Yearly Analysis Reading – Audio CD, MP3 Download, or Live Zoom


Be ready for for what lies ahead
for you in the next 12 months!

This report is designed for detailed and personal analysis for one year with concentrations on

  • Opportunities
  • Potential Problem Areas to be Aware of
  • Decision Guidance

This reading gives you important insights for the coming year!

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Be ready for for what lies ahead
for you in the next 12 months!

This is a personalized reading (not a computer generated report) and gives detailed information for one person for the next 12 months. It comes on a 30-minute Personalized Audio CD or you may request to download an mp3 audio.

This report is designed for detailed and personal analysis for one year with concentrations on

  • Opportunities, Potential Problem Areas to be Aware of, and Guidance on Decisions

This reading will also provide you with:

  • Timing and dates for successful actions
  • Advance notice of when complications might arise
  • Specific dates of events, opportunities, and challenges

You will receive insights and guidance for one full year on

  • Career
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Love
  • Creativity
  • Past-Life Influences on the Current Year
  • Timing, and more.

You will need to send us the following information for the person the reading concerns:
1. Birth Day: month, day, year, & if known, time of birth-a.m./p.m.
2. Birth Place, including city, state and country.
3. Gender, Male or female
4. Marital Status
5. Current Living Location. Put this in the question area of the form.

Also, please tell us if you want a CD,
link for an mp3 download, or you
want to schedule a live Zoom meeting.

Please place your order for this reading by filling out the birth information in the form below and any questions you might want addressed in your reading (if any). Also, let us know if you prefer to receive an mp3 audio file which you can download rather than a CD. The mp3 files will get to you a few days faster than the delays that result from shipping a CD.

These readings are for one person only. If you have questions about other people or wish to include other people in your reading there is an additional $35 for each additional person as charts need to be constructed for each person which takes extra time. You will also need to send us birth information for each additional person you want included.

Your reading will be personally prepared and sent to you in about three weeks.


Knowing your birth time is very important for an accurate reading. Sometimes the birthtime will be at the bottom of the birth certificate where it says "live birth at...." If you do not know your birth time, we will need to email you additional questions and this process will require more time for the reading, so we will need to charge an additional $20.


"I thought that Astrology was a hoax until I heard the tapes you did for my twins." --J.B., Pittsburg, PA

"As the months unfold, I marvel at the accuracy of your readings." --S.R., Lyon, France I want to thank you for the update which you sent to me. I'm struck by so many aspects, of the reading. The overall personality traits seem absolutely true. C.N. NY, NY I very much appreciated your reading. Your psychic gifts are also highly attuned. Yes, these are very diffucult times. I appreciate your guidance, especially, now. KP. Psy. Therapist. CA


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