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Winning at Losing Weight

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Your subconscious mind has a powerful effect on weight. Discover the tools to change your subconscious mind so it will act as a positive force in your life to give you permanent control of your weight.

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Your subconscious mind holds your body image, and it is so strong that it actually affects the shape and size of your outward body. You’ll learn how to change your inner beliefs about your weight in ways that will get you to your weight goals.

In addition to regulating your metabolism your subconscious also affects your weight through your desires and attitudes toward food. Eating habits, the way you relate to food, and the desires you have for certain types of food, all arise form the inner subconscious mind, not the conscious mind.
Winning at Losing gives you the most powerful tools to change your subconscious mind, for permanent control of your weight.

This program is powerful alone or use it to ensure success with any diet or other weight-loss program you are on. It is the perfect program to reinforce your success with your weight management program. Overeating, binging, and obsessions will be a thing of the past!

Your subconscious mind has a powerful effect on your physical appearance--including your weight.  If you are not at your ideal weight, it's not solely because of external circumstances. What’s going on inside of you at a deep, subconscious level--forces that you are probably not even aware of—also affect your physical appearance.

The innovative techniques in this program are among the most important mind power breakthroughs of the 21st century. Discover these revolutionary methods yourself so you can shatter your old limitations, and truly transform yourself…forever!

The most obvious change you are likely to notice is a shift in your eating habits. Cravings will diminish, and the amount you eat will naturally decline. Your attitudes and feelings start becoming more positive, and you will feel more calm and relaxed.

This program is powerful alone or use it to ensure success with any diet or other weight-loss program you are on.

There Are Two Ways The Subconscious Controls Weight:

(1)  Body Image.  Your subconscious mind holds an image of you which is your self-image.  An important part of this mental picture is your body image.  This image is so strong that it actually affects the shape and size of your outward body.  If you want to gain control of your weight permanently, you must change your inner body image.

(2)  Habits & Desires.  The other way the subconscious affects your weight is through your desires and attitudes toward food.  Our eating habits, the way we relate to food, and the desires we have for certain types of food, all arise from the inner mind rather than the conscious mind.

Winning At Losing - All the Tools You Need

Winning at Losing (Weight) is a key to making the inner changes. It gives you the tools to change your subconscious mind so it will act as a positive force in your life to give you permanent control of your weight. It is not a diet regimen. There is no list of foods to eat and not to eat. There is no exercise program required.

Program Includes Lessons, Visualizations, Mind Talk & Subliminal

Read Full Descriptions Of Each Below

Guided Visualizations - Program includes guided imagery sessions.


The Mind Power Guided Visualization programs have a powerful combination of sound effects and mind-synch techniques to access your subconscious with positive programming.

Because you will be relaxed and in a state of peak receptivity this new programming enters the deepest levels of your consciousness for the most compelling and lasting transformations.

How Does It Work?

The guided visualization sessions utilize a revolutionary technology based on the holographic model of the brain. Your first session gently leads you into a pleasant and peaceful state that provides unique access to all levels of your subconscious mind.

While you are relaxing on your mental vacation, you will be led through the life-changing magic of sensory imagery with the positive impact of empowering mind scripts. In just 23 minutes you will return from your odyssey relaxed, recharged, and renewed.

Your second 23-minute inner journey “meditates you!”  You are effortlessly escorted into a unique audio matrix filled with a proprietary combination of sound effects and competing metaphors which have been engineered to deliver a powerful inner experience automatically.

All you do is relax, adjust your headphones, and let the guided session entrain your mind with its powerful mind-rescripting directives. Be aware that some visualizations have one track is intentionally recorded at a lower volume than the other to best impact your subconscious mind.

The guided visualizations program your subconscious mind to attract and create lasting benefits by mentally imaging the success you want. The visualization sessions need your undivided attention and should be used when you can relax and be undisturbed.

We recommend doing at least one guided visualization each day when you will be undisturbed.

Mind Talk - Program includes the power of audible + subliminal positive affirmations that are like your own personal 24-hour-a-day success coach.


The Mind Talk programs utilize multiple subconscious trigger techniques to positively conform all your inner beliefs and attitudes so you can manifest your highest dreams and desires.

While you are consciously being powerfully motivated to success with audible affirmations, your subconscious mind will be storing the same life-changing subliminal affirmations embedded in the soothing background sounds and beautiful music.

You can use these Mind Talk sessions while you are working, reading, exercising, relaxing or even while you are falling asleep.

The Mind Talk programs combine the natural process of inner self talk which you do all the time with multiple subconscious trigger techniques. The result is that now you have control over your own inner self talk, and you will activate your subconscious and superconscious mind to bring you the results you want!

Now with these Mind Talk programs you have control over your own self-talk so your subconscious mind power will bring you the results you want!

The Mind Talk programs provide you with a powerful motivational coach to keep you peaceful throughout the day. The subliminal affirmations are the same as the ones you are hearing audibly, but are embedded in the soothing music.

In this way both your conscious and subconscious minds are working to help you achieve your goals.

Listen to these programs every morning when you are getting ready for work or other activities, while you are eating, working, relaxing, exercising or anytime throughout the day.

You can even use the Mind Talk programs as sleep programming. Sleep learning is a powerful method of life-changing subconscious programming. Some electronic stores sell small inexpensive pillow speakers specifically designed for this purpose so you won’t disturb others, but you can use any player with the volume turned down low.

The more often you play these programs the better they work, so play them as much as possible.

Both first and second person affirmations are used for maximum receptivity. If the audible statements are in second person (you), the subliminal affirmations are in first person (I), and vice versa. You will feel so uplifted, positive, and happy listening to these Mind Talk programs.

Subliminal Programming - To make lasting improvements in your life, you must make changes at the subconscious level. This program is designed to do just that by imprinting the positive messages directly on your subconscious, with no interference or filtering from your conscious mind.


In order to make lasting improvements in your life, you must make changes at the subconscious level. Our subliminal programs are designed to do just that by imprinting the positive messages directly on your subconscious, with no interference or filtering from your conscious mind.

The subliminal messages bypass any conscious or subconscious mental resistance you might have, and work directly to reprogram your mind with the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes you want. Subliminal programs can be listened to while you are doing just about any other activity.

The male and female voiced messages on this program have been specially processed to deliver a high saturation of up to 5,000 clear messages per hour. The strong, clear messages were recorded just slightly below the music or environmental sounds using our proprietary computer processor, ensuring the strongest saturation of subliminal messages.

Each message is embedded so precisely that you don’t consciously hear them, yet they are well within the range of normal hearing to strongly register on your brain.

Play the subliminal programs softly in the background any time day or night, because the more you listen the greater the effect.

Winning at Losing has:

4 Instructional audio programs on how how to change your subconscious programs to lose weight.

6 Guided Visualizations and

17 Mind Talk Audible + Subliminal Titles include:

  • Scale Down - Winning at Weight Loss
  • Body Beautiful
  • Take Control of Your Life
  • Melt Abdominal Fat
  • Banish Sugar Addiction & Junk food Mania
  • Weight Loss Triumph
  • Appetite Control & Weight Maintenance

8 All-Subliminal Tracks include:

  •  Winning at Losing Super Self-Confidence [Music & Ocean Formats]
  •  No More Junk Food {Easy Listening Music 1 & 2]
  •  Be a Winner at Losing [Ocean & Gentle Woodwinds Formats]
  •  Appetite Control & Weight Maintenance  [Ocean & Woodwinds Formats]

Each of the above all-subliminal titles come with pdf files listing all the affirmations.

If you want more subliminal formats you will find them listed
as the following individual products:

Stop Junk Food Addiction at this link: Junk Food

Appetite Control & Weight Maintenance at this link: Appetite Control

Winning at Weight Loss all Subliminal with rhythm formats for exercising this link: Weight Loss Subliminals

Melt Abdominal Fat at this link: Melt Abdominal Fat

Testimonials From Those Who Have Benefited From Winning At Losing

The change I have experienced in my life as a result of "Winning at Losing" has been literally a modern-day miracle. I was once a slave to food. Now my entire attitude about eating has changed. I never stayed on diets because they made my life miserable. But now there is no misery and no feeling of denial. Words cannot express my thanks for what you've done for me. Nothing I could do would be enough to repay you. –Bill Campbell, Hudson, TN

The first week my husband listened to "Winning at Losing" he lost weight. He has now lost 40 pounds. He feels like a new person and is loaded with energy. –C & M Vendrell, Encino, CA

I recently receive "Winning at Losing" and in just three days I've noticed a change in my eating habits. I'm eating much less - and more nutritiously - without feeling uptight. I've tried other programs but find yours to be the most effective. –Diane McGuire, OH

In the 12-years of struggling with my weight and crying myself to sleep at night, I have never felt so positive, confident and in control of my weight. I went from a size 18, occasional 20, to a size 8-10. At the beginning I weighed 210 pounds and now weigh 140 pounds and still losing. Even when on a plateau I still lost inches.

During this time I have never felt restricted, monitored, or even like I was on a diet. I realized you don't have to give up all of the foods you enjoy in life. You are satisfied with small portions and you are in control of what you eat. So many people that I know look at me and are awestruck at the change that has taken place. I have become the person I wanted to be. –Kari Koss, St. Paul, MN

Your "Winning at Losing" program really changed my life. I have already lost 38 pounds in just a few months, without pills, diets, or starving myself. My whle self-image has improved. I actually like myself after years of feeling fat and ugly. Words can't begin to say enough of what I'm feeling. Thank you, Dr. Parker, for caring and for loving and for giving new hope and a new life to people that have lost it a long time ago. The cost is so little for a new beginning! Thank you again. –Diane S. Guerra, Pearl River, CA

I tried all other systems, spent thousands trying to lose weight, but your weight loss programs were the only success I had. I lost 45 pounds in nine months. My experience has been painless and effortless. Before, weight-loss attempts caused such trauma that my husband and sons didn't want me to lose weight - they preferred the peace and harmony of the "fat female" in our home and were grateful when all the failed diets were tossed by the wayside. –F.H., Tulorose, NM

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