Important Astrology Forces for July-December 2022

Regardless of your views on astrology you’ll find these insights for July-December 2022 thought provoking and helpful. These were prepared by Mary Dixon who has been a professional astrologer for over 50 years.

These short generalized readings below are just a very small taste of what her much more specific and detailed readings offer you. Her readings I personally found particularly insightful are her Past-Life and Future-Life readings. The Future-Life reading gave me a lot of understanding of where I am on my spiritual evolutionary path and where I am headed in my next life. I found her past life readings also amazing…and she can do several past-life readings for you.

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World conditions and changes seem to be accelerating in constant turmoil. Each day can bring new challenges requiring vigilance and an ability to adjust to the rumors and news. The importance of a strong focus on your spiritual evolution is become even more important now with each passing day.

ARIES SUN March 22-April 21 and Aries Rising Jupiter, planet of the guru, has entered your sign and will stay there for one year. All Aries people will feel drawn to deeper wisdoms and spiritual activities. Jupiter in Aries brings strength of purpose and a focus on putting values into action. The shadow side of Jupiter can lead to self-indulgence, however.

March birthdays will be the most strongly effected by Jupiter this year, and April birthdays next year. Many Aries will adjust their lifestyle to accommodate their strong spiritual beliefs. They should expect some arguments from others, whose lives will be affected by those changes. But Aries seldom do things halfway and when a strong conviction is formed in their minds, they move quickly to follow it without modification.

July brings unexpected issues in career and a disappointment in social activities. Technical data may not be accurate. August requires much caution in financial issues. However, September brings a renewal of faith, clarity, and positive opportunities in local regions.

Many Aries and other fire signs will choose one of the yogas for their focus in life. October through December is positive for continued interest in education, communications, and new friendships. Important decisions should not be made during the lunar eclipse mid-November.

Travel, as well as visitors, are possible in December.

TAURUS SUN April 22-May 21 and Taurus Rising. The natural direction of the Taurus nature is toward beauty, security, and peace, and for some, to comfort and luxury. Of all the zodiac signs, the last several years have been the most difficult for this non-flexible energy. While many have been involved in human services, their own lives have been upended. Their only real security has been in their inward path.

Now, the Guru planet Jupiter, has entered their place of the past and especially the spiritual past. Former teachers and studies will again become relevant. Old positive patterns will be re-established giving Taurus a sense of purpose and 2 securities beyond survival. However, July and August try their patience in financial and career areas, as change and frustration continues. All communications should be checked for accuracy before acting on them at that time.

September and October sees business increases and there will be better organization of activities. Venus energies are not dependable in September but improve in October. Mid-Taurus birthdays should be careful around the November eleventh eclipse and avoid making important decisions at that time. All Taureans will enjoy a more social month with career improvements. December continues to be a more relaxed time, but care should be taken to continue all health and spiritual disciplines. Your inside life should be reflected in your outside habits. This creates a path that is never broken.

GEMINI SUN May 22-June 21 and Gemini Rising Geminis often seek experiences in a variety of ways. Their desire for knowledge and action is primary in their lives as well as their ability to adjust to change. But over the last few years, their patience has become thin, as worldly issues continue to thwart their goals. But now, Jupiter has entered Gemini’s quadrant of service through groups and organizations, giving them renewed strength and purpose.

May birthdays will experience more social and fun activities. June birthdays will still experience better finances through government and spiritual activities. All Geminis will have opportunities in communication projects. July and August bring friends from the past. In September, Mars, the planet of action, enters an unusual, seven-month sojourn through the sign of Gemini. During that time period, this sign will enjoy a stronger physical well-being, and more stability. Deeper spiritual desires will awaken and draw them to recharge efforts in religious and spiritual studies.

Please note that this seven-month period will end at the close of March 2023, when many dynamics will change. It is important to take advantage of these stellar offerings in a timely manner. In October, challenging career rumors can occur, but at the same time opportunities for advancement are in the stars. November and December bring issues with others who see things differently, but agreements can occur if Geminis share decisions. The last six months of 2022 are favorable for working with others as well as your inner self. Venus energies are strong in July, August, and October. Recognize the one spirit in many things.

CANCER SUN June 22-July 21 and Gemini Rising. The energies and emotions of the water sign Cancer often fluctuate. Cancers can feel like the deep unfathomable depths of the ocean as well as the light and 3 playful foam of the waves. But like the crab, their symbol, they can also form attachments to certain patterns of living and people – especially those that need their care . While the last three years have been easier for water signs, then for most, Cancers have felt insecure. They will begin to build back more fully in 2023.

Right now, the planets are divided for this sign. June Cancers will experience career issues – some from overwork. All Cancers will depend more on technology and the sciences to address the needs of humanity. July birthday Cancers are still strongly under the influence of psychic and spiritual forces. The seventh through twenty-third Cancer birthdays, are still dealing with problems caused by the pandemic, both in health and daily life. However, better circumstances come into the picture in December.

Most Cancers will benefit from the Gemini energies starting in August as clarity and understanding will bring good decisions. September and October are more social for Cancers and finances improve somewhat. Venus activities are around but are not reliable. November and December suggest travel, a renewal of vows and contracts both spiritual and practical. The chaos in the world does not need our attention. Concentrate on your inner values and peace. Most Cancers are drawn to Service and Bhakti paths.

LEO SUN July 22-August 21 and Leo Rising. Leos do not mind changes, but since they tend to be perfectionists, too many interruptions can be more than annoying for them. Leos like to keep reviewing their work with a fine-tuned eye so that no flaw is possible. Over the last few years changes in the world have disturbed that process. Many Leos have stopped using their creative minds and moved to more practical work. However, over the next six months, Leo’s luck will change as Jupiter, the Guru planet, enters Leo’s higher awareness and creative mind.

Early Leo birthdays will especially gain more inspiration, and better physical energies. All Leos will find opportunities in government, educational, travel and spiritual places. Some may publish their experiences from the last three years. August birthdays will give or take classes in religious or values areas.

For Leos involved in disputes and partnership problems, better energies for making agreement are here. However, no one will get everything they want. In general, July and August, will give more freedom and social activities to this fire sign. Venus energies are strong through December. September finances can be disappointing until that month’s close. Renewal of contracts and partnerships in October and November will make Leos feel more secure and more successful again. Career difficulties for mid-birthday Leos, still exist, but other more positive happenings will compensate the Leo personality. Leo children will excel in studies, values, and some in sports.

All Leos should continue positive 4 health routines, every day. Most Leos are attracted to Jnana yoga. Leos learn from what they teach.

VIRGO SUN August 22-September 21 and Virgo Rising. Virgo, the most restless earth sign of the zodiac likes to travel, but making large changes is difficult for this analytical sign. Virgos tend to be overly precise in making plans and seeking information. They are record keepers and like to have a certain schedule every day. Interruptions in their routines can cause great stress.

Because Virgos have a more scientific mind, they can be overprotective regarding theirs and their family’s health. This August, however, challenging health planets of the past begin to recede, easing stress. But good health routines should continue. July could point to bank errors or the necessity for changing financial programs, especially for August birthdays. Most Virgos will travel in July and August. Many will seek places of history and education, while others will seek holy places, retreats, and spas.

Cleansing the mind as well as the body is important to this sign. The end of July and beginning of August suggests using care in transportation selections. But at some point, in those two months, all Virgos will come into luck of some kind regarding their personal success and creativity. Many engagements, partnerships and improved relationships occur.

Virgo children may change schools for better training and harmony. In September, new conditions at work can be overwhelming, but finances will improve. October and November are more positive for communication and local businesses. December, home and family issues settle down and finances are positive. Virgos enjoy talking to God about the day’s activities and plan the next day’s schedule with him. Because of their busy schedules, Mantra yoga suits them, but Hatha yoga should also be considered because it tends to align the body, mind, and spiritual energies.

LIBRA SUN September 22-October 21 and Libra Rising. Librans love tranquility, harmony, and cooperation. They seek changes that bring spiritual and creative energies into the world. They dislike conflict and disagreements. The pain of others can actually make them ill. Over the last few years, the chaos of the world has been very difficult for this energy. As the marriage sign of the zodiac, relationships are very important to Librans, but now through September, stress in this area is likely, especially for September birthdays. July and August indicate concerns regarding finances. Libran children and students will find that the cost of school and activities have gone 5 up. Some may want to shift their schools. However, September and October bring welcome relief to most of these difficulties. For all Librans, travel, higher education, and spiritual energies come together to lighten their burdens.

While many Librans will consider starting businesses and personal partnerships, over the next six months, there can be challenges. Librans should make sure that they are very clear on what they want and what they expect. Still the opportunities in this area outweigh the challenges. October revolves around children and personal creativity. This is a good time to find a market for Libran’s creative work. November highlights stress with family members, but also opportunities to reaffirm similarities in some areas. December is more social, and Librans may have more invitations than they can attend. Libra, this year of 2022 seems to keep pointing out that the only true stability in your life is the inward path. There will be many opportunities over these last six months to move more deeply in that direction.

SCORPIO SUN October 22-November 21 and Scorpio Rising. Scorpios are divided when it comes to making changes. As a strongly emotional sign, many act quickly on their feelings. Others like to take a while to study a situation before making a decision. This water sign is famous for its stealth. Like the ocean, it can appear smooth and calm. While at the same time, a great storm can be stirring at the bottom which can suddenly erupt.

Change is not difficult for this fascinating sign but the last several years have not given them many positive choices. However, things will improve next year. Currently, the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, is favorable for all revisions, transitions, and remodeling, in business, as well as in personal and spiritual levels. In July and August, many annoying energies will still be traveling through Scorpio’s place of partnerships causing changes in other people. Some resolutions to issues will be effective the first half of August and communications re-established. These will be temporary. Concerns with health and work conditions can improve in August, especially for October birthdays.

Many Scorpios will consider a change of locale that benefits family members, in September. The financial picture will improve. Guidance and help will come from senior family members. October can be a frustrating month around the world. It is probably best for Scorpios to postpone decision making. However, for the spiritually minded, it is an opportunity to strongly connect to divine guidance. November and December bring strong religious and creative energies. Many Scorpios will marry or meet their future partners at that time.

SAGITTARIUS SUN November 22-December 21 and Sagittarius Rising. Sagittarian’s restless energy and desire for knowledge beckons them to explore the globe. These travelers adapt well to different cultures and circumstances. Change in their lives is usually a welcome adventure. The last several years of restricted living has been difficult for this freedom loving sign. But now, Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius has entered their place of creative projects, children, and entertainment, bringing more action and fun.

Social activities and new friendships occur in July. Venus vibrations are present throughout the last six months of the year. July calls for watchfulness in spending habits. Travel is possible. August may bring transportation issues and stress regarding conditions at work and in health. Errors in information come to light. September accents positive new trends that bring agreements, arbitration settlements, contracts and possibly marriage. During this trend, Sagittarians will share in all decision making and learn the value of other’s opinions. Strong bonds will form at this time. In October, social gatherings bring new business.

Be sure to follow through with your ideas. Sometimes Sagittarians put off working and therefore lose opportunities. December can bring irritating people from the past. They should be ignored. Be as kind and as straight forward as you can. Because of all the new outside activities, and popularity, Sagittarians may feel uprooted from their usual focus on their inner connections. Schedule time alone. Be with nature or sit in a holy place to bring you back to your true purpose.

CAPRICORN SUN December 22-January 21 and Capricorn Rising. Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn which represents time and its passage. This serious sign is naturally concerned with using time wisely and is very scheduled in habits. Capricorns view change as impractical and annoying. Even in difficult circumstances they try to work on their projects, keep promises and meet deadlines. Only when they have no choice, will Capricorns accept change. But even then, they will keep to certain personal schedules including worship times, bedtime, etc.

For many Capricorns, timetables represent security. The dharma of a Capricorn is well respected, yet they can seem too one pointed at times. Over the last several years, this sign has undergone many transformations, yet their base has remained the same. December Capricorns will encounter small issues within the family over the next six months. Some adjustments will be made for better health and working conditions. Mid-birthday people will find it easy to make changes required of them and become more technological attuned. Late Capricorn birthday people will still be working on making creative transformations in their careers, but 7 with success.

All Capricorns will focus more on children, especially July through August. Watch overspending in August. Virgo energies in September bring opportunities for travel, education, and spiritual activities. October enhances finances, but some information may not be accurate. Disagreements with partners occur. Social affairs and friends from the past are in the picture November and December. Plans can change in December. Cultivate spontaneity of the spirit.

AQUARIUS SUN January 22-February 21 and Aquarius Rising. Aquarians are participants in many causes, humanitarian and political. Their abilities to speak to organizations and crowds are well known. They are able to see future results of current issues.

Over the last few years, Aquarians have been very active in the changes around the world seeking balances, and fairness for all. These activities will continue over the next six months with even more intensity. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and justice, now enters Aquarian’s place of communications, education and working with public media. January birthdays will be especially active in this regard. February birthdays will also be involved in family, real estate, and local problems. Mid birthday Aquarians may move their residence in July and August. All Aquarians will undergo partnership disagreements until mid-August when contracts and positive and communications are favorable. Positive Venus activity enters Aquarian’s sphere in August. Favorable vibrations for children and their activities occur over the next six months.

In September, too much discussion can blur the objective. Step back and get clear. The end of September and beginning of October indicates that many partnership s and unions will form. Family objections can occur but will eventually clear. World issues may get in Aquarian’s way in November. It is best to let go of issues momentarily. December bounces back with renewed energy.

Aquarians should take advantage of all major opportunities over the next six months as many things change in the following year. As many activities surround you, remember your primary goal is spiritual work. Let your busy mind reset from sacred books.

PISCES SUN February 22-March 21 and Pisces Rising. Over the past year, Jupiter, planet of higher states of thought, has graced the Pisces sign. Most have experienced periods of elevated consciousness and creativity. Now, however, Jupiter has entered the sign of Aries, Pisces’ place of action, practicality, and finances. Those same thoughts, ideas and goals will take on a more solid form.

Many Pisces will advance in their work or change to jobs that express their inner shift – especially February birthdays. Others will create new businesses. All Pisces will attempt to raise worldly consciousness in some way. July brings mass media interests in Piscean ideas.

August may bring issues from the past as well as discord in decision making. Family concerns are in the picture. Too many restrictions may cause some Pisces to go in a different direction. While Pisces need guidelines to stay focused, too many limits disturb the creativity of this water sign. September will see Pisces giving classes or working from home. The end of September is a time of conflict in the world. But the partial eclipse on October 25th is good for Piscean spiritual realignment. In November and December Jupiter briefly moves back into the sign of Pisces. Many March birthdays will take a new look at former goals ideas and even people from their past. Partnerships and marriages are favorable. Schedule at least one quiet time a day. Bhakthi yoga is your natural calling.

Her readings I personally found particularly insightful are her Past-Life and Future-Life readings. The Future-Life reading gave me a lot of understanding of where I am on my spiritual evolutionary path and where I am headed in my next life.

If you’d like to order more specific and detailed readings from her, you’ll find them at this link: Personal Astrological Readings.



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