By Cindy Archer –

The modern life can be full of stress and distraction. Often, many find it hard to clear their heart and mind in the midst of all the chaos that daily obligations and routines can create. This, frequently, is the motivation that first pushes a person toward seeking out a spiritual retreat. For aspirants, such as these, it is the feeling of drowning within one’s own problems that can create urgency within many to seek out a place of solace and direction. Retreats can offer calm in the storm of modern life and an opportunity to re-center on one’s true spiritual path.

However, not everyone that attends a retreat is distressed or troubled. Spirituality has many levels and aspirants find themselves at many different points along the path to enlightenment and understanding. For some, focused spiritual retreats are a way to seek truth. A retreat can offer an individual the opportunity to free themselves from distractions and concentrate on the spiritual goals they wish to accomplish. Those that are seeking truth and expanded enlightenment find value in the support and guidance of a spiritual retreat. A retreat becomes an opportunity for personal positive transformation and development under the guidance of trusted spiritual leaders.

A retreat is an opportunity for an individual to join a like-minded group for a focused purpose. Spiritual retreats can be beneficial in helping to alleviate stresses and problems through guided meditation and study. However, a retreat can also be a way to enrich one’s own personal spiritual development by delving deeper into the study of spirituality. The individual goals of an aspirant are often unique and personal to the individual’s situation and spiritual practice. Most retreats will offer some form of support and guidance to the individual, but the value of a focused retreat can be assured if consideration and research is put forth to discover the retreat most suited to one’s individual needs.

Not all retreats are the same, so perspective aspirants should feel confident that there is a retreat perfectly suited to them and their spiritual aspirations. Here is a brief list of suggested resources to consult when searching for a retreat:
This is a globally inclusive directory of retreats, events and classes from around the world. Retreats are available in many places, but the location can sometimes impact the retreat’s benefits. For convenience in pursuing one’s spiritual goals, it is possible to find retreats and classes that are closer to one’s current location. If, however, an aspirant has an interest in taking the opportunity to attend a retreat abroad in a location of heightened spirituality, this can be accomplished by searching the extensive list of offerings here. One may refine their search by including keywords or by searching in relation to geographical location, duration or retreat type.
For those searching for a local retreat center that they can build a reoccurring relationship with on their spiritual journey, the Spirit Site may prove extremely helpful. This simplified website offers an easy to research directory of prominent retreat centers located throughout the United States. Aspirants will find contact information and hyperlinks that instantly connect to the homepage of each retreat center.
Here is a retreat directory that is very popular and has even been featured in “O” magazine. Retreat Finder is an extensive database that includes spiritual retreats and healing retreats from around the world. The unique thing about this directory is that it also includes retreat center employment listings and business opportunities, which makes this website appealing and useful to all aspirants and spiritualists. The directory is well maintained and easy to reference to quickly help one refine a search for a retreat or class that can meet one’s particular interests and needs.
This is an excellent place to start for those that may be overwhelmed by the number of retreat options found on the directory websites. Here, Jonathan offers a variety of retreat options and spiritual guidance to benefit aspirants of all levels. There are valuable online resources accessible through this website in addition to unique spiritual guidance services available over the phone. Whatever one’s spiritual aspirations or needs may be, Jonathan Parker and the staff of Quantum Quests International are capable of offering assistance.

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