How to Build Your Dream - Part 3 of This Series

In 1974 a good friend of mine talked me into building a house. I mean he talked me into actually building it myself. Can you imagine what a sales job he did on me to convince me I could do it? No, I... Read More

Do You Even Know the Life You Want? - Part 2

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How to White List Email Senders

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How to Get What You Want - Part 1

Once upon a time, I completely bought into the idea that there is something magical about how to attract abundance. I thought, “If I’m just a really good person, I will be blessed with good health,... Read More

It Never Happened...

  I regularly play tennis with a man who won a gold medal in the Olympics several years ago, and then he became a pro.  My gold medal friend, Danny, has a favorite saying when he misses a... Read More