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Paths to Spiritual Mastery

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More than 50 audio programs in one package encompassing over 25 hours of guided meditations, audible affirmations, and subliminal programming to accelerate quantum shifts in your consciousness. Titles include Meditation Mastery, Humility, Surrender, Radiant Love, Merge with Your Higher Self, Superconscious Guidance, and a lot more.

More than 50 audio programs in one package encompassing over 25 hours of guided meditations, audible affirmations, and subliminal programming to accelerate quantum shifts in your consciousness. Titles include Meditation Mastery, Humility, Surrender, Radiant Love, Merge with Your Higher Self, Superconscious Guidance, and a lot more.

Meditation Titles:

• Superconscious Explorations – Integrate the resources of your Highest Self
• Shapeshift to Explore 7 Dimensions of Reality
• Universe of Peace where you become peace.
• Synchronicity so your life works in Harmony and Unity Consciousness
• Enter the Light as you release attachments and separation
• Universal Harmony where everything happens in the right way automatically
• Purification through the Elohim Creators to dissolve distress, diseases, and problems
• Dolphin Initiation for empowerment and oneness
• Ascension Consciousness to raise your frequencies beyond worlds of illusion
• One with I AM to unify your consciousness with Divine Source

Audible & Subliminal Titles (With Sample Affirmations)

While you are consciously being powerfully motivated to success with audible affirmations, your subconscious mind will be storing the same life-changing subliminal affirmations embedded in the soothing background sounds and beautiful music. You can use these Mind Talk sessions while you are working, reading, exercising, relaxing or even while you are falling asleep.

The voiced messages on these programs have been specially processed to deliver a high saturation of up to 5,000 clear messages per hour. The strong, clear messages were recorded just slightly below the music or environmental sounds using our proprietary computer processor, ensuring the strongest saturation of subliminal messages.

Illumination—Toward Self-Realization & Enlightenment
I am at one with all there is • I have a pure heart • My consciousness is existence itself • I accept Divine illumination • I am the pure love of God I radiate pure joy • I willingly release all attachments • I am intuitive and aware • I am pure, clear consciousness and light • I am eternal and absolute • Plus Many More.

Meditation Mastery—Enhance Meditation Skills
As I meditate my mind and body are deeply relaxed • During meditation my mind remains clear and alert • As I meditate my breathing is calm and regular • As I meditate I completely release all attachments • Attachments and concerns melt away. Yes, they automatically do • I let go and relax with the flow • I schedule time to meditate every day • When I meditate I release all thoughts, tensions, and emotions. Plus Many More.

Paths to Spiritual Mastery – Humility & Surrender
I live in love • I dedicate my every action to the • Everything in my life works out for the perfect outcome through Divine guidance • I forgive and release myself • I am forgiven and released • I have a pure heart • I am harmonious and content • I love and appreciate every moment of life • I follow the path of love and light •I am guided. Plus Many More.

Radiant Love—Be Filled with the Transformative Power of Divine Love
I believe I have the right to be filled with the highest aspects of love • I am created with pure love • I am a being of love • I deserve to be filled with love • I surrender to Divine love • I am always completely surrounded by love energy • I continually exist in love • I am love • I walk in beauty and truth and I walk in love • Love is my answer to all my challenges • I always radiate love • Love is the healing force in my life. Plus Many More

Communion—Merge with Your Soul & Higher Self
I live with the flow of Divine guidance • I am connected to my Higher power • I am eternal • I am infinite I am all there is • I release attachments • I live in harmony with my Higher Power • I express Divine Mind through my being and my life • I radiate peace and love to all I meet • I accept life as it unfolds • My heart trusts Divine consciousness • I am pure peace • Harmony flows through and around me • I am deeply thankful for my life • I live in spontaneous awareness. Plus Many More.

I believe I have the right to channel my spirit guides & master teachers • As I channel I am powerfully protected with a white light • I only open to forces of good • I open myself to receive guidance • The beings of highest love speak to me • I am only open to benevolent beings • I attract those guides that are of the light • Good things come to me • Benevolent beings want to speak to me. Plus Many More

I am a very steady, stable and balanced person • I am a naturally relaxed person • I relax easily • I am safe and calm • From my centered state I draw and attract everything I need • I always attract what I need, when I need it • I am connected to my Higher Power • I am in harmony with my Higher Power • I am centered, fluid and responsive to the ever changing dynamics of life • I care for my body • I keep myself healthy and strong • I dissolve all limitations placed on me by others, heredity, education or environment • My life is a meditation • I am constant in my spiritual discipline • I am in the flow of life. Plus Many More

Peace and harmony surround me • I am peace, balance and harmony • I am a being of pure light, kindness, goodness, and love • I am opening Quickly to higher levels of awareness and spirituality • I am rapidly expanding my spiritual awareness • I am an open channel to Divine attributes of a master • Through love and kindness, I transmute negative Karma • I effortlessly rise above all negativity and am filled with the highest levels of love. Plus Many More.

I am open to guidance from my superconscious mind • Through my super-conscious mind I experience joy, wholeness, health and harmony • My superconscious and I are one • My superconscious is my friend • I am connected with my Higher Power • My superconscious automatically guides my life for good. Plus Many More.

This remarkable package of support programs will help keep you evolving upward on all the journeys of the spiritual path. Make your life a dedication to your path to spiritual mastery.

  • Note: This program comes in a 2 gig zip folder

All of our audio programs come in mp3 format. The mp3 files are delivered in a zip folder to enable quicker downloading. In order to unzip these files directly to tablets and smartphones, you will need to install an app on your mobile device. Instructions are provided on the product download page. We do NOT sell CDs. 


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