Frequently Asked Questions

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CDs and Tapes Are No Longer Available

We have offered CDs and tapes for over 30 years but have discontinued providing them. Our audio programs are currently only available in MP3 format for download. Click here to learn how to burn MP3s to CD.

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Logging Into Your Account

Downloading Programs

Adding Programs to Portable Devices

Refund Policy

Burning MP3 Programs to CD



Shopping Cart/Ordering

Problems Adding Items to Cart & Checking Out

The most common problem with difficulties adding products to your cart are having cookies turned off in your browser. Our cart uses cookies to process your order and the ordering system will not work if you have them turned off. Click here to learn how to enable cookies.

Logging Into Your Account

Problems Logging in and Resetting Passwords

When you created your account on you were assigned a username and password. The most common problem people encounter is that they attempt to use their email address as their username. Although you were asked to provide an email address when creating your account, your email address is not your username. If you have lost or forgotten your log in information you may retrieve it here.

Please do not attempt to simply create a new account as a means of logging in if you have purchased products from the website. Your purchased products will not be added to the new account you create. Once again, request your original username or password here.

If you have created a new account but now need to access your products in your old account you may need to clear your cookies to access your old account. Learn how to delete/clear your cookies here.


Downloading Programs

How to Download and Unzip Our Programs

For PC Users

Windows XP, 7, and 10 can make and open zip files. However, older versions of Windows need the help of software. Below are free versions:

For Mac Users

Mac programs for opening zip files are:

Please let us know if you experience problems unzipping your files. You may email us directly by going to the Contact page.

Downloads will not be counted until the file is finished transferring, even though the number may increment when you click.

Problems with Incomplete Downloads

If one of the mp3 files you have downloaded ends abruptly or doesn't appear to run the appropriate length, the file may have downloaded incompletely. This can happen if you internet connection was lost during the download process. It is recommended that you attempt to re-download the same file again. A program to accelerate your file downloads is recommended. Please see below.

Download Acceleration Program

Please download and install the following program (download manager) which will accelerate your file downloads and ensure they download completely:

Adding Programs to Portable Devices

Adding Programs to iPhone/iPad/iPod

The most common way to download our MP3 programs to your iPad is to download the program onto your desktop or laptop computer and then synch your devices. You may also use a free app called Downloads Lite for iPad to download files straight to your iPad.

Additional resources for downloading MP3 files to your iPad are found in this Apple Support Community thread.

You may also download iCab mobile (web browser) for the iOS which includes the ability to download files to your device (iOS 3.2 or newer required).

Adding Programs to Traditional MP3 Players

(Instructional video coming soon) - In the meantime here is a tutorial video:

Adding Programs to Android Phone

(Instructional video coming soon) - In the meantime here is a tutorial video:


Refund Policy

MP3 Refund Policy

Downloading our audio files is easy and saves you time and money.  For MP3 downloads, you will receive a link for immediate download plus an email with download links.  You can also find the download links under your account information. So if you need to download your programs again you may do so for 90 days by logging in to your account. After 90 days the download option expires. Please make back-up copies of your downloads.


If you received a defective file email us through the Contact page (There is a Contact tab at the top of the website home page) and we will send you a good file.  You can listen to samples of our products on the FREE AUDIO page so you will know what to expect before you order. You can read an article on the free article page on how to burn them to CDs or put them on your ipod.

Burning MP3 Programs to CD

How to Burn to CD

The information below explains how to put mp3 files on a CD after they are downloaded. There are a number of good software programs that burn CDs such as Roxio Creator and Nero, or the free Microsoft Media Player.

Below is information on how to burn CDs from mp3 files using Media Player.

First. Download the latest version of Media Player and information at this link: www.

Second. Make sure you are using the correct kind of discs. Some CD players will only read CD-R disks and will not read the CD-RW discs. This is very important and an easy mistake to make.Here are the Media Player instructions:

1. Select Library from the top of the window. 2. Then File-Open and browse to the downloaded file and select it. 3. Then select Now Playing in the Playlist menu on the left of the window. The file name should now appear under the title heading in the middle of the window. 4. Select Pause(middle button on the dashboard) at the bottom if it begins to play.

5. Next, select the down arrow that is under the word Burn at the top toolbar. A pop-up menu will appear and make sure that AUDIO CD is selected (it will have a bullet beside it)

6. Select BURN. A Burn window will pop up to the right side of the Media Player window. Select the title of the song you want to burn from the list and drag it to the Burn List. Once it is in the burn list (you can do more than one) then select Start Burn at the bottom of the window and insert a disc and it should take off.