Who do you know who hasn’t at times felt as though their emotions were like a run-away freight train? Probably no one. We’ve all found our emotions seamlessly emerging out of nowhere and controlling our reactions to situations. Dr. Judith Orloff, M.D. knows this too well, being a board certified psychiatrist and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA, but what she has done is merge her medical expertise with intuitive and spiritual applications for dealing with a plethora of emotions.

Her writing style connects with readers and feels like talking to a good friend who is incredibly insightful and wise. She anticipates questions before the reader and answers them not only with examples and depth of insight, but with easy and practical exercises you can do right while reading her book.

Early in the book you learn about your emotional type, which is quite important if you are to navigate through emotionally challenging experiences as well as deepen your understanding of yourself. Dr. Orloff has compiled an amazingly detailed discussion of just about every type of emotion we can succumb to with the most sensible and practical means of understanding them and defusing them; and she also shows you how to recognize and deal with others when they are emotional or otherwise difficult.

One of the features that makes Dr. Orloff’s book unique is her detail about the nature of the subtle energy components of emotions and how we can align with positive energies to neutralize negative reactions. She addresses all the major emotional triggers that haunt us such as fear, loneliness, frustration, depression, worry, anger, anxiety, jealousy, and more, and how to meet them with universally acceptable spiritual solutions. She outlines a beautiful strategy for compassionate communication and how to bestow the gift of loving-kindness.

This book is a comprehensive resource that should be on everyone’s bookshelf to go to when emotions strike as surely they will. One thing for sure is that you’ll come to understand yourself with a depth as never before and equally important, understand those around you.

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