Several people have asked me if I thought President Obama is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. They point to many similarities including some physical characteristics.

I don’t consider faces looking similar as evidence of reincarnation. There are many people alive today who look like famous people. There are even talent agencies that book these people for parties and appearances. I don’t put much credence on material that is channeled as most of it is ramblings from a person’s subconscious mind. I don’t find any evidence that the soul or ego imparts strong identifications with physical characteristics from one lifetime to another. The similarities would be more in terms of expression, character, talents, personality, interests and proclivities.

It is possible that the eyes may be more telling if there are similarities. I’ve also wondered if handwriting would be an indicator as it supposedly reveals things about a person’s character and personality, but I’ve never seen a study done on that.

I think the similarities and coincidences between Obama and Lincoln are striking and even if he is not the reincarnation of Lincoln he certainly comes in the spirit of Lincoln. In any case it is all speculation and the only way we would have anything remotely credible in this regard is if a trained professional did extensive regression therapy with a person and information were revealed which was not readily available any other way. The problem with that in the case of Obama is that he has read and studied Lincoln so much that it would likely taint a regression with projections from his subconscious. My conclusion is that we will never know for sure and in some ways it is irrelevant as it is past and we must live for today.

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