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Dear Friend,

I hope you enjoy the journey inward as you make the transformational shifts that will awaken your connection with your soul. As you begin to experience your soul’s limitless gifts, I encourage you to go deeper into your True Self and the divine consciousness within you by continuing on your path to enlightenment.

My newest audio program, Soul Solution Journeys, is an 8-hour set intended to deepen the soul journey for those who have already read the The Soul Solution. This new program includes:

  • 9 Discussions
  • 8 meditations
  • 3 programs of soul affirmations

Your soul is the traveler across time and is always leading you ever closer to your true home and the discovery of the light of divine consciousness within you. Your soul is also your key to resolve all your challenges and create and attract everything you could ever need. I highly recommend Soul Solution Journeys to help you continue to strengthen your awareness and connection with your soul so you can start living a more joyful and enlightened life today!

May you be blessed with love, abundance, and grace, and may you always live life through the highest enlightened awareness of your soul.

From the heart,

Jonathan Parker