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Finally! Now you have an opportunity to ask specific questions, and receive specific answers! Dr. Dixon will answer 3 questions (or more) using your Astrological chart and her psychic intuition. Each reading is for 3 questions focused on one person only. If you have questions concerning another person you’ll need to place an order for them with their birth data.

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Finally! Now you have an opportunity to ask specific questions, and receive specific answers! Dr. Dixon will answer 3 questions (or more, see below) using your Astrological chart and her psychic intuition.

You can ask 3 or more questions that are focused on one person only. If your questions concern another person you need a separate order with their individual birth data.

The first order is for 3 questions. Each additional order is for one question and is $20 additional. Each of your questions will be answered in a paragraph of approximately 75 words (or more if needed). The reading is designed to help you make decisions and let you know a particular time frame for the success of that decision, for example:

"Should I make the move now?"
"Should I quit my job and when will I find a better one?"
"What are my major gifts and talents?"

Learn about career, finances, your future, and much more. Please state one birth date, one person only per order for this reading. For instance, questions like, will my boyfriend get the job, or why is my child not doing well in school should not come under this heading unless birth information is provided for that person, and all the questions are concerning that person.

Please do not include questions about people other than yourself unless you are ordering the reading for someone else and provide full birth information for that person. Each order for questions must be for one person only. Include only questions about the birth date you are submitting, and these questions may not include another person. If you have questions on more than one person, please place separate orders for each person and provide all birth information.

Relationship issues, using two birthdays together should be placed under the reading "Relationship Compatibility for Two" You will need to send us the following information for the person the questions concern:
1. Birth Day: month, day, year, & if known, time of birth-a.m./p.m.
2. Birth Place, including city, state and country.
3. Gender, Male or female
4. Marital Status
5. Current Living Location. [include this in the Question box below]

Please place your order for this reading by filling out the birth information in the form at the bottom of the page and any questions you might want addressed in your reading (if any). Your reading will be personally prepared and emailed to you.

Please allow up to three weeks to receive your answers.


Knowing your birth time is very important for an accurate reading. Sometimes the birthtime will be at the bottom of the birth certificate where it says "live birth at...." If you do not know your birth time, we will need to email you additional questions and this process will require more time for the reading, so we will need to charge an additional $20.



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