In-Depth Reading; Audio CD, MP3, or Live Zoom


Discover personal insights into your nature,
improve the quality of your life, and receive
guidance to achieve all your goals & desires.

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Discover personal insights into your nature,
improve the quality of your life, and receive
guidance to achieve all your goals & desires.

This reading comes to you on a personally prepared ONE HOUR CD (or you may request an mp3 audio file to download and receive it quicker). The In-depth reading includes an assessment of your personality at all levels. You will receive an analysis of your career, finances, talent, love, relationships, and past lives. Concentration is given to present year details, and major future events are predicted for the next five years. This is an incredible in-depth and extremely helpful reading, that will give you valuable information and guidance.

Because this reading requires considerable research and preparation time, this personalized custom recording may take up to three weeks to be sent to you.

You will need to send us the following information for the person the reading concerns:
1. Birth Day: month, day, year, & if known, time of birth-a.m./p.m.
2. Birth Place, including city, state and country.
3. Gender, Male or female
4. Marital Status
5. Current Living Location.  [include this in the Question box below]

Also, please tell us if you want a CD or
link for an mp3 download, or you'd like
to schedule a Live Zoom Meeting.

Please place your order for this reading by filling out the birth information in the form below and any questions you might want addressed in your reading (if any). Also, let us know if you prefer to receive an mp3 audio file which you can download rather than a CD. The mp3 files will get to you a few days faster than the delays that result from shipping a CD, or you can schedule a love Zoom meeting with Mary and ask questions related to your reading.

These readings are for one person only. If you have questions about other people or wish to include other people in your reading there is an additional $35 for each additional person as charts need to be constructed for each person which takes extra time. You will also need to send us birth information for each additional person you want included.


Knowing your birth time is very important for an accurate reading. Sometimes the birthtime will be at the bottom of the birth certificate where it says "live birth at...." If you do not know your birth time, we will need to email you additional questions and this process will require more time for the reading, so we will need to charge an additional $20.


"You said I would receive a windfall of money in 8 months. I did receive a sizable, unexpected gift that enabled me to take my family and travel the world!" --F.S., Laguna Beach, CA

"Thank you for the Astrology analysis. It is the finest, most profound, and thorough reading of any type, that I have ever received. It will be a great assistance for a long time to come. Amazing!" --L.W., Santa Barbara, CA "I listen to your tape regularly and continue to be struck by your accuracy. When you spoke of my increased intuitive powers and my need to find a supportive group, you knew what I needed." L.F., N.Y.

"So much of what you said on the tape helped me understand all these different and mixed feelings I seem to have." G.C. LA, CA

"Your readings are so accurate in detail that I am really very excited to receive the information. You're gift is quite extraordinary. Thanks." C.H. AZ "I'm writing to thank you for the astrological reading and to tell you what I'm sure you already know. I have spent most of my life in therapy because of early traumatic events and much of what you told me about myself took years to unfold in psychotherapy!" L.L., N.Y. "Thank you for all your help and guidance. You have been a strong influence and came into my life at a time of crisis." LM, CSW, NY, NY "I very much appreciated your reading. Your psychic gifts are also highly attuned. Yes, these are very difficult times. I appreciate your guidance, especially, now." K.P., Psy. Therapist, CA


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