Could the Root of Your Success or Failure Be Linked To Your Belief System?

Do you know that your present reality is really just a manifestation of your deep beliefs? The saying goes, “What We Resist….Persists,” which means that what you think about most, and with the strongest emotional attachment will in most cases become your reality. In essence, you create and attract in your life according to the thoughts that you have.

Our mind produces thoughts that stem from the core beliefs about our own self-image, which began to form through the experience and viewpoints we had as children. These experiences shaped our inner thoughts, beliefs and our outlook on life.

No amount of willpower, persistence and dutiful effort can counteract the deep beliefs we have about ourselves and the world we live in. Luckily we can change our belief system! This report will teach you, step by step, how to become aware of your deeply buried negative thoughts and turn them into positive affirmations. Once you have these tools in your arsenal you’ll be on your way to creating positive changes in your life!

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A Few of the Powerful Concepts Included in this FREE 18 page Report:

  • Why your self image is being undermined by deep seated beliefs and what to do to stop it!
  • How to introduce constructive reinforcing ideas into your inner dialogue
  • Why the fixations deep in your mind need to be identified and resolved
  • How to change your outlook without complicated techniques or harmful drugs
  • The reason repetition is so effective when reciting your positive affirmations
  • When to use visual imagery to create powerful positive associations in the mind
  • How to energize your affirmations for greater effectiveness
  • Why failing to integrate your affirmations can render them ineffective
  • and many more tips!

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My name is Dr. Jonathan Parker and my personal transformation audio programs and meditation workshops have helped people in 75 countries across the globe. I have conducted more than 28,000 individual phone sessions with clients. I have been practicing and refining these same techniques for over 35 years and would like to share my findings with you. It’s natural to look outside of ourselves for answers, because that is where they seem to be. For thousands of years people have continued seeking, but rarely finding. Your mastery of life begins the moment you break through your prison of self-created limitations and enter the inner worlds where creation begins. Discover the ease of personal growth by following the 7 Simple Steps I have outlined in the free report you are about to download. Join me on a journey of self-discovery and of attaining personal mastery!

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