It’s Jonathan Parker here…

I want you to know that I’m truly excited and grateful that you’re here!

It means you are about to experience significant shifts in your growth and evolution.

It means you can stop the endless searching–no matter what stage you’re in.

It means you have found yourself at the right place at the right time.

My approach is about enabling and empowering you to have your own experiences, rather than something you read in a book that happened to someone else.

One of my favorite quotes is by Swami Vivekananda…


“You have to grow from the inside out…No one can teach you, no one can make you spiritual. There is no teacher but your own soul.”

Here’s how I plan to guide you to your own light, or what I call your Soul…if you’ll let me.

I will share through my blog posts and email my unique methods to stop your struggling, feeling stuck, blocked, disillusioned and disconnected. And, I will help you connect to the peace, power and potential of your soul.

I also like to share guided meditations and videos offering helpful techniques and teachings and I don’t want you to miss them.

Sound good? GOOD!

Here’s what you need to do now to get started…


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But if my emails aren’t getting through to you, you will miss these important updates and you won’t receive the full benefit of being a subscriber.

So please take the following simple actions to make sure nothing slips through the cracks:

a.  Follow the white listing instructions for your email provider at this page (whatcounts.com/how-to-whitelist-emails).

b.  If you are a Gmail user or you use any other web-based email that filters broadcasts away from your main inbox, be sure to “drag” any emails from “[email protected]” or “Jonathan Parker” into your Priority Inbox. (Again, you don’t want to miss something.)

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From the heart,

Jonathan Parker
Founder, CEO
CEO Quantum Quests, Inc.

P.S. I have a special gift I’ll be sending your way tomorrow so keep an eye on your Inbox!

Stay tuned…