Most spiritual paths to not offer energy healing training to teach you
how to clear the causes keeping you in the limitations.

As a Result You Have Probably Wondered
Why You haven’t Made the Breakthroughs You Want

You’ve read or heard about some who have had incredible spiritual experiences and had spontaneous dramatic awakenings and you feel left behind!

Just because it seems rare for this to happen that doesn’t mean it can’t happen for you. I assure you it can. You just need to learn how.

I’m well aware that many people want to do all that is necessary on their own, but I can also tell you that it is very unlikely you will succeed and attain mastery without personal energy healing training, help, and support.

Why So Few Attain What They Seek

I know some have spent large portions of their life traveling to far off places seeking how to find answers and accomplish mastery and enlightenment, but all too often they returned home with disappointing results.

So even after all their efforts the answers and spiritual realizations they were seeking still elude them. Without energy healing training you’ll miss the causes blocking you. I know this for a fact because I’ve talked to many who have been frustrated and confused for just those reasons. That is why I have offered energy healing training for several decades.

The problem is most spiritual paths to not teach you how to clear the causes keeping you in the limitations, but that is exactly what energy healing training does.

Yet people often think if they just meditate more, or sit with enlightened gurus more, that something magically will happen. It rarely does.

Locking into higher levels of consciousness permanently only happens when you clear all the lower levels of consciousness you are invested in, but it is next to impossible to clear a problem or block when you don’t know what is causing it.

With Energy Healing Training
I Know For Sure You Can Do It!

I firmly believe everyone can make quantum leaps in their evolution and develop higher sense skills that greatly accelerate the entire process, and I found out how to make that happen for you.

Here’s Why Most Paths Fail

The source of what is causing things to happen in your life is far more involved than your conscious or even subconscious mind. That is a gross over simplification in the self-help movement and usually as far as they go.

Do you know that your experiences are rooted in subtle-energy programs you carry with you that are composed of 3 elements:

(1) memories with pictures
(2) emotional reactions, and
(3) conclusions and beliefs

The programs running your life are driven by a complex projection of identities that are stored not only in your subconscious mind, but also in your:

• Dozens of Aura Layers
• 12 Chakras
• Lifestream
• Causal Body
• Ancestral Codes
• Cellular Memories
• Multiple Subtle Bodies
• Ego Bodies & Pain Body
• Sub-Personalities
• Past-Life Carry-Over Patterns
• Your Belief Universe
• Brain Structures
• Archetypes, and
• even more places…

That is why self-hypnosis and most self-help practices and even meditation practices are limited in effectiveness. They are not fully effective for the major breakthroughs you need for mastery and enlightenment. Only energy healing training addresses all the causes that hold you stuck.

Of course, they can be very helpful in laying a solid foundation, but they don’t go far enough and that is precisely why most people fail to achieve the heights of consciousness and lasting results they want and hope for.

The forces that make up your life experiences are driven by deeply held programs and beliefs that are very difficult to discover on your own. This is where developing high-sense psychic abilities come in.

With Energy Healing Training Your Higher-Sense Skills Enable You to Tap Into and Permanently…

• Release past life memories and patterns
• Clear deeply ingrained wounds held in the chakras
• Cancel karmic limitations in your causal body
• Dissolve ancestral programs
• Eliminate negative cellular memories
• Purge negative programming from your subconscious
• Terminate repeating patterns such as being victimized
• Erase the dreaded wounds and betrayals of many lifetimes

As you progressively become more clear, the frequency with which you live rises and that in turn refines the quality of your life. Negative experiences fade away, your health improves, accidents rarely or never happen, wonderful synchronicities automatically occur and you live in harmony.

Universal Harmony results from no longer having negative programming in your field, so you no longer create or attract negative experiences.

Most people don’t believe it is possible, but I know for an absolute fact it is very possible and so do many people I’ve helped over the years.

The techniques and training I have to teach you are unique discoveries I’ve made that cut through the many mysteries and accelerate your evolution well beyond what you’ll do on your own or by spending endless amounts of time sitting at the feet of gurus.

There is quite simply no way to convey the full depth of your potential without specific training in how to clear the mental, emotional, and spiritual ego obstacles, and ascend in consciousness to enlightened levels.

That is why I’m launching a new live program that is like going to Graduate School for clearing, healing, and spiritual realizations. You’ll learn metaphysical truths you are not likely to find anywhere else, and you’ll develop skills many have only dreamed about.

l have more information for you on the program on my website. Here is the link for more information on the School of Energy Healing & Enlightenment.

Check it out and at least find out what I’m up to and then email me or call me and if you’re ready, let’s talk about it…

From the Heart,

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