Keys to Effective Prayers


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Prayer is not just for emergencies; it is a tool to eliminate them. If you’ve wondered why prayers have not been answered in the past, you’ll find the answers in this program.

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There are 3 Components to This Program

Keys to Effective Prayers

There are many approaches and myths about what prayer is and how to insure it is effective. When prayers aren't answered it shakes a person's beliefs and faith. It can trigger feelings of inadequacy and guilt.

Prayer is not just for emergencies; it is a tool to eliminate them. If you've wondered why prayers have not been answered in the past, you'll find the answers in this program. The familiar "Lord's Prayer" is explained as an outline of the components of prayers that are effective.

A Christian Approach to Clearing

There can be many forms of sin, fear, and guilt that create barriers between a person and God. With many scriptural references you will understand how you are affected by negative beliefs and emotions. You will then be led through the forgiveness prayer and release of others who have hurt or sinned against you as well as offenses and sins you have committed. This is done while you are in a meditative state to insure you become clean and clear at the deepest levels.

Part 1 - The background of the problem of sin and how to be released.

Part 2 - A 5 minute introduction to the guided release process

Part 3 - A guided release process while you are in a meditative state.

The Beatitudes

Jesus reveals the keys to transforming your nature which was echoed by the apostle Paul in Romans 12:2 "Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by renewing your mind."

Jesus was called "master" by his disciples and if you are to attain mastery the logical question is, "How does a master think?" And that is summed up in the Beatitudes where Jesus lists the characteristics a sincere aspirant will have.

Some of the Beatitudes seem contradictory and may even not sound like spiritual qualities, but they are all explained in this lecture reinforced with many related scriptures.

The essence of the spirituality Jesus taught is embodied in the beatitudes. This often quoted introduction to the Sermon on the Mount is clearly explained and elaborated on.

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