Healing, Clearing & Enlightenment Retreats


April 18-21, 2024  [Full]

No Additional Dates Scheduled at this Time



Location: Ojai, California

The type of healing retreat I’ll be doing in June is not a passive meditation retreat but rather requires interactions with those who have sufficient background to contribute and interact.

These retreats are for you if your are really serious about breaking through on your spiritual journey. You will be clearing what has been blocking you, ending negative karmic patterns, and other obstacles while opening you to higher consciousness. This is a spiritually-based program consisting of small groups for focused individualized attention [limited to 3 or 4 participants]. These retreats are not a program focusing on physical healing or strong psychological issues such as trauma, abuse, financial problems, phobias, etc. but rather for addressing the types of spiritual issues I work on in my Private Sessions, and for those who are ready and wanting to evolve further into enlightened levels of consciousness. No additional retreats are currently scheduled, but I am continuing with phone sessions which are similar to the healing retreats.

As you know, I have been guiding workshops, classes, and retreats for over 50 years and I am able to help facilitate your clearing issues that have plagued you while integrating the highest enlightened awareness of the soul to clear your pain, open your heart, and awaken your enlightened spirit.

What you have facilitated for my growth is unbelievable! I am empowered! Finally all doubt, guilt and fears have been released.  I feel love toward everybody and everything.  The peace and tranquility is sublime.  You have been the vehicle. Thank you Jonathan my dear friend for guiding me here. I hope people will believe it is possible because it is.
Elma D., TX

If you’ve hit a plateau or you are ready to accelerate your evolution with a quantum leap ahead, this retreat can be your breakthrough to a major turning point on your life journey.

Workshops & Retreats With Jonathan Parker

This is What You’ll Experience:

Through the experience of doing well over 50,000 individual sessions I have a depth of understanding of the complex factors driving your life, so I am able to teach you about the non-physical dimensions affecting your life, as well as help you attain higher consciousness permanently. You’ll discover that my highly-tuned intuitive abilities are able to penetrate to the core causes that have frustrated you and held you back…and release them! I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient and these gifts enable me to penetrate to deep levels to  help you clear and accelerate your spiritual evolution.

These four intensive days can dramatically shift and change your life. You will walk with a lightness-of-being and come to an open-hearted clarity that is the gift of your soul.  We will do some guided meditations and I will focus on you each day for your personal clearing, healing, and raising consciousness bringing in Miraculous Light and your Soul more powerfully than you have probably experienced it on  your own. Many who have attended these retreats return again and again to these healing intensives to experience going deeper into self-understanding, realizations, and enlightenment.

For a lot more information on Enlightenment, see my book, Handbook for Enlightenment & Ascension, available on Amazon.

This retreat is your door opener to living an enlightened-heart and soul-centered life, automatically, as you clear away the ego patterns of fear, guilt, resentment, suffering, and struggle. You’ll release lifetimes of karmic traps and limiting patterns and breakthrough to light-filled freedom and unconditional love.

We’ll probe into the core make-up of who you are, discover why your life has been the way it has, and clear the obstacles to your evolving to the depths of enlightening awareness.

The levels of realization and transformation often far exceed the expectations of those attending.  The stimulating Q&A dialogues, revealing discussions, and specific focus on you and what your needs are contribute to making this event one of the most life-changing experiences you can have.

If You are Ready to Dive in For Some Deep Work, This Retreat Will Accelerate Your Enlightenment Journey and Expand your Soul into Your Work, Relationships, Body, Mind, and Life.

The retreats are held in Ojai, CA where I live. (The total Cost $1497 is due two weeks before our start date). Many have told me the intensive healing retreats were the most helpful and amazing experience they’ve ever had; plus they are a lot of fun. To Register Please Call Us At 1-800-265-4213 or 805-649-4343. Or, you can also send me a message or question using the contact form on this site.  For information on Ojai including transportation & Housing click here.  


OJAI: Where Our Workshops Take Place

Messages to You from Others Who Have Participated

This experience brought me closer than I’ve ever been to the source of our existence.  Had it not been for my friend, I would have missed the opportunity to be a part of this group of warm and loving people and to experience your guidance in the meditation process. To come to God through meditation is a wonderful thing and one I have never experienced so completely before. Thank you Jonathan for giving me the opportunity to be here.
Claudette C., PA
What you have facilitated for my growth is unbelievable! I am empowered! Finally all doubt, guilt and fears have been released.  I feel love toward everybody and everything.  The peace and tranquility is sublime.  You have been the vehicle. Thank you Jonathan my dear friend for guiding me here. I hope people will believe it is possible because it is.
Elma D., TX

We had never been to any of your classes or retreats before, but we have to say it was well worth it.  We will certainly do it again and encourage others to do the same.  You have definitely inspired us. Your meditations took us quantum leaps ahead to much more than we ever dreamed of.  What an exhilarating experience that will allow us to go forward on our path much quicker to total enlightenment.  You allowed us to really feel and understand all the words we keep hearing.  We thank you for this wonderful work you do helping us to discover who and what we are so we can live in our truth, expressing God in all we do.

Kathy & Randy M., AZ

Completing the program uncovered my Soul and awakened me to the truth of Oneness. In the beginning I was imprisoned and burdened by fear, guilt, anger, pain and suffering. Now I am light and peaceful, blessed by grace with your gift of the Miraculous Healing Light. I have received an abundance of healing methods. To clear core ego issues, I continue to have healing sessions with soul-family members I met. I feel my Soul in my heart and throughout my being guiding me. I have experienced amazing shifts. My mind is quiet. I am drawn into vast unlimited inner space, deeper into stillness, and into All That Is. Thank you, Jonathan, for this priceless gift, beyond words, space or time.

Connie S., New Mexico

After having completed program, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart (which is now opening for the first time in my life!). You've shown us all by example what unconditional love is really all about. I'm feeling in touch with my soul, and now understanding how truly beautiful life can be when in this state. You're a wonderful role model and a gifted teacher. I'm grateful for all the love, kindness, wisdom and knowledge you freely share.

Marcia S., New Jersey

What a difference the program can make. It is miraculous! I had the good fortune to progress through the program with a wonderful group of people, although from what I have observed, everyone who is attracted to your work fits that category. I benefited greatly from each class, as progressively deeper and deeper layers of issues were revealed and transmuted, and I was able to progressively experience higher and higher spiritual states and maintain them for longer and longer periods of time. While I benefited from all the modules, the module on “Core Issues” was by far the most profound. I found and released two very highly charged personal core issues that were previously completely hidden from me. I moved into a blissful state that felt like “being in love” but without the fixation and roller coaster emotions that have accompanied that state for me in the past. New spiritual realms opened up to me. And finally my confidence in my higher perception and ability to assist others soared. It has been almost two months since completing the program, and I still feel positively transformed. I really appreciate what you have done and continue to do. With love and respect.

K.H, Nevada

The positive shifts are phenomenal. I am so grateful I was able to attend. I have spent my life searching. Thank you for the changes you assist us with that make our lives the joyful dance life should be.

Barb K., Iowa

I must say that my confidence in what I see and hear has never been higher, and I am very thankful for all of the clearing you recently did on me. I feel as though I am especially blessed to know and work with you. I will forever be grateful for all of the ways you have helped me positively change my life. With Love and Gratitude.

Shawn M., FL

I had no idea of the depth to which we would go in the various subjects when I first enrolled, nor the level of success I might achieve in reaching my personal goals. With the intense visualization techniques employed by Jonathan in guided meditations, healing sessions and aura reading sessions, I quickly and comfortably opened to my Higher Self. I developed a quiet confidence to connect with the Divine Source, heal others and read their auras with amazing accuracy.

The program fostered a deepening and abiding love, and a feeling of oneness with God and all God-created beings. I am 100% satisfied that the program taught me everything I sought to achieve and much, much more! I am a better person for the experience and feel I now possess a keen sense of direction and deep appreciation for my soul.


I must begin with thank you. The overwhelming emotion I feel is gratitude. I have spent half a lifetime looking for the truth—an honest connection with the divine. You have delivered me to my Soul. As you say, it is not as I thought it would be. For myself I experience this as a simple, subtle all pervasive Love. My world is not the same and will never be the same again. I stepped into a class at fifty years of age and thinking I was leaning toward the end of my work in metaphysics. I was a Reiki master in two different schools, an Integrated Energy therapy master instructor, a designer of Labyrinths, a jewelry designer, working in sacred geometry, and more. I now feel that

Meditation now exists in me as a Living Presence. I sit, and enter a dimension of Love and Light and travel to worlds of peace and joy. This is what I got from being in the program - worlds of Light. I look at the world as a place of fascinating possibilities. Out in the world my heart is full of allowance and freedom. In my inner life I am surround with Love, Light and the Presence of the Soul. So thank you, for opening the door and being in my life. Thanks from the Heart. 

Larry B., NY

Yes, I'm still flyin' high. I'm also incredibly thoughtful and blissful. Softer if you will. Thank you for the incredibly Sacred safe place that you create. I feel so supported. Your program has changed my life forever. So much of the pain and struggle that I've experienced in the past are just that…the past. The feeling of acceptance that you extend has catapulted me into accelerated growth in my experience of Being. Yummy! I'm AMAZED and filled with gratitude for you Jonathan. I feel new. Incredible really. As you mentioned/predicted, things that previously hooked me are not there. Empty. I look for the charge because I'm used to it being there…but gone. YEAH! So nice. Also, as I work on clients the clearing is going much faster. I had no idea that my growth would be experienced in such a tangible manner. It's Wonderful. Wow! Very fun! I directly benefit from your presence in my life. My heart is so open. Thank you! I'm AMAZED and filled with gratitude Jonathan. I feel new. Blessings of love to you all ways. 

Rita H., Iowa

More than awesome! No one I have ever met has developed techniques to teach people to heal others at the deeper levels of their physical being. I watched, gave, and received numerous healings by shifting energies at deep levels. I had never done such a thing before the workshop. An awakening experience to say the least.

A.A., Arizona

The inner joy, the heightened senses, the clarity of purpose and the intense love are all experienced. Could any amount of money have bought that? I received love and more love, and a direct knowing of my own purpose in this lifetime and what direction to go in order to honor that purpose. I'm happy, pure and simple, and it feels good--And I'm sharing that happiness with others. Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us.

Frances L., Calif

It takes time for introspection reflection, and assimilation to realize the richness and the fullness of the experience of your programs. This is to express appreciation for the many years, and multiple contributions that you have made to our betterment and growing enlightenment. It is a unique experience to share a worship, and the products of those experiences never end.

Dr. George G., M.D., Atlanta, Georgia

You have changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. You have opened the gate to self-discovery and spiritual awareness that can never be taken away. What I have benefited from you is priceless to me. I feel so blessed to be able to reach the spiritual heights I have so far. Your life's work is very special and I'm sure many have been touched the way I have.

Lisa S., Beverly Hills, California

Phenomenal--an experience beyond words. I cannot place a monetary value on the truths revealed or the release of negativity. The program is a true path to knowing yourself and freedom. The energy surpassed anything I had experienced on an individual level. To actually see the energy I could only feel before was extraordinary. The impact of facing the past with this new energy serves as a new tool to shatter its grip. It was such a relief to let to, and actually feel empowered to demand that all this past negativity leave me. This is quite a change from hoping, wishing, or praying that life will get better.

Claudia M., Michigan

I was astonished at the tremendous energy released during meditations. It's so powerful beginning students can feel the effects immediately. The effects of group meditation combined with Jonathan's gift for guiding the group results in an amazing lasting experience. I've never experienced anything like it. The strong feelings of love are more intense and are coming more often and lasting longer. The most powerful, beautiful, and loving God thoughts I have ever experienced. Thank you from my heart.

Harriet L., Tucson, Arizona

The gentle process of releasing blocks allowed for transcendence in Mind to the highest truths of experiencing a profound love energy. The transformation that occurred definitely imparted a higher vibration of love into the physical plane. I realized that I now have the ability to touch with love, and to see the Truth that all healing occurs in the presence of love. This vibratory change is what does the healing. We each heal ourselves when we reach an awareness of this energy. I know I am embarking on using what I know to assist others, as I have reached a level of awareness within myself.

In your meditations I had a complete, total knowing of the oneness with the Father-the Light of Consciousness! I realized I am free! Tears of great joy poured out of me, I was filled with tremendous gratitude for this experience of Absolute wholeness-completeness. The greatest transformation was getting beyond the intellect and actually becoming the experience—becoming the energy of the love, the Christ. Again tears of joy flowed as I was aware of myself as expansive loving energy. Thank you Jonathan for this blessing. I have never had an experience of this nature, and I feel the group love created such an opening to this realization.

Pamela S., California

The program has had a powerful effect on my life. I released many deep, deep and subtle layers of negativity and attachment that I had been unaware of on a conscious level. I believe that the program has been a catalyst to accelerate changes in my life that I had been struggling with for many years. It has opened my mind and heart to become more aware of who I really am-a remembering process has taken place as many layers of illusion and core beliefs have been peeled back to let the light in. My outlook on life has been altered-I feel more myself, somehow, my thinking is more clear and so much of the anger is gone. I don't feel like a victim. I am more in control of my thoughts and therefore, I create my own world.

When I find myself drawn into old behavior patterns, I'm far more able to unravel the 'why' behind the behavior and use the proper tools for uncovering the core beliefs underlying the pattern. I would like to express gratitude for the wonderful quality of your work and the great Light it has brought into my life for these past five years. The workshop was wonderful and was a trigger point for so many levels in my being. It has opened my mind and my heart to new dimensions of being-the incredible quality of the meditations enabled me to accelerate to a higher state of harmony. It has also created in me a forceful inner drive to climb higher and remember and understand more. It is hard to put into words the capacity and motivation I feel now for unfoldment and development. Thank you for your time and caring.

Mary S., Raleigh, North Carolina