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Save, Spend & Invest Wisely! Develop the sixth sense of when to save, when to spend, and when to invest. Automatically be at the right place at the right time with your investments.

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Save, Spend & Invest Wisely!

The Most Advanced Breakthroughs in
Audio Technology for Personal Achievement!

Experience the ultra-effective subconscious programming techniques on this Smart Money Skills program. Develop the sixth sense of when to save, when to spend, and when to invest. Automatically be at the right place at the right time with your investments.

There are two 23-minute Guided Visualizations that gently relax you into a pleasant state. Listen while you are guided step-by-step through the life-changing magic of sensory imagery that impacts your subconscious mind establishing important new thought patterns and new feelings for a new life. The visualizations in this program also contain subliminal signals that synchronize both hemispheres of your brain and put you into a natural relaxing meditation state.

Visualization 2 is best listened to with headphones because it contains an extraordinary process of mental programming. In your right ear you hear a simple story with rich symbolic images that make your subconscious mind receptive to the affirming outcomes you are hearing in your left ear.

There are two (30 minute) Mind Talk programs that utilize multiple subconscious trigger techniques. Mind Talk is your own inner self-talk that impacts your subconscious mind and determines almost everything about your life. You will receive double the impact with ultra-positive audible messages, PLUS your subconscious will be storing the same subliminal affirmations. recorded below the music. This combination produces a truly dramatic positive change within your subconscious mind.

Play the Mind Talk programs while you are working, relaxing, exercising or anytime throughout the day—You can even use them as meditation or sleep programming and become renewed. Sleep learning is powerful life-changing programming. Just play these programs softly as you fall asleep. Some electronic stores sell small pillow speakers specifically designed for this purpose so you won't disturb others, but you can use any player with the volume turned down low. The more often you play these programs the better they work, so play them as much as possible.

Smart Money Skills Sample Affirmations

I believe I have the right to save money and control spending • I dissolve all limitations placed on me by others, heredity, education or environment • I am ready to be in charge of my money • I can save money • I am responsible with money • I use my money wisely • My money multiplies • I attract the best exchange for my money • Money is a positive force in my life • I am good with money • I enjoy the good I do with my money • I am in charge of my spending • I have high integrity with money • Saving money brings me pleasure • I am trustworthy • I accept myself as a wise person • I make good money decisions • I feel great pleasure when I save money • I am in charge of my life • I instinctively find good deals • It's easy for me to save money • I find new ways to save money • Good deals come to me • Plus Many More!

All of our audio programs come in mp3 format. The mp3 files are delivered in a zip folder to enable quicker downloading. In order to unzip these files directly to tablets and smartphones, you will need to install an app on your mobile device. Instructions are provided on the product download page. We do NOT sell CDs. 

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