Worlds of Magic


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This program addresses what is called “Mystery School Magic” which is only called magic because of what is not understood. The same is true of miracles which result from applying certain universal laws. This program covers the astral plane, channeling, communication with spirit guides, why prayers often don’t work, 8 factors of effective prayers, illusory magic from India and magic from ancient Egypt

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Track 1 : Worlds of Magic [16:14 Minutes] What is called magic is only called that because of what is not understood. The same is true of miracles which result from certain universal laws. Why prayers often don't work and the 8 factors of effective prayers. Examples of traditional illusory magic from India. Magic of ancient Egypt.

Track 2: The Magical Sphinx Meditation

Track 3: Egyptian Magic. Scarab, Ankh, and Pyramid. What they mean and how you can use them.

Track 4: Pyramid Initiation Meditation

Track 5: Discussion on the Astral Planes & Channeling

Track 6: Discussion & Communication with Spirit Guides

Track 7: Guided Session - Communication with Guides

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