Live, Expand, & Thrive - Free e-book

Back in the early 1960’s I was a member of a church that banned a popular book. Of course, that only made me want to read it more to find out what was so evil or blasphemous about it. Actually, I... Read More

My Solution for Self-Doubt

Doubts squash your creativity, destroy your goals, and inhibit you from moving forward. Self-doubts run around in your mind, making you question your abilities and decisions without you even... Read More

How to Conquer Self-Doubt - Part 1

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Heal Your Childhood Pain

In 1975 while in grad school studying psychology, I noticed I had some issues I needed to address with my mother.  She was a good mother, and I loved her, but there were instances that caused me... Read More

What Spiritual Stage Are You In?

Have you ever had something really shake up your life? Perhaps the death of someone you love or a pet, a divorce, losing your job, or a serious illness? These life-altering events can change the... Read More