Touch of Light – Amplify Healing Abilities


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Increase and focus your natural healing abilities. Strengthen and increase the flow of healing energies through you, and use the Divine gift of healing on yourself, others, and even your pets and plants.

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This program combines the most advanced breakthroughs in
audio technology for personal achievement.

Increase and focus your natural healing abilities. Strengthen and increase the flow of healing energies through you, and use the Divine gift of healing on yourself, others, and even your pets and plants.

Tracks 1 & 2 are two Guided Visualizations that are approximately 23 minutes in duration. They begin by gently relaxing you into a pleasant state. Next, you experience a form of mental imagery to help improve your life and healing abilities.

Just relax, adjust your headphones, and listen while you are guided step-by-step through the life-changing magic of sensory imagery that impacts your inner mind establishing important new thought patterns, feelings, and abilities.

The visualizations in this program also contain subliminal signals that synchronize both hemispheres of your brain and put you into a natural relaxing meditation state.

Track 2 is best listened to with headphones because it contains an extraordinary process of mental programming. In your right ear you hear a simple story with rich symbolic images that make your subconscious mind receptive to the affirming outcomes you are hearing in your left ear. Just let your mind relax and absorb the program at a subconscious level.

Tracks 3, 4 5 are the MindTalk® programs that utilizes multiple subconscious trigger techniques. You will hear dozens of specifically formulated audible messages while your subconscious stores the same subliminal affirmations. This combination produces truly dramatic positive changes and accelerates your evolution.

Play the Mind Talk programs while you are working, relaxing, exercising or anytime throughout the day—You can even use them as meditation or sleep programming and become renewed. Sleep learning is powerful life-changing programming. Just play these programs softly as you fall asleep.

Tracks 6-10 are Subliminal Programs with New Age Music, Meditation Music, and Tropical Ocean formats.

Subliminally embedded in the music and environmental sounds are the most life-changing programs ever! You'll want to listen for the music and environmental sounds alone, but in addition to your listening pleasure you will also receive safe, positive messages at a subliminal level.

The subliminal messages bypass any conscious or subconscious mental resistance you might have, and work directly to reprogram your mind with the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes you want. Subliminal programs can be listened to while you are doing just about any other activity.

What Makes This Subliminal Program Different

The messages on this program have been specially processed to deliver a high saturation of up to 5,000 clear messages per hour. The strong, clear messages were recorded just slightly below the music using our custom-designed computer processor, insuring the strongest saturation of subliminal messages.

Each message is embedded in the music or environmental sounds so precisely that you don't consciously hear it, yet it is well within the range of normal hearing to strongly register on the brain. Because of our high saturation of subliminal messages you may occasionally hear some of the affirmations slightly bleeding through the musical formats. This is your assurance that you are getting strong subliminal messages in this recording.

Play this program softly in the background any time day or night, because the more you listen the greater the effect. Each message is repeated many times in the subliminal program.

Subliminal Messages: I strongly desire to heal • I am grounded • I believe I have the right to be a spiritual healer • I am an open channel for good. This is true • I have the healing touch • I am protected at all times • I forgive and release myself • I heal with love • I am pure and sincere • My motivations are pure love and kindness • I have strong healing vibrations • Plus Many More.

All of our audio programs come in mp3 format. The mp3 files are delivered in a zip folder to enable quicker downloading. In order to unzip these files directly to tablets and smartphones, you will need to install an app on your mobile device. Instructions are provided on the product download page. We do NOT sell CDs.