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Quest for Enlightenment & Ascension

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Awaken to your higher consciousness and ascension frequencies. This program cuts through the mystery of ancient metaphysics, Eastern and Western Philosophy, and modern quantum science to accelerate your clearing and consciousness evolution.

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The Quest for Enlightenment is a treasure trove of stories, techniques, and guidance
utilizing 22 transformational meditations. It also includes a very special StillPoint Meditation
which is one of the most profound meditations I have ever created.


Enlightenment is the culmination of your destiny. Enlightenment is your journey and purpose in life, and the most important subject for you to understand and explore.

What were once closely guarded mysteries are now accessible for everyone and you can attain enlightenment!

Your Enlightenment and Ascension are underway but there are preparations you need to do.

Everyone has limiting beliefs and karma which hook them and block them. When they are released and dissolved, enlightened realizations are spontaneous and automatic.

The stillpoint is not a new age fad idea. It is what some call Nirvana and full enlightenment. It is also called non-duality and Buddha awareness, and it is the goal of serious meditators and those on a spiritual path.

Enlightenment is your journey and purpose in life, and the most important subject for you to understand and explore. What were once closely-guarded mysteries are now accessible to anyone searching to expand their consciousness.

The Quest for Enlightenment cuts through the mystery of ancient metaphysics, Eastern and Western Philosophy, and modern quantum science to accelerate your clearing and consciousness evolution.

There are tremendous important discoveries that await you that will accelerate your spiritual journey. The material in this program took me decades to not only realize, but also how to transmit them to you.

Enlightenment is Your Destiny!

During the 20 hours in this advanced program you explore:

  • How quantum physics is an enlightenment platform
  • How to erase negative patterns
  • How to develop and strengthen visualization ability
  • Feel and accept prosperity, vitality, and happiness
  • The five main paths of spiritual growth
  • The forces affecting your destiny
  • How to utilize 33 Universal Laws for Enlightenment
  • Who & what are soul mates & twin souls
  • Ancient Chinese & Zen secrets
  • Stories from enlightened masters
  • The truth about detachment and attachment
  • Essence of secret Tibetan teachings
  • The nature of ego and illusions
  • Options at death and the clear light
  • Maintain your meditation frequency
  • Reincarnation forces & core blocks
  • Energy healing treatments for illness and pain
  • How to listen to your body & invoke healing
  • Clear anger, hatred and resentment
  • Heart-Center forgiveness & world healing
  • Explorations in history & past life regression
  • Merkabah Initiation & Increase Light Quotient
  • Life purpose & ascension initiation
  • Energy fragment clearing & recovery
  • How to evolve to enlightened consciousness
  • Merge with Enlightened Soul Awareness
  • Ascension to the 5th Dimension–what is it like
  • Deep Soul clearing, integration & transformation
  • Attaining Samadhi & beyond
  • Surrender & Non-Dual Alignment
  • Dualism, Non-Duality & Surrendered Alignment
  • How to attain StillPoint of Consciousness
  • StillPoint & Non-Duality Meditation


Program 1 – Your Foundation for Enlightenment
(1) Discussion: How Quantum Physics is a Platform for Your Enlightenment.
(2) Discussion: You Are Not Your Genes
(3) Discussion: The Effects of Vibrations and How to Erase Negative Patterns
(4) Discussion: How to Develop, Strengthen, and Apply Visualization Ability.

Program 2 – The Importance of Clearing Your Past Limitations
(5) Discussion: The Importance of Clearing Limiting Programs
(6) Discussion: Your Karma Connections
(7) Discussion: What Steps to Take if You’ve Had a Horrible Past.
(8) Discussion: The Importance of Living by What is True for You.

Program 3 – Your Pathway to Enlightenment
(9) Discussion: Choices on the Enlightenment Path
(10) Discussion: The Five Main Paths of Spiritual Growth
(11) Discussion: The Forces of Your Destiny
(12) Discussion: Raise the Quality of Your Meditations

Program 4 – How to Utilize 33 Universal Laws for Your Enlightenment
(13) Discussion: Universal Laws 1-2
(14) Discussion: Universal Laws 3-7
(15) Discussion: Universal Laws 8-13
(16) Discussion: Universal Laws 14-22
(17) Discussion: Universal Laws 23-33

Program 5 – Relationships as a Spiritual Path
(18) Discussion: How Relationships are a Spiritual Path
(19) Discussion: Who & What are Soul Mates & Twin Souls
(20) Discussion: Steps to Attract Your Ideal Relationship
(21) Guided Meditation: Attract & Enrich Your Relationship

Program 6 – How to Shift Your States of Mind
(22) Discussion: The 10,000 States of Mind
(23) Discussion: Ancient Chinese & Zen Secrets
(24) Discussion: Stories from Enlightened Masters
(25) Discussion: Your Individual Nature

Program 7 – The Truth About Detachment and Attachment
(26) Discussion: Essence of Secret Tibetan Teachings
(27) Discussion: The Role of Desire in Your Life
(28) Discussion: The Nature of Ego and Illusions
(29) Discussion: Options at Death and the Clear Light
(30) Discussion: Maintain your Meditation Frequency

Program 8 – Reincarnation Forces & Core Blocks
(31) Discussion: Forces and Desires of Reincarnation
(32) Discussion: Why Enlightened Ones Incarnate
(33) Discussion: Your Beliefs that Attract People to You

Program 9 – Clearing Techniques, Absent Healing
(34) Discussion: Causes and Treatments for Illness & Pain
(35) Discussion: Numerous Healing Techniques
(36) Guided Healing Meditation (Violet Light & Inner Child)

Program 10 – Release, Clearing, and Healing Meditations
(37) Discussion: Preparation for Releasing & Clearing
(38) Guided Meditation: Listen to Your Lower Body & Invoke Healing
(39) Guided Meditation: Listen to Your Upper Body & Invoke Healing

Program 11 – Self Analysis & Release Guided Meditations
(40) Guided Meditation: Clear Fear & Doubt
(41) Guided Meditation: Clear Anger, Hatred and Resentment
(42) Guided Meditation: Heart-Center Forgiveness & World Healing

Program 12 – Follow Your Heart
(43) Guided Meditation: Live With the Guidance of Your Heart
(44) Guided Meditation: Explore In the Light with Your Twin Soul

Program 13 - Understand Your Own Mind
(45) Guided Session: How Your Unique Mind Operates
(46) Discussion: Increase Effectiveness of Prayers and Meditations
(47) Guided Meditation: Explorations in History & Past Life Regression

Program 14 - Two Guided Meditations
(48) Guided Meditation: Discover the Forces of Your Destiny
(49) Guided Meditation: Enlightened Initiation Gift

Program 15 - Two Guided Meditations
(50) Guided Meditation: Merkabah Initiation & Increase Light Quotient
(51) Guided Meditation: Life Purpose & Ascension Initiation

Program 16 - Energy Fragmentation & Recovery
(52) Discussion: Energy Fragmentation
(53) Guided Meditation: Energy Fragment Clearing & Recovery – Part 1
(54) Guided Meditation: Energy Fragment Clearing & Recovery – Part 2

Program 17 - Awakening, Enlightenment & Ascension
(55) Discussion: How to Evolve to Enlightened Consciousness
(56) Discussion: Your Awakening Experience

Program 18 - Enlightened Awakening
(57) Discussion: Levels of Consciousness Awakening
(58) Meditation: Merge with the Highest Enlightened Soul Awareness

Program 19 - Enlightened Transformation
(59) Discussion: Ascension to the 5th Dimension – What is it Like
(60) Discussion: How to Accelerate Enlightenment
(61) Meditation: Deep Soul Clearing, Integration & Transformation

Program 20 - Attaining Samadhi & Beyond
(62) Discussion: Your Enlightenment Journey
(63) Meditation: Connect with Your Deep Self

Program 21 - Surrender & Non-Dual Alignment
(64) Discussion: Dualism, Non-Duality & Surrendered Alignment
(65) Discussion: How to Attain Stillpoint of Consciousness
(66) Meditation: Stillpoint

Right now we are moving into the most momentous time in human history. The cosmic energies are intensifying to support you in awakening to higher consciousness and ascension frequencies as never before.

This program contains information and unique methods I discovered, developed, and used myself for attaining enlightened realizations over more than 40 years.

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