It Never Happened...

  I regularly play tennis with a man who won a gold medal in the Olympics several years ago, and then he became a pro.  My gold medal friend, Danny, has a favorite saying when he misses a... Read More

Dr. Love's Healing Method

In  March of 1975, over 40 years ago I was living in Kansas and I signed up for a weekend program that promised to reveal the way to mastery. It sounded like an immensely powerful experience,... Read More

Do I Really Look like Christopher Walken?

A few weeks ago we went to a Mardi Gras celebration with some friends. Everyone was dressed in outrageous outfits and having a blast. At one point this guy comes up to me and says, “I know who you... Read More

Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul - Part 4‏

Most people that work privately with me do so because they are serious about transforming Ego into Soul. They feel stuck with their psychological pain and want to tap into their heart, or their... Read More

The Big Block to Knowing Your Soul - Part 3

Last Tuesday I was on my way to play tennis and flipped on the radio and happened to catch a spiritual teacher talking about how all life is suffering. He was talking about how life includes pain,... Read More