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Soul Merge – Transformational Enlightenment

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Intensify the healing light within you to begin a deep clearing of the major core issues that keep you separated from your Divine nature. You will move into your highest enlightened Soul light and bring radiant levels of healing energy all through you. Using a unique process of prayerful devotional invocations you will discover what merging into the highest enlightened soul light can do to bring high levels of radiant healing energy all through you.

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This deeply spiritual program intensifies a healing light within you and guides you into a deep clearing of major core issues that are keeping you separated from your Divine nature.

Soul Merge contains reverent statements which help you merge into the highest enlightened soul light, and brings high levels of radiant healing energy all through you. You will find this has a profound effect of connecting you in a very deep way with your spiritual core-essence.

This program initiates a release of judgments, control, and the ego, and opens you to divine love. There is deep love, comfort, peace, healing, oneness, light, joy, and more that awaits you as you explore and merge into the depths and enlightened purity of your soul.

You can play this program as you would any affirmation program throughout the day and night, but the primary value is gained by repeating the statements prayerfully while in a meditative state. This method consists of silently or softly speaking intentions with reverent and deep feelings, which help you connect with and merge into the light of God and with your Divine Soul.

These tracks were recorded with a high frequency of spiritual energy that will be transmitted to you and help bring in beautiful levels of radiant healing light all around and through you. In fact, I have used elements of this program in my private sessions and classes for years, and now the tremendous benefits of this process can be yours to use in your personal meditations and healing. —Jonathan

Program Contents

Track 1. Discussion: Ego Defenses
Track 2. Discussion: Surrender
Track 3. Soul Merge: Release the Ego
Track 4. Discussion: Release Judgment
Track 5. Soul Merge Process: Release Judgment
Track 6. Soul Merge: Surrender & Release Control
Track 7. Soul Merge: I Am the Light
Track 8. Soul Merge: I Am the Soul
Track 9. Soul Merge:  Deep Surrender & I Open My Heart
Track 10. Soul Merge: Deepen the Soul in My Heart

The highest enlightened aspect of the soul is what you are, and everything else is a construct formed by the ego-driven mind. The only obstacles you have are the many beliefs and attachments the mind has created over lifetimes, and it takes time to identify and clear them.

Through the soul-merge process, everything you have identified as a part of yourself including your personality, character, and beliefs integrates with the soul and all the negative aspects of your life eventually disappear.

With the guidance in this program, you will enter a meditative state and request everything you are to merge with the soul. This includes your brain, mind, body, organs, systems, aura, chakras, lifestream, beliefs, subconscious mind, etc. You’ll ask the soul to integrate and merge into each identification until only the soul remains. This is the key to your spiritual evolution and ascension. Your life will become more positive and fulfilling the more you apply this process.

You may not notice or feel much as you begin the soul merge process, but eventually you will find your consciousness shifting to higher levels of awareness and realization. This is the path to your liberation and enlightenment.


I got Soul Merge and Miraculous Light. They are as powerful, if not more so, than any workshop I've done. They shift me really fast just listening to them.  They meditate me. –Jeremy

This process will powerfully connect you with your deeper spiritual nature, and this connection is one of the most profound of all human experiences you can have in your life. You will find deep love, comfort, peace, beauty, harmony, healing, oneness, joy, and more that awaits you as you explore and merge into the depths of your soul.

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