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Real Estate Sales Affirmations

Mind Talk Programs

Mind Talk Programs are one hour in length offering double the impact with both audible AND subliminal affirmations with music. This combination activates your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. Play these programs in the background anytime throughout the day or use them while relaxing, meditating, or even while falling asleep.

Mind Power Programs

Mind Power Programs contain two 23-minute guided sessions that gently relax you into a brain-wave state that provides unique access to your subconscious mind. The first session is a guided visualization with positive affirmations. The second session utilizes a unique transformational combination of sound effects, competing metaphors and positive affirmations. In addition, there is a 30-minute program that motivates you to success with audible plus subliminal affirmations embedded in soothing background sounds and music.

Subliminal Series

The Subliminal Series utilizes a selection of environmental sounds and music selections an hour in length with up to 5,000 positive messages recorded at a subliminal level. These messages bypass mental resistance and directly reprogram your mind with the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes you want. This subliminal program also takes advantage of the brain's receptivity to both emotional and logical messages to activate both brain hemispheres-this assures complete absorption for the changes and improvement you want. Play this program softly in the background any time day or night, because the more you listen the greater the effect.

Double Program Sets

Double Program Sets contain more than two hours of programming with 3 or more guided visualizations to help you succeed to the heights of your visions. The second part of these programs contains an hour of positive affirmations with both male and female voices, beautiful music and thousands of subliminal messages. This extraordinary combination activates your subconscious to automatically start creating your outward reality to match your inner success patterns.

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Attract qualified buyers and sellers with conscious and subconscious mind power techniques. Increase your success by creating a positive and successful mind-set that radiates from you all day.

This program includes 2 discussions explaining how positive mental programming works to improve your real estate success, and 2 guided visualizations to attract and create success in real estate by mentally imaging the success you want.

Visualization is the power to discover! To create! To Transform! To excel! Yes, visualization is without any doubt the most powerful tool there is for brining about the breakthroughs you want, because you can only succeed as high as your vision. You must be able to see yourself succeeding before it manifests, and the new success patterns must become part of your subconscious mindset. That is why visualization is being used by Olympic athletes, many medical doctors, as well as successful business leaders and educators. Visualization can create changes at such a deep level that it can improve virtually any area of your life--because you will become what you visualize and imagine yourself becoming!

Plus, there is more than an hour of Mind Talk affirmations. While you consciously hear the audible affirmations with both male and female voices, your subconscious mind will be storing the same subliminal affirmations that are in the inspiring background music. This powerful combination of techniques eliminates self-sabotaging programs and infuses new success patterns virtually automatically. Here is a small sample of the affirmations in this program.

I expect the best in life.
My customers increase daily.
My sales increase dramatically.
My income increases higher and higher.
I deserve to be successful.
I am positive and confident.
I naturally attract buyers.
Happily, people like me.
I generate sales.
I always say the right things.
My timing is perfect.
I am a successful agent.
Marketing properties is fun, easy, and exciting.
My business succeeds and prospers enormously.
I am attracting more and more customers to me.
My listings sell rapidly.

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Real Estate Success

Hello Jonathan,
I have the cassette tape from 1982! I am finally updating to the cd's. With the real estate market collapsed, people in dismal moods, and everything we hear and read being negative, I thought it would be good to surround myself with more positive thoughts. If you have the time, go to google and type in John Bates Naperville, you will find that I have had a very successful real estate career over the last 32 years. I listen to that little cassette tape religiously, and have been in the top 50 of the Nation twice in my 32 year career. It takes a lot of hard work to be on top, but I have a secret weapon in my arsenal... Your little cassette tape! Thank you for all that you do, you have made a huge difference in my life.  Sincerely,  John Bates.

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