I’ve been following several spiritual groups on the internet recently and have been amazed at the degree of confusion, misunderstanding, and lack of clear understanding, answers, and guidance that most of the members seem to be buried under.

Here Are Some Actual Questions Posted Recently:

 I feel like someone has a curse on me. How can I remove it?
 How can I open my 3rd eye?
 Why do I keep attracting irresponsible partners?
 What do I need to change in myself to stop doing that?
 If I do good will I somehow be guided to enlightenment?
 I have deep emotional issues that play like a broken record!
 I’m feeling defeated and wanting to give up.
 I know I need more self-love but I can’t because of my childhood.
 How can I see an angel or ascended master manifest?

This takes me back over 50 years when I was searching for answers myself and the difficulties I found trying to get guidance. I had a long list of questions but no one to answer them.

I haven’t forgotten what I went through and that still motivates me to share the answers I’ve discovered.

Today, a big part of the challenge is the vast amount of disinformation and partial truths that seem everywhere which cloud the solutions and explain why the spiritual path can so often lead you off track or even to dead ends.

One person said to me recently that it’s getting harder and harder to filter out the static of confusing information that is flooding the internet and find clear truths and techniques that work to evolve you.

What Are Your Searching for the Most?

I decided to send out a letter asking people what they most want and how I might help them. I found that practically everyone feels like they are hitting an “impenetrable brick wall” at times that block what they want in life.

Besides that here’s a few additional issues people told me:

 I am mystified at how to have spiritual breakthroughs…
 I feel trapped in a box of never ending struggles…
 I want to know how to identify the issues affecting me…
 Which chakra should I be working on and how do I do it?
 Which meditation should I be doing that is best?
 Is enlightenment and ascension a realistic goal for me?
 How do I find out what is blocking me?
 How can I learn to do what you do in your private sessions?

Well, I have answers for you to all of those questions but it does require that you have a relentless spirit.

Mastery is well worth all the inconveniences it takes to attain it.

My Long & Winding Road

It has taken me decades and thousands of hours of trial and error with a lot of techniques. I discarded many of them, but I also discovered some unique approaches that are more highly effective than anything I found anyone else doing or teaching.

Yes, it took me a lifetime to develop skills and refine the methods to accelerate you so you can attain high levels of consciousness and realization. Subjects like:

 How you can end the fears that undermine your best efforts…
 What you should do to evolve spiritually the fastest…
 How you can permanently erase the blocks causing you to feel stuck…
 How you can come to a deeper understanding of metaphysics…
 How you can be permanently healed and help others…
 How you can finally live with deep peace and positive energy…
 How you can develop higher-sense perceptions like clairvoyance, remote viewing, distant healing, and contacting highly evolved beings…
 How you can face the psychic realms with confidence…
 How you can be spiritually aware all the time, have peace of mind, and live a life flowing with love, fun, and heart-felt relationships…

Let me be blunt! I can tell you this from my years of extensive experience that what you long for is very unlikely to make even modest increments of progress by trying to do it all alone…but you can greatly accelerate yourself on your path with very specific mentoring and guidance.

My audio programs contain a gold mine of guidance, instructions, and resources, but I have something special for you that goes well beyond anything I have ever recorded…

I Have a Practical & Effective System for You

I can teach you to cut through and clear the confusion created by modern religions and spiritual systems to enable you to awaken to your soul truths and gifts…and it is not complicated or difficult. It is certainly not just for a few lucky ones.

I’ve helped many hundreds of people already through my live classes make the breakthroughs they longed for.

I taught those classes for 3 decades and then took a break from them for the past 7 years, but I have decided to revise them into a mew and meaningful mentoring program so that I can pass on all I’ve discovered.

The only way I can convey all of this to you is through a live training program with monthly mentoring to guide you through the hurdles life throws at you.

There are some things that just cannot be conveyed any other way because it is not about putting a funnel in your head and pouring in more information.

Your evolutionary process requires transformations in your consciousness with personal help and guidance that can best be conveyed through training in person.

For sure I can do a lot through my phone sessions, but the class format compresses time to accelerate your progress. So here is what I am offering you now:

After 7 years of not teaching my classes on Energy Healing and Enlightenment, I’m making plans to launch the first class this coming Fall for those who are the most committed to their spiritual evolution.

This newly updated program will be a combination of live classes, plus online conferences, and private monthly mentoring and clearing sessions with me.

I’ll be sharing everything I have discovered and all the realizations I’ve experienced in the last 50 years especially including detailed guidance in opening your higher sense perceptions to see and feel auras and chakra energies…and most importantly what to do with what you discover.

In the past most people took these classes for their own understanding, healing, and spiritual growth, but some have gone on and used the training for creating their own teaching and healing practice for helping people.

This program is like going to Graduate School for clearing, healing, and spiritual realizations. You’ll learn metaphysical truths you would probably never find anywhere else, and you’ll develop skills many have only dreamed about.

l have much more information for you on the program on my website. Here is the link to the School of Spiritual Counseling Energy Healing & Enlightenment.

Check it out and email me or call me and let’s talk about it…

From the Heart,

PS If you are ready to go right now email me and let’s set up a conversation so I can help you figure out what is best for you. Use the contact form on this website or call and leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. My number is 1-800-265-4213.

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