surrounds me • I am in control • Deep inner calm • I feel relaxed • I let go of stress • PLUS MANY MORE!

These innovative programs are among the most important mind power breakthroughs of the 21st century. Discover these revolutionary methods yourself so you can shatter your old limitations, and truly transform yourself…forever!

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Less Stress

I feel a genuine peace and contentment and relaxation deeper than I
ever have had before. I used to get nervous during stressful events and now I
don't get nervous during stressful events like I used to thanks to Stress
Free Become Calm and Peaceful.

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